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Legendary drop question.

Are you guys considering increasing the chance of legedary/set drops from Uber bosses? Also any other bosses? It would make it worth while again, I don't remember the last time I actualy killed a boss while farming, minus Uber runs.
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Got a leg from ghom, a normal chest, resplendent chest, and a goblin. Yet to experience from crates or corpse
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I've found a Unity ring off of the Butcher and a Dawn off of Azmodan. I've got a Wailing Host ring off of the Key Warden in act 2. Got a legendary off of Uber Ghom but can't remember what it was.(probably not significant enough to mention anyways)
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Got an ilvl60 wand, a brimstone material sever, and an organ against kulle/SB fight.

Heard the triple leg sound and was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

EDIT: Also got a useless legendary amulet off of Azmodan once, and some decent low rolled IK boots (with physical res as random stat) on azmodan as well.
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Spider chick gave me a pretty nice pair of Nat's boots last night. I think I may have gotten 2 legs from keywardens. Kind of disappointed because I thought they were keys. ;)
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12/04/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Vaeflare
While I've not been lucky enough to experience it firsthand, Diablo III bosses do indeed have a chance to drop Legendaries and Set items. :)

Lol this just made me laughed. I mean really? that should have been implemented along time ago. They are big figureheads of the game or part of the main quest and they don't drop legendaries or sets back then and just now? haha that's just funny. and I guess the big bad RNG will keep getting us loots again. They should give a higher chance to drop legendaries or set ihmo.
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All i run is A3 lately and always kill Cyd / Azz and while Cyd hasn't given me much luck Azz has dropped multiple legs including a ls Skorn! No sets yet though.
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The only set piece I've ever gotten was Inna's pants from Inferno Butcher, probably about 2 weeks after release.
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I get legs fairly regularly from Azmo, usually 1 in about 20-30 runs. I've also gotten legs from wardens/ubers.
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Personally, I think bosses should have their own loot tables, and each should drop a certain set piece or legendary, and they be the only mob that drops said specific item.
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I've got a 14XX dps Skorn from Sigebreaker. Its the best legendary I've found so far.
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ofc they can drop but let me put it this way:
a boss ( aka azmodan, diablo,...) might have a 5% drop chanse on leg (only a example not real numbers here).

a stupid easy kill mob might have a 2% drop chanse on leg.

now for example you kill a boss in 1-2 min after those two min you get 5% chanse to have a leg.

take the same time and kill lot of trash, wel you might be more lucky on 2 min killing trash than two min killing a boss
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I've got a leg from Cydia once and several legendaries from Keywardens aswell as überbosses...

Once i got double leg drop from first random mob in Act2, no NV... that was EPIC!
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Got few from azmodan, and 1 from belial.

Got tons of keywardens too.
Either I've been very lucky with keywardens, or they have much higher legendary drop rates.
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Got tal rasha's orb from cydea and legendary helm from azmodan however it was ages ago. That's it for me as far as legendary/set drops from bosses are concerned. If you are doing alkazier runs it can be worth to do Azmodan with 5 nv if u change the route a little bit and u can kill him fast.

12/04/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Vaeflare
While I've not been lucky enough to experience it firsthand, Diablo III bosses do indeed have a chance to drop Legendaries and Set items. :)

That answers many questions. Mods and CMs are so bored with d3 that they barely play the game at all. They have PL lvl 20 or so characters and they dont understand whats wrong with d3 and how RNG is destroying the game especially if one is PL 100 and gets crap loot for 2 weeks or so.
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playing just last night azmo dropped IK gloves for me, everyone talking about drop rate decrease i used to find nothing but blues and a 1 off gold, ive found 1 leg and 3 set items in the last 3 days
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I got my current quiver from Azmodan. A couple weeks ago, the A3 Key Warden dropped 2 legs for me at once, both junk, a Wizardspike and an Ageless Might.
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most of my leg drop have been from white mobs. and out of the 3 set items ive found 2 have dropped from white mobs in moon? clan cave in fields of misery "pre 1.0.4", had 1 leg plan drop from a dead villager "pre1.0.4" and 1 leg drop from a goblin a few weeks ago. never anything above a yellow from a boss though :( ;)
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i got a one hand crossbow form the act1 keywarden once...of course it was crap...as is tradition
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Was wondering the same thing, I've gotten legendaries from pretty much everything except for a boss.

Resp chest
Dead guard
Weapon rack
white mob
elite mob
event mob
normal chest
pretty sure i got one from a pot just before SK but it might have been a skele
Goblins (actually I've gotten 2 from the same goblin once)

Never from a boss.
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