Diablo® III

3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

1. too focased on serious players. this game is boring as !@#$ for the casual person.
2. Drop rates are too slow
3. lack of being able to choose skills and put points into them. I say this because i have a WD and my gargantuan(idk how to spell it) dies almost instantly and i havent even finished nightmare. i mean if your going to make a class focased on summoning shouldnt your summons be able to survive for a bit or at least do more damage. Like druid or necro in d2.
1) No Item Sink
The AH is completely out of hand. Millions of people farming items, and other than Alts no items leave the marketplace. Their is so much overflow, it is ruining the item hunt. It is impossible to find upgrades you can use yourself, and you cant sell anything because you need a 1 in a million item to make any real money. Their is just way too many items in the economy, I dont get why Blizzard has not addressed this in anyway, they havent even acknowledged it is a problem.

2) Way too many items are junk.
It is bad enough Blues arent even worth picking up, but 99% of rares are crap. It is so disheartening going to the vendor with a bag of rares, and most times vendoring every item.
Not too mention you get so many you have to return to town every 10 minutes. It really is such a saddening experience. I would prefer we see rares 1/10th as much, and the items are 10 times as good. Same time taken, same number of good rares, and less trips to the vendor with zero reward. instead of 100 items, and 1 worth keeping, you get 10 items and 1 worth keeping, with the same time invested. (Then make an item sink for that 1 item to reduce market overflow)

3) Spell/class balance
I list this not because I think it is the biggest problem with the game, I list it because it is the biggest factor in me having fun. I want to try other specs, and be able to experiment, but most classes only have a few truly viable builds. And many of them require very specific gear (CM Wizard the prime example). I would love to see better balancing to get these other spells on my bar.
what pisses me off is that everyone wants it to be diablo2 which was an awesome and I do like for it to have some of the things related to D2 but add somethings new and exciting and I HATE the cookie cutter for pretty much every char because the development team cant make more items elite and skills comparable to other for char diversity.
Nat's set equipped makes the DH look like he's a baker going to a masquerade ball...
First im only going to list one because in my opinion it is the biggest issue i have.

Free Will: I absolutley hate that i cannot just enter a agame and have all my way points unlocked and do whatever quests i want to do in the any order i want after i complete the game. This to me is the absolutley biggest flaw in the game. I feel like i have no choice i dont want to create a new game every time i want to do a different quests
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Ever wonder ( "Why does it allow me to have hydra back from previous games.... but im only allowed 1 out at a time which defeats the point of having it, But they didn't return a great skill like Firewall which had also been in 1 and 2? , I would love to see that for a wizard, we get jipped on serious attacks for fire with the exception of meteor and no, I don't count hydra, screw new hydra, but cost and cooldown on firewall, woulda been much happier." )
customization is lacking hard. why cant you dye legendaries? smh! BLUE PLZ


Be nice, and civil please.

1. Apparent lack of drive by the Diablo3 team:
Imo, it seems like the Diablo team just doesn't really care all too much about the game. Botters run rampant, itemization is still boring. STILL no pvp, almost 7 months after release. STILL confined to running the same places over, and over, and over. And every-time they add something, it's lackluster at best.

2.No items ever leave the game:
Now this isin't quite as literal as I have it, but let me iterate. All items that get introduced to the game, will never leave the game unless broken for mats or sold. All the items in the game are unbound, so each item can in theory sit there... for eternity... this is the reason the markets are so messed up above all (aside from bots). Because there's a constant flow of items always entering the game. And since none of the "good" items never leave, every time you upgrade and sell that gear back into the market, it's moving what I'll call "the avg gear line" up. Meaning after a while, the chest you sold will have passed through enough hands, that it'll eventually become obsolete. Think for example if U have a mid tier pair of vile ward shoulders. That item will just keep circulating back into the market every-time the person who wears it sells it, because it's a decent item. So that can theoretically make one piece of gear last 100's-1000's of people. If every piece of gear became bound when equipped, the game's economy would see a decent recovery, because as soon as someone used that item, it can never be re-entered into the market, making a much much lower supply, and a greater demand for new gear. High demand with avg supply ='s very good and competitive market.

3. Very few features and customization: This one speaks for itself. So much is missing from what they said would be here, and the customization of characters leaves more than a little to be desired.
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Nat's set equipped makes the DH look like he's a baker going to a masquerade ball...

