Diablo® III

3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

1. Getting Wilsoned
2. Frostburns
3. Wilsoned
1. http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2947815/1/pichapiegal/
2. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Seraph-1722/
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1) Being able to compare AH items with equipped as far as additional damage. Only good way to do this is to have a friend link items while you're in game & have them buy it. Good thing my friend is trustworthy.

2) Make my wizard fun to play again.

3) Have the option to ID all, or at least drop more gold, and not even bother dropping items unless they are either a) Rare or above or b) actually worth something
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Gold Farmer friend requests.

Overflow of equipment in the auction house ruining any structure that was supposed to have existed for an in-game economy.

Too many bad equipment rolls when rocking 300%+ magic find plus NVx5 playing on MP6+ on Inferno.

... among other things...
1. The AH being so full you have to pay millions for an item!

2. Bad drooops zZzZz, i feel like when i Kill the KW on mp7 i should have more then 2 !@#$ing yellows!

3. Fast + Mortar + Molten !
Wanting it to be fun but getting bored in about 15 minutes
No dyes on legendaries
Picking up *maybe* 1% of things that drop because everything else is a waste of time.
1. Poor itemization that restricts build diversity, rather than allow for innovations!
2. Takes far too long to ID items. There needs to be an "ID all" function.
3. Those damn bosses talking whenever you get to certain locations.
confined to running the same places over, and over, and over.
still no pvp.
loot system is horrible.

So, i basicly agree with OP.
11/30/2012 08:15 AMPosted by Odin
Whats the use of gold except currency and repair? None, crafting is beyond good and evil and jeweler just takes small gold amounts. Stay serious.. and no you cant have my gold since i always sell it on rmah for few cents cause have no use for it.

I can't believe someone else thinks like me.

I tried making an entire post about this exactly only a few weeks ago!

-Gold inflation is out of control
-Gold has no base value other than cheap repairs
-Gold would not be missed by me even if I had 200 mil
1. There's no way to identify all items at once.
2. Cain is dead.
3. There's no way to identify all items at once because Cain is dead.
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1. The internet requirement b.s.. This one pisses me off the most and far more than anything else by a mile. I used to like jumping into D2 offline with cheats, hacks etc and just see how it feels to be a god with the best possible godly items that you could only dream of in online mode.

2. The lack of any sort of community or actual multiplayer feeling outside of randomized public games even though this game requires internet connection. This would have lessen the blow of my first point above.

3. The real money auction house. This imo ruined this game in so many ways.

If I can add 3 more I would add:

4. The poor item roll system. Wizard exclusive items rolling with Barb stats or a Barb belt with int stats etc.

5. Crafting system is still worthless.

6. The extremely "meh" climax of the game's story. The ending is pathetic, all we see is a shot of some buildings with some uninspiring dialogue for a few seconds and then a lame credits screen with Diablo's face that looks like it came out of a 1995 game.
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1) PVP. I understand trying to make the game better, and improve things that didn't go well, but it was promised at the latest, a few months after release. I was really looking forward to playing that, and the team hasn't gotten around to getting it in the game, which for me is disappointing.

2) The auction house. I played the second game and the best part was searching for the best gear, the legendaries, and the things very few people would end up seeing, simply because they couldn't find them. Back when weapon and armor sets were rare, it was a lot of fun, and it kept my interest for much longer than this game. Its a good game, but by imputing the auction house, instead of finding gear to move on, looking for legendaries, or cool sets, all you have to do is save your gold, or your real hard earned money, and go buy it. It has ruined the thrill of finding the gear, knowing anyone can have it, if they spend enough time saving. It made the hunt for gear, a fair bit disappointing.

