Diablo® III

3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

1. No game list/random CoD style matchmaking failure
2. No sense of community
3. Story -UGH
1. Giant accept or cancel box at boss encounters blocking half my screen. Was this really necessary? Reduce the size or move it to the side so I can see what I am doing after an overzealous player clicks to start the encounter. Or let us click accept and then it takes 30 seconds for the encounter to start so I have time to finish what I am doing.

2. Wait timer to exit game AFTER I AM DEAD. Sloppy blizz... just sloppy.

3. Horrible items. Terrible stats and most items not even rolling a main stat..

4. Sllllooooooooowwwww movement even with 12% movement speed on boots. I could continue the list but all of these suck....bad...

Things I like!!

1. Ability to change skills around without rerolling character.
2. Treasure goblins concept.
3. No scrolls for TP.
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1 - No reason to level a new character - I enjoyed leveling alts - (Except when I die in HC)
2 - AH (no RMAH in HC = win)
3 - Cains death, butterflies and the lack of lots and lots and lots of mobs.

Things I like

1 - Game mechanics rock (minus the big hit boxes)
2 - Game stability (Client and Network - Only had 3 lag deaths - none since June)
3 - Covetus Chen
1. People complaining about flipping.
2. Flippers whining about bots.
3. People with endgame gear complaining that they no longer have fun.
May I please have your useless gold.
I can always find a use for mine and there's never enough of it.

Whats the use of gold except currency and repair? None, crafting is beyond good and evil and jeweler just takes small gold amounts. Stay serious.. and no you cant have my gold since i always sell it on rmah for few cents cause have no use for it.

Gold buys gear improvements. Gold buys gems. Gold = real-life currency.
You clearly see and understand the value of gold and yet you consider it to be useless.

You just declare it in a misleading manor is all. It's like if I claimed that critical hit damage is useless because I can increase my DPS and my dodge chance using Dexterity instead.
Gold buys gear improvements. Gold buys gems. Gold = real-life currency.
You clearly see and understand the value of gold and yet you consider it to be useless.

You just cant do anything with it, crafting/gambling/reroll itemstats or whatever that would cost gold would not just make it useful for ingame, it would also increase its worth.

Nobody want mass gold, its selling at the absolutely minimum (rmah 25cent), now imagine everyone would want gold because you can make super awesome things with it.... It would be 1. awesome cause you can make awesome things with it and 2.(for you profit junkies) increase its worth.

Nobody cares about gold, in matter of ingame content/experience.... just as "Gold = real-life currency", its a game men.

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Soulution: Make items soul-bound once you wear them. After that vendor or DE.

Oh god please get out of ARPG forums and back to some random MMOs, you cant be serious with that.
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#1 The AH is flooded with Items.
Soulution: Make items soul-bound once you wear them. After that vendor or DE.

#2 Running same content over and over and over...........
Despite a "randomization" process the game gets to be like the movie Ground Hog
Day. Content starting to get stale.

Solution: Add more gizmos. Add and spawn more randomized caves, cellars, hallways,
and additional maps. How about introducing some rare spawn Blizzard Bosses to encounter. Imagine running the Lich King or Illidan as an elite. In Act 3 or 4.

#3 Black smithing is boring and pointless. Brings nothing exciting to the table. Making the infernal machines and the organs etc is ridiculous.

The best way I can articulate myself is this. The game graphics and sound are wonderful. The content is fun. Its kinda like living outside an amusement park that never adds anything worthwhile or fun to keep the people coming in.
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Trade over play

You can Trade to win but not play to win....

I m ok with pay to win. you pay the money and enjoy the fight . Thats entertainment , but cant accept a skillless guy state in AH all day and said : you play hard and i trade hard and i win...

what the reason for keep playing ? but not sit in AH all days?
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1. Community

2. Community

3. Tzo Krin's Gaze
1) Lack of creativity from developers. Everything seems rushed. Take paragon for instance.

"Oh, we need something to make grinding worthwhile post sixty." They then come out with paragon levels, which give you negligible stat bonuses and MF/GF. Is that it? That's all you can come up with to be interesting? Where's the creativity?

2) Sheer amount of RNG in affix values.

Come on now. An ilvl63 chest should not have stats comparable to a level 30 chest, 60% of the time. That makes no sense.

3) Extremely weak customization system. Oh, I love the skill system, don't get me wrong. But, augmenting said system is almost non-existent. Barely any items to augment skills, no customization of empowering skills/runes (which could have been done with the paragon system), no enchanting, no adding sockets, very little gems, etc.
1)Itemization and items are inferior to those of Diablo 2. The AH really screws the people who have no intention of using it yet they are pretty much forced to with the piles and piles and piles of gold they find. Either that or grind until your eyes bleed.

2)The randomization isn't very random, at all

3)Res timers, cooldowns and other MMO features that have no place in an ARPG. If you wanted to make Diablo 3 an MMO, you should have went all the way and done it. This is a single person ARPG first and foremost with co op added in despite what you may think. Actually Whett Chengs previous statement about seeing more single player sessions than co op seems to prove this.
1) The itemization system: Rare items are not rare and 99% of them that drop are junk(it seems that most weapons could use a bump in base damage with a reduced range of damage modifiers with an end result of higher DPS on average per weapon found). 75% of legendary items are designed so poorly that they are not useful even with the best rolls. The other 25% of legendary and set items that can be useful, are victims of a poorly designed affix/RNG system. You're lucky if 10% of them roll well enough for someone to want to use them.

