im pretty stoked, actually somewhat new to the entire WD thing.. sold off my DH's DML and fully geared this doc and regeared my DH with the 500mil i made off it slash a few nice drops. playing WD at high mp's has been quite fun!

decided to try mp10 azmo today after the elite packs weren't too difficult with a bit of kiting, and what a suprise! azmo was quite easy. included some shots of the build/kill, hope you guys enjoy them. if i decided to do mp10 on the WD again (which isn't that big of a deal tbh, but obviously i'd prefer mp5-8 for key farming because it's much quicker) i would get rid of BBV and the garg for 2 other more useful skills, probably the AOE fear and maybe spirit barrage or zombie dogs w/ life leech. garg was kinda useless, dogs prob would be too though on mp10. ill have to play around more and give more feedback.

lameboi#1117, as usual the profile isn't updated correctly. i went for much more mana regen / survivability than my profile suggests, have over 100 mana/sec now, gave up some crit on my helm and my tal rasha's chest (resold at a ridiculous profit :D) to go back to 4 piece zunis w/ mana gen on helm which was much cheaper than crit. - build i used for mp10, once again, i'd definitely get rid of BBV and the garg for 2 more useful skills. could probably go back to jaunt as mana regen wasn't as much of an issue with the regearing of my WD towards that weakness with the class.

edit- so after checking everything out again, i dropped garg/bbv for horrify/FA (100% armor) and hex/jinx, which i'm sure would be better in groups anyway. let me know what you think! the 100% armor would be great so we'll see how that goes when i have more time to play, and i've already ran hex/jinx which is quite nice as CC + extra dmg, especially vs horde / minion champ packs.