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3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

A huge number one goes to...

1. Poor system performance due to DRM and lackluster maintenance + patches.

2. The RMAH + AH + Legendary drop rates/usable legendaries.

3. The lack of transparency with blues. It's really cool we have people like Lylirra and Vaeflare, but they mostly comment on silly things and always seem to ignore or tip-toe around important issues. This also goes for the tech support forums.
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Why are there potion cooldowns in any game? Take a swig, toss the bottle. Drink another! What, they addictive or something? Got some kind of poison in them that isn't lethal if you take some time between drinks? "Point pl0x!"

Call me cynical, but in this particular game, I see it as further proof that the game was designed around the AH-after all, nobody would need that godly gear if they could chug potions at a reasonable rate. It also explains why the best potion in the game heals you for a paltry amount of HP.
If you look at the first page of the general forum, theres only 2 blue responses, 1 in the thread "what does your battletag mean?" and "confirm key drop rate", both of which are stupid threads. the rest are actually useful threads talking about problems with bots/items/damage/skills and blues won't even acknowledge them with a simple "ok i read the thread". what do they even do?

why can't we look at your profile? League of Legends shows everything about a player, even devs and mods. their wins/losses their game history, their runes, etc.

why in the world is there post-limits. WHY??!?
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#1 thing that pisses me off with this game is I busted my but at this game 1000 hrs played and im not even to 50k damage yet and there are others out there that are already in the 150k+ that makes me sick best I can do is Mp2 for key farming and i have had 3 sets of keys first time i got skelly and magdha and was able to kill them at mp 1 the 2nd 2 sets of keys i have had siegebreaker and kull first time i tryed at mp2 that was a joke they owned me couldnt complete it not even close just tryed it again at mp1 after farming the 3 keys again and still by myself I just cant how do they as in BLIZZARD expect me to ever have the hellfire ring the last 2 sets of keys i have aquired have been a total waste of my time just like this game a total waste of time farmed for weeks to get leorics signet with over 400 mf never got that ring either gave up so sick of doing the same !@#$ over and over and over again for little to no upgrades and nothing i ever get is worth more than a couple 100k g to sell mostly everything i have ive bought not found
1. No dying on legendaries/sets. We should at least be able to hide them.
2. Wow.. I get a cool picture frame when I get paragon 100. What about a cool aura or some wings that people can actually see on your character.
3. Same legendaries drop all the time. How do I find 20+ andariels visage/storm crow and only 1 mempo or 20+ ageless mights, but never a witching hour, not even once within my whole time playing this game.

I dont expect Blizzard to do anything about the legendary drops, but the first two should at least be considered.
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The thing that pissed me off the most was the language-lock. I paid full price for the game, I did not receive any discount and I still cannot change it... Might be stupid for you guys, but I just HATE to play in portuguese. Everything else can (and I hope it will) be tweaked over time.
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Disconnects.. i wanted to play HC since the game came out but i have lost every character to rubber banding, lag and disconnects.

Community, because there is none

Nothing really innovative about diablo 3.. currently with the last patch they're just adding existing ideas from diablo 2

I'm giving a 4th reason, paragon levels.... destroys magic find as a stat in the long run (if you play that long), indefinitely making the game start at level 60, when in diablo 2 the game started a level 1.

Also giving a 5th reason.. Legendary items.. if its not a level 60 legendary (when your at level 60), its almost guaranteed to be useless. much more variety of items to choose from in diablo 2 that, even if i found something not for my character it gave some encouragement to start another toon with said item.

ok im done
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12/02/2012 01:27 PMPosted by Enveos
2. Wow.. I get a cool picture frame when I get paragon 100. What about a cool aura or some wings that people can actually see on your character.

This. Something cool to show off the achievement would be nice.
1.) Inactivity disconnects are just wrong.

2.) AH is way too important for this game. Players should be limited to 3 transactions a week. It should be possible to find gear on your own within a reasonable amount of time.

3.) Stats on items are boring. Where is an item lacking main stats but with 10% chance to cast frost nova or 25% chance when getting hit to get 25% movement speed bonus for 15 seconds? Or a nifty little "chance to pay with health points instead of mana/spirit/whatever for 5 seconds".
I mean somthing that really changes your playstyle or gives you a reason to buy your gear around something special (like a throw barb with the 300th spear).
It's a pity the "Mystic" is not around and able to put that stuff on gear :(
Maps aren't random or big enough. Do you remember there was 13 massive tombs in D2 and only of one held Duriel? I cleared them all for fun, I wish I could do the same here.
1) PvP
2) PvP
3) PvP

Diablo is a PVP game.. simple as that.