A limited number of affixes are desireable. When the other affixes appear on an item, they take away the chance of a useful affix. Major buffs to the "not so popular" affixes could make them viable.

A character's DPS output is almost completely dependant on items. Instead, they could have a better blend of being able to increase skill powers while leveling and supplementing those skills with items.

Not all character skills can be improved via affixes that appear on weapons and this is leaving players with certain skill sets SOL for improving them via item affixes.

They need an item sink which could be as simple as combining 4 rares, 3 legendary or 2 set items for a new item roll.

They should consider allowing higher level gems drop in inferno. At this time, item drops are so boring and the odds of having something useful drop are extremely low. Adding higher level gem drops would spice things up a bit.

I would also suggest one last thing to improve the item hunt. Add a new rarity(75% less frequent than Legandry drops). It could have red lettering and beam or light or such. Something that, when it drops, is almost certainly an upgrade. They should be designed specifically for classes (like some set items). They would not confer a set bonus, but several class specific skill upgrades. They would not roll random attributes, they would automatically come with what your class uses, such as an automatic 300 Int and 200 Vit for a Wizard. If it's a weapon, it has a socket! When they drop, you are truly excited. You aren't thinking "well it's a set item, but if it doesn't roll well, it's worthless". You know right off the bat that it's awesome.

2) VERY limited character progression choices: As we level, the game chooses a skill or a rune that opens up for us. We can choose to use that skill/rune or not. Every once in a while we can choose one of three passive abilities. We can choose gear for our character. And that's it! How about adding a trait at character creation? How about choosing character appearance at creation? How about gaining some bonus that we can choose from at each 10th level milestone? How about letting us choose whether or not we want to assign ability points? How about letting us choose a "Feat of Power" from a list of choices every 20 levels(it would receive a skill slot on the skill bar and have a long refresh timer, but be powerful)? Basically, what it comes down to is allowing us to make choices that make our character different from other players characters.

3) Limited Content: Let's face it...the game is very boring. They need to add charms, jewels, new "old" gems and runes (they also need to create some new item slots and ideas for items, this shouldn't be exactly like D2). They need to make crafting useful(both Jewelcrafter and Blacksmith). They need to add random map shapes. They need to allow some monsters types from different acts to sometimes appear in other acts. They need to add rare mini boss spawns to zones(similar to Key Warden, but a random spawn). They need more random dungeons that can appear. An endless dungeon would be a great addition, but I would suggest many different designs, otherwise players will get bored of this right away too. And on and on...

I like the game, and it's going in the right direction. There is a lot they can do, so I'm still hopeful. I especially like the beam of light they added to legendary and set items(although I do wish set items had a green beam of light). Reduced ID times was a great start, but should be removed. They are doing great things. I can't wait to see what an expansion brings. If it's just a zone and a new class I'm going to beat someone though.
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No reason to level a new character

11/30/2012 08:24 AMPosted by HanOverFist
lack of lots and lots and lots of mobs.

Also two great points. mob density is wayyyy to low, and it also makes me sad too there is absolutely no reason to level an alt..
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This is a polite disagreement here.

1. If the devs really didn't care at all, then D3 would've never seen the light of day. They would've made a rehash of D2:LOD and make the series a perfect copy of the Call of Duty series. Where little would change from game to game.

Botting will always be an ongoing issue that will never end. I do not see any way that Blizz could permanently end botting. There are no magic bullets that could cure it.

PvP: I am real glad that they are taking their time fixing the serious issues that have arisen since the game's launch. That alone shows that they care for this game. If they did not then all they would've done at best is fix bugs.

Running the same content, news flash there is no way that the devs could possibly put out new content fast enough to make the game different each and every day we play it. Also playing the same content is par for the course of a Diablo game.

2. The same thing happened in D2:LOD. I mean if you found all of the runes to make a low rolled enigma, that enigma could changes hands hundreds of times there were no bound items in D2:LOD. So it fits that there are no bound items here in D3.

3. Here customization has taken a different spin. Instead of relying on manual stat and skill points, an illusion of customization, they went with a much smaller system. Where you only have to choose your skill/runes then you are done.
1. Lack of Content
2. The AH. I have made all of my money there, and found all my loot there. I wish I had found it ingame.
3. PVP-Amazons one shot my Necro Summoner, and Barbs teleport to me and kill me. Oh wait, wrong game.
11/30/2012 08:35 AMPosted by Odin
Oh god please get out of ARPG forums and back to some random MMOs, you cant be serious with that.

you can't be serious. When they introduced the AH, they changed the formula for this ARPG. You can't have unbound items, as the economy get over flooded with items. Simple supply and demand. Right now, we have an INFINITE supply, with a demand that dwindles everyday. That's a failing economey. That's what happens when the ratios are off. Items being unbound is making the ratios be off, due to the literally infinite supply.
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