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Hatred on crit?

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This really should be implemented, hatred doesn't generate anywhere as fast as fury or arcane power on higher MP's. I can't be the only one who feels this way.
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Stack +hatred gear and use MFD mortal enemy, grenades, grenadier and throw in a bat if you like. Never ever run out. Stun grenades work wonderfully with trap spam and face tanking build.

Hatred on crit would be sweet though it's wholly unnecessary.
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I use the vengeance passive to fuel my Strafe build.

IMO, hatred on crit would break the class. As it is right now, the hatred and discipline management metagame rewards strategic selection of skills and gear. I wouldn't want this to change.

Thanks for sharing your idea though. :-)
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Not needed. Hatred is easily managed and replenished if you are using the right gear and passives.
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This would mean a nerf somewhere else. Already DHs can get super high DPS and most usually walk around with 45%+ crit chance. Its the same thing when Witchdoctors asked for mana returns on crits. Just too OP for them as well because it basically gives them unlimited bear spam. Same would be true for DH. The reason Wizard get AP on crits is because most wizards stacking for that are CM/WW and dont really do that much damage and are only doing so for MP9-10 ubers. Also they requrie that stat in order for the build to even be playable. I use to play a WW/CM and without AP on crit its 100% unplayable.
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