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Request: Skill/Passive Input for Group Farm

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Hey guys, could use a bit of input on what folks think the max standstill damage build currently is. This does not have to be a super tanky setup.

I am teamed up with a perma-frost Wizard for the large majority of my farming. Multiple times a week we get our 4 man group going which adds a Monk and a Which Doctor to the mix. The Wiz and I are around the 120k dps unbuffed with the Monk/WD (both fresh) trailing behind a bit. I would say 90% of my farming consists of a very tightly packed group of frozen targets with plenty of opportunity to be either ranged or directly in the mix.

What I’m mostly interested in is buffing my personal damage while considering the group as much as possible.

My standard setup has been HA:Spray for Hatred generation with CA:Cluster as my dump. I’ve recently picked up M4D:Valley with the aim of buffing everyone’s damage. My defensives are pretty standard consisting of Prep:Backup, SP:Gloom and Vault:Tumble. Passive selection is as follows – Archery, Cull of The Weak and Steady Aim (sometimes Perfectionist).

I have 51% Critical Chance with 427% bonus Critical Damage at an attack speed of 1.81.

Would I be better off running an “in the mix” type of setup with something like Spike Traps / Sentry or keeping my Steady Aim and look to bomb from distance? When we run into leet packs with Fire Chains, Plagued, etc standing in the mix becomes very difficult even with the massive amount of Frost Novas going out. Also, my effective health is low, further favoring a ranged build.

Would I be better off swapping from my CA dump and rework everything to buff grenades/rockets? My current output feels plenty strong – am I already on a good path?

Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Miscue-1615/hero/1185251

Thoughts? : )

Thanks for reading my wall of text and I look forward to exchanging some ideas here.

Edit: Included link to my toon.
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90 Tauren Druid
Posts: 594

Rolling with a Wiz, locking everything down.

What is my best bet to lay waste to groups of baddies?
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If you have someone keeping most of the mobs from moving, spike traps at a distance work great. In a pinch, you can gloom and drop the spikes at your feet if you're being swarmed, though you'll probably want to get more EHP to do that much, but remember you can always drop them on a mob from far away, which is what I prefer to do if I can.
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Either Spike Traps as Oracle said or Grenades would also be another good one if you want to get in close. Cluster Bombs are good if your Wiz is good at keeping control of everything, however if no one is keeping trash off of you, then CB can be hard to aim.
Could also run Marked for Death - Mortal Enemy and buff your group's damage since the Wiz will be busy keeping everything locked down. Plus as your team tanks, they will regen hatred for you like crazy with ME.
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90 Tauren Druid
Posts: 594

That’s great to know that I can plant Spike Traps at range, honestly I haven’t spec’d into them once. Yeah, I have no intention of “tanking” with my current group. I have a Monk and Wiz that can fill that role just fine. : )


Heh, hard to aim is an understatement if you’re looking to solo anything with CA:CB. : )

Do you think I should be pushing further away from defensives like Vault and picking up a Companion to further my hatred regeneration?

How about something like this for maximized Hatred regeneration - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#UQgVhR!egU!aaYcZY
Its sole purpose is to maximize the uptime on my Spike Traps.

Also, forgive me if I’m wrong, doesn’t M4D:ME only return Hatred from my attacks and not the attacks of my party members?
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