Diablo® III

3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

1) You can progress farther in an hour, on AH, flipping items than actually playing the game.

2) No PvP. AKA The game isn't finished. AKA Blizzards release now patch later nonsense.

3) The mountain of content missing from diablo 2.
I need to add one more:-

Battle tag ID appearing in game instead of the names we created for the avatars . . .

2.No items ever leave the game:
Now this isin't quite as literal as I have it, but let me iterate. All items that get introduced to the game, will never leave the game unless broken for mats or sold. All the items in the game are unbound, so each item can in theory sit there... for eternity... this is the reason the markets are so messed up above all (aside from bots). Because there's a constant flow of items always entering the game. And since none of the "good" items never leave, every time you upgrade and sell that gear back into the market, it's moving what I'll call "the avg gear line" up. Meaning after a while, the chest you sold will have passed through enough hands, that it'll eventually become obsolete. Think for example if U have a mid tier pair of vile ward shoulders. That item will just keep circulating back into the market every-time the person who wears it sells it, because it's a decent item. So that can theoretically make one piece of gear last 100's-1000's of people. If every piece of gear became bound when equipped, the game's economy would see a decent recovery, because as soon as someone used that item, it can never be re-entered into the market, making a much much lower supply, and a greater demand for new gear. High demand with avg supply ='s very good and competitive market.

1 day ago

Play hardcore then. Items leave the game as soon as players die. This happens thanks to dc's even to the godly equipped chars like Hapsluvalol (Paragon lvl 100 rip)
theres also much less botting because bots sometimes do mistakes which causes your char to die and lose the eq
1. Were forced to spam Act 3 for exp, loot, etc. Its the most monster dense, efficient act. Plus the monsters are the most fun to kill compared to the other acts.

2. Not enough acts/map diversity. We are all playing this game a lot. We need more maps! More "places to go" that are different. There is not nearly enough randomization of maps, espicially on the overworld bigger maps (not dungeons in other words).

3. WE need more quests like the infernal machine. More high level quests for more "stuff" for us to do.

Honestly if these things were addressed, I would rate this game as one of the best games overall of ALL TIME. Of course I want PVP too, but we know thats coming. Please Blizzard consider the opinions in this thread. I dont mind paying for more content, just get it out there!
Still no PVP
Lack of players
1. No secondary Weapon/Defense Loadout
2. No Charms/Jewels
3. That you can't dye Legendary/Set Items

If it had these three things I am pretty sure people would stop complaining so much.
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1. People who never stop complaining about how they don't like the game or other aspects and still troll in the forums and even PLAY the game still -_-

2. Auction House - enough said

3. Buffed Legendaries- as people have said, they just don't feel that *legendary*, there is plenty of rares that are MUCH better then them
1. Diablo 3 is gear based
2. this game is gear based
3. this game is gear based, not skill based
1. Having more than 1 primary stat on the same item.
2. Bots
3. Horrible economy

2. No Charms/Jewels

More in likely jewels and runes will come out for expansion.
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1. People who never stop complaining about how they don't like the game or other aspects and still troll in the forums and even PLAY the game still -_-

2. Auction House - enough said

3. Buffed Legendaries- as people have said, they just don't feel that *legendary*, there is plenty of rares that are MUCH better then them

This is true except you also have the morons that say everything with the game is fine and it's so much fun and awesome. They're as bad as the blind haters.. most of us just want changes, if were up to me I'd ban all the fanboys and haters.
gonna rant here...

only four players per game

no single player mode (offline)

no runes T_T

no tele

people complaining about not finding useful items

no cube

zomfg the voice acting sounds like it was made for a five year old (diablo talking about love makes me want to beat him to death with wirt's leg)

cinematics were terrible

leah should have been stabbed in the face not possessed by her father for being such a dumb $#!T

azmodan and the other new boss are a sad excuse to remove baal and meph

diablo's manboobs

no decrease in exp gain as you level, meaning that it takes just as long to go from level 10-11 as 59-60

no saph, diamond, or skulls

...the list goes on really...

on the plus side, i did like the monster power levels because it made the game challenging again

...if anything there should be items you can only use as you hit a certain paragon level to make you want to keep leveling your chars, or items that get stronger or add stats with each higher paragon level
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Game not finished. (pvp, mystic)

Content is rather shallow, we need more!

Trade window.... what, purposely broken???
1. rushed and not fully tested
2. yet low priority from Blizzard working on the game, because the game already earned it's money and is long way before expansion.
2. Blizzard's atitude thinking only for the money
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-Still no PvP
-Act one is amazing although it looks like they spent all their time on it because acts 2-3-4 blow comparability (especially act 4, Blizzard wasn't even trying at this point.)
-Everything about the game, items, skill runes, boss fights, farming areas, all feel lackluster when compared to the brilliance of D2.

Blizzard has become too large of a corporation to operate efficiently, They will never create another Gem again!
1. Why no DPS comparison in AH to see if item is an upgrade?
2. Not able to dye legendaries...
3. Lack of endgame content in terms of story.
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1: Poor map designs

2: Extremely uninteresting Boss fights

3: Lack of content and driving forces to actually play the game after beating it and/or hitting level 60

A Rampant AI~
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1. Too many legendaries drop.

2. Most of the legendaries suck.

3. Almost none of the legendaries are legendary.
1. Sarcastic people in the community
2. D.Cain dying
3. People who take advantage off of things (related to the game of course, i.e.: cheaters, illegal software-users)
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