simply adding dyes to legendaries would help so much...
My 3 things -

1) Achievements not working and nothing being done about it. Nothing pissed me off more than 12 hours farming for bashiok, finally get him, do everything right, and find out it was bugged, or the champ collection not working, etc.....they know it's broke, so fix it.
2) The 10 second count down to leave where you can be attacked and killed instead of game paused....if the game was paused, that would be good with me.
3)Dying in HC due to Blizzard tech problems, not my gameplay. The fact the game kills you even though you get error and tossed out makes it not worth the risk to play it. 4 deaths due to server errors, and when my lvl 53 guy got taken out by errors, that was it for me, no more HC.
playing for days, no legendaries

when a legendary finally drops, it's worth about 35k for it's brimstone

can't join public MP games, A3 gets pretty boring

-also agree w/ above, like previous Diablo games, would be nice to make a game, and be able to hop to any act, any quest and roll... it's a shame it's not like that.. would be amazing
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Sigh.. now you are arguing semantics... soul bound is just the term for the item's ownership, not meant to be taken literally. The state of "soul bound" means linked to the character that equipped it permanently.

it has no place in diablo, and if you read what I say there my idea doesn't ruin the item like being soul bound; the last bit may be taken out of context as it is meant to show how stupid the idea is

Soulbound has no place in Diablo! It will ruin the Diablo Auction House!
People whining about how bad it is, but continue to play and whine.
People whining about not getting good drops.
1. Arcane Sentries on Inferno
2. AH just sucks
3. Horrible loot drops
1. cain is dead
2.no more cow level (whimseyshire is gay as !@#$)
3.jay wilson isn't as fat in the game as he is in real life (nor do they depict the proper amount of chins)
Totally agree, give the option to make better gear but take away the ability to repair. Item eventually loses all value and new ones take their place. Great idea, markets are a complete mess. 800,000,000 for anything?? What a joke
1. The storyline: Hell, I could make a dozen different arguments out of this one, ranging from Maghda and the "uncanny tactician" Azmodan spoon-feeding me their schemes, to Deckard Cain dying a b*tchier death than Boba Fett. The sad thing is the storyline probably would've been great if the writers didn't take us for fools and focused on showing rather than telling. That's one of the cardinal rules of storytelling.

2. General lack of customization: half the gem-count of Diablo II (counting skulls and runes), elemental damage being almost entirely cosmetic (except for cold damage, and poison damage on Bad Medicine WD's), half the skill runes being comparatively useless for any given class, and basically being forced to gear for only five stats: your Primary Attribute, Vitality, All resist, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage. Everything else after those is just gravy.

3. GAH/RMAH. Do I even need to say why?

Bonus: The "random" map generation is a total joke. The only true randomly generated dungeon I can think of is the Barracks in Act III. The rest of the dungeons are just the same map with different stuff in it. It's like walking in and out of the same room and finding that the furniture shifts around slightly whenever you're not looking.

And of course there's the myriad of other problems that have already been stated. I guess I have no choice but to eschew reason and keep my fingers crossed for an expansion that'll magically fix everything.
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My sugestions in future patches or for the future expansion:
- More gems with other stats.
- Each class could have an specific gem that could/should be customizable.
- Sellers and Merchants in tows could/should sell rares, legendaries, sets, plans, according with Paragon Levels, Magic Find and Gold, beyond those worst/horrible magic items that very few players buy.
- The BlackSmith and the socket skill dilema.
- Legendary and dyes customization. I still don't understand after so many patches why Legendaries cannot be dyed !
- BlackSmith could have an option to make just one item per char fully/partial customizable, with the player battletag inscription on the item, similar the method used in D2, and flagged with "account bound" restriction.
- The option to "reforge" a magic or rare item in BlackSmith and improve one or more stats of that item. This item should be flagged to not be sold in AH, like the "account bound" items.
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I think the skills are alright. I agree with an earlier post that there should be more elemental change runes for skills (especially wizard). But I think the real problem are interesting and useful affixes like increase X elemental damage for skills, increase X elemental damage, chance to double attack speed, drain life from surrounding enemies, stun, slow, freeze, knockback, and fear. There is such huge room for improvement like having a chance to cast another skill for your class (or another!!), poison a target, combust a target, make ice shards explode from the target that slow every enemy hit by a shard. Cool stuff like that would energize build diversity.

TLDR: The number one reason to change skills is gear.

1. Picking up gold.
There is a delay between when it lands and when you can pick it up. I can;t tell you how many times i run over it while it's on the ground and it doesn't get picked up so I have to run back or leave it behind. So annoying. Radius is nice but doesn't solve the problem. I want to snatch the gold out of the air, I could care less how much I'm picking up, just give it to me! haha.

Besides, they could just add a display above your head similar to damage numbers coming out of monsters for the gold pile you just got.

2. Doing the same run over and over.
Yes I could go elsewhere to change it up, but then I think to myself "I'm just wasting time." While I enjoy dominating hordes of enemies, a change in scenery would be nice. It's been mentioned before to increase the number of monsters in other acts and I think that would solve the issue. Do I want them all to be the same in xp and speed? No.

3. Not enough things to do.
Currently it's:
a. Low mp xp run
b. Low mp mf/leg run
c. High mp key/uber run
d. High mp mf run (which is like trying to get candy by beating your head into a stone pinata)
1) Little content
3) Drops
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