Blizzard has been lazy claiming patch 1.1 will be the pvp patch but it's been 7 months and we have another 6+ to go before that patch.. They should be looking to release asap instead of over a year after release.
Needlessly-restrictive skill/key assignment:


In short, we should have the option to re-assign the left mouse button skill to a 5th keyboard key
1. Apparent lack of drive by the Diablo3 team:
Imo, it seems like the Diablo team just doesn't really care all too much about the game. Botters run rampant, itemization is still boring. STILL no pvp, almost 7 months after release. STILL confined to running the same places over, and over, and over. And every-time they add something, it's lackluster at best.

2.No items ever leave the game:
Now this isin't quite as literal as I have it, but let me iterate. All items that get introduced to the game, will never leave the game unless broken for mats or sold. All the items in the game are unbound, so each item can in theory sit there... for eternity... this is the reason the markets are so messed up above all (aside from bots). Because there's a constant flow of items always entering the game. And since none of the "good" items never leave, every time you upgrade and sell that gear back into the market, it's moving what I'll call "the avg gear line" up. Meaning after a while, the chest you sold will have passed through enough hands, that it'll eventually become obsolete. Think for example if U have a mid tier pair of vile ward shoulders. That item will just keep circulating back into the market every-time the person who wears it sells it, because it's a decent item. So that can theoretically make one piece of gear last 100's-1000's of people. If every piece of gear became bound when equipped, the game's economy would see a decent recovery, because as soon as someone used that item, it can never be re-entered into the market, making a much much lower supply, and a greater demand for new gear. High demand with avg supply ='s very good and competitive market.

3. Very few features and customization: This one speaks for itself. So much is missing from what they said would be here, and the customization of characters leaves more than a little to be desired.
1) Lack of productive destruction of items like the Horadric cube in D2. Should be able to combine items, gems, and use gold to get rerolls or to get a specific roll on an item (or socket even).


2) Lack of diversity among the classes.The "Best Spec" of each class requires the same 3 properties: IAS, Crit %, and Crit Dmg. This is utterly bad design. Make a barb build that focuses on Thorns a viable build; maybe a new ability that doesn't crit but gets more dmg based upon the Thorns dmg.

Make a monk build that does more dmg the lower your APS; or a monk build that can use Int, Strength, and Dex as its "base stat" but must be in balance. So 109 Dex, 91 Int and 91 Strength = + 873% dmg; but if Dex goes to 111, then that is + 111% dmg.

Make a WD build viable that cannot crit or benefit from IAS but siphons life based upon X where X = Vita over 1,000.

Some diversity among the classes so that not everyone is forced to use the exact same properties as every other class.


3) Lack of Mob Density. Maybe encourage group play and High MP play by increasing density of White and Elite mobs the higher MP and the more people in the game.
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1. Whingers like the OP
2. Whingers like the OP
3. Whingers like the OP
12/02/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Ryoka
Whingers like the OP

What's a whinger?

Let me add to your list

4. People who not only cannot spell, but repeat the same mistake three times
5. People who insult posters who have legitimate gripes and comments
1. higher mob density
2. larger, more random, dungeons with more levels and some neat treasure chest
3. something else to do/collect (charms, jewels, more gem types, other types of crafting)
but that last one also demands a much larger stash

Oh, and also bring back real loot tables, not this limited "it's always random and can drop everywhere" system.

And fix that damn pause function for ----'s sake!
1. Becomes boring to play;
2. Becomes more boring as you continue to play;
3. Becomes VERY boring as you continue to play....

D3 has no real depth of play to it. Endless grinding in the hope to obtain BiS items is a rediculous format for a game to follow when it's the main objective! Tie that to making money off items you don't want is what keeps bored people who support the game going.

Without the RMAH this game would have had a mass exit already. So this ought to show anyone the main focus for D3.
1. it seems like all bnet care bout is profit (higher rmah sale etc)
2. more bugs after each patch
3. can't bloody save/load skill sets, wtf???
thanks god i play wiz for my main char..
tried playing barb n monk but get disc randomly when i use ww on barb or tempest rush on monk.. wow
i dont get two things:
1. how come blizzard haven't fixed the problem..
2. how do people(barbs/monks) put up with this crap?
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