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3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

Not enough build diversity. Having an alternative to CC & CD.

12/02/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Mei
End game items: All the classes want the same items, mempo, vile, lacunis, innas temp, ice climbers, witching hour...

More build diversity. More Customisation. More creativity.


The game basically lacks all round depth
the fact that blizzard claims that no commas were allowed in trading due to the differences in region


when you sell items and ready to receive the gold in the AH, what do you see? commas

The irony.
Its not hard to figure out the developers dont even play diablo3 but rather play and "develop" wow.

On there lunch breaks or when they are feeling somewhat trollish they dare each other to login to the d3 forums and type things like " we are looking into it", "soon" , "my cat rides in a box seat"
1. No character building (no stats distribution, no skill tree)
2. Extremely Bad itemization.
3. Max 4 people in a room.

Actually there are more things that i dont like about D3.
But i take the TOP 3
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1. No lobby or name it like you want - bad communication
2. No bennefits from playing in team
3. No PvP (only arenas s u c k s - i want PK :)
#1 the legacy nat's debacle. it's like if they changed manticore and said "it can no longer roll 2 sockets." there is nothing equivalent in the game to replace it. someone was paid off i tell ya. :P

#2 the fact that I'm coming up on plvl 83, 750k kills, and 40k elite kills, the majority at max MF, -- untold #s of trash items picked up, ID'ed, and vended -- and i have jack squat to show for it as far as real usable godlies on my char or serious riches so that I could purchase them. disgusting and pathetic.

#3 the fact that I could comfortably +1 probably 95% of things mentioned in this thread.
3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

There are no games that piss me off. Of course there are some issues that could be improved but it's only a game.
1) The Curser, often lose it during battle.
2) Being killed from a off-screen attacker.
3) The Hitbox sizing.
ALL OF THE ABOVE! And yes I have read almost all of this thread... not that you'd really need to given that 90% of what's written on this thread is the same stuff we've already heard as many times as there are issues with the game.
So yes I'd have to agree that the devs seem to think of this game as a C grade title.
Weird for a game that was hailed by amazon as the highest selling PC game EVER...
the community
lack of content

Spot on for the most part but for me its in this order

1. Bots and 3rd party programs. Its absolutely hilarious that we have 4 separate posts on the main forum containing 3rd party gold houses offering below market rates right at this second...and they have been spamming for quite awhile too. If we want a clean environment, all of this has to be taken care of....its pretty sad when it tells the average player...."Hey, guess what? I can get a good deal on gold right from Blizzard!!!"

2.The community. I dont post much and for good reason...a large majority of the players are casual and dont have time or the resources to grab the best gear available. Its just too many people saying to L2P to the casuals and the casuals saying "can you hold out your epeen a little further" to the higher geared players...if the community is going to help enhance this game for Blizz, all of that needs to stop.

3. Auction Houses...its do or die unfortunately...buy good stuff and play higher mp's or dont do it and play mp0. Yes its a choice to use it but for the casual gamer, its a tough way to play with your buddies who are carrying you most of the time due to not using it. Casuals want to play mp8-10 for uber runs but some just cannot do it and expect to stay alive.
1, 2 and 3, the whiners that play this game
1) No diversity in class/skill builds. Only 1-3 viable specs per class.

2) No diversity in gear builds. Q: "How do I get my character to be better?"
The answer will always be Main Stat, CD, CC, IAS for Damage.

3) The removal of any purpose of playing in a Public Game (for the time being anyway)
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No randomness to the environment.
Chests dont work with MF
being forced to use a certain # of skills.
1. Bad itemization
2. Slow gameplay
3. Lack of build diversity
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1) no pvp
2) cannot customize the look of legendary items (not just colors but graphics from lower tier items as well)
1. I don't feel as if my character is unique or that any decisions I've ever made about him have any real consequence.

2. Only showing 5 buffs. What a joke.

3. Terrible and boring itemisation. The chances of me finding an upgrade for my character, past about level 15, are so incredibly low - it sucks all the fun out of farming. Boring.
why are people with other blizz accts allowed to even post here in the d3 forums?

these gold sellers are annoying, the posts dont get closed even if they bump it 500 times in an hour? wtf
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Forget about fixing PVP and make MP levels Public already. The game is way stale and needs something like right now to make it playable again. Even the Auction House game is getting boring ... MULTIPLAYER MP LEVELS .How hard can it be ? Really for the love of god , do something the public wants for once Blizz
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Blizzard doesn't care. Just move onto another more fun game where the devs care and talk to their community. They won't get it until you people stop letting them think they are doing a good job by playing their game.
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Anyone seen the Diablo-ish chinese(?) game? That looks promising..

Now Blizz, look at that game, and see what needs to be done.

TL2 and PoE also came out, they have things that made people go and flock onto those games.. Now learn from your competitors ;)

Or.. just put Diablo 2 back and IMPROVE that instead.

ERR.. on topic.
1. Constant NERFs = skill build scarcity, yeah, I'm aiming at Caltrops-Jagged Spikes, they literally killed a BUILD and didn't even do squat to somewhat compensate.

They said that new Legendary procs will be imbalanced if coupled with that, guess what? ALL NEW LEGENDARY PROCS have built in cooldowns.. What's to abuse? -.-

2. Bots. 2.5$ per mil of gold.. now its 30ish cents.

3. Items never leave. So.. my 100mil item get replaced, sold into the market, someone buys it.. then sells it again because he found an upgrade.. 2months later, that 100mil item is still in the market going in and out. If items can contain aids, LOADS of people will have it already :))
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