3) No offline mode or alternative mode. Two things I looked forward to there possibly being an option for was offline mode, and something along the lines of a survival mode. Offline mode would make it simple for players with the lack of internet, or the want to play on their own to do just that. Not everyone has internet and a computer that can keep up with the server, and the fairly good graphics of the game, making the gaming experience, at points, more difficult to stick with, simple because of the lag. A alternative mode would have really helped this game as well. Something along the survival, or a all out battle would have been great. Some of the battles in the game you play through, (when truly playing for the story) have truly awesome battles. It would be nice to have a mode where you can take your best gear, and your most wanted character into the game, and be able to take on this battle without having to play through the story. To be honest, it would give you a break from the story, ensuring you did not get burnt out on the story itself, and give you an option to be able to have a moment to just enjoy the gear, and skills of your character. A survival would have also been great, and allowed for yet another mode to simply break away from the story and give yourself the moment to relax and still enjoy the character, the gear, and the mechanics of the game.
12/03/2012 03:12 PMPosted by DreamCatcher
To be honest, it would give you a break from the story, ensuring you did not get burnt out on the story itself, and give you an option to be able to have a moment to just enjoy the gear, and skills of your character. A survival would have also been great, and allowed for yet another mode to simply break away from the story and give yourself the moment to relax and still enjoy the character, the gear, and the mechanics of the game.

Agreed. An endless dungeon of increasing difficulty, chock full of monsters. Party up and rock on. They can recycle their existing tilesets, just paste them together for non-stop monster-dense action.. no cut-scenes, no azmo heads, no annoying taunting Diablo voice, no reason whatsoever for me to hit the ESCAPE button every 3 minutes.
12/02/2012 02:54 PMPosted by Agamemnicon
Whingers like the OP

What's a whinger?

Let me add to your list

4. People who not only cannot spell, but repeat the same mistake three times
5. People who insult posters who have legitimate gripes and comments

Whinger is a word. You must be American if you cant spell that. cos like....I know USA's literacy rate is pretty bad. I'll speak slower for you next time.
in no particular order....

#1 i have this constant glitch that happens when i play w/ my wiz...

i use ` as my button that forces stand still when i shoot... w/ my primary skill...

however, what happens 2me when i use another skill piggybacking offa that, i get glitched when i let go of the `button 2run again, i get stuck in the same spot still shooting @nothing, target locked on nothing... i've tested this numerous times in battle & in town.. it happens quite often to me, & i can't understand y.. but what i DO KNOW.. it causes me 2die especially when i get hit w/ large fast moving mob elite packs...

blizz, please fix this.. i'd even be willing 2record & post a video of this happening in case my explanation is unclear..

#2 there r times when the server is so laggy 4me, that it steals my desire to even play..
it says i got 3 green bars & my latency is running @ 131 or so.. the game is LYING TO ME...
sometimes the lag is so bad, i get killed because of the delay in reaction time between the server speed & course of action, versus my own... very very frustrated 2die in this way.. ESPECIALLY to a pack of.......

#3 fallen maniacs... LOL i just HATE them....

#4 cannot dye legendary items... enabling this feature would add for a more customized look from person 2person... yeah.. some ppl care about the styles points & color coordination...

(otherwise what was the purpose of the dyes in the 1st place????)

#5 funneled use of legendaries... some r very very good, some r so 5h!t, it's like wtf was the point of even putting them in??? it's funny.. some of the cooler looking legendaries = pure crap.. i understand item classes.. but it only shows up in the armor items... weapons should have a chance to roll just as high on the dmg scale as any other item in their class..
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Game is just all out boring.... Same content very boring!!! Items suck gameplay as a whole just sucks cmon blizz get with the program!
11/30/2012 08:44 PMPosted by natetheswift
I'm sure this has been said, but cooldowns on health potions needs to go.

that would be imbalanced
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1) It's always online.

2) It's ALWAYS online.


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12/03/2012 03:37 PMPosted by Ryoka
Whinger is a word. You must be American if you cant spell that

Please note the "us" in the url of the forum in which you are posting. This is not the eu forum. I won't be held responsible for knowing idiosyncratic slang of other nations.

Furthermore, as to the spirit of this thread, if you like the game as-is and can't see it improving in any way (and I won't comment on my perception of your taste), then why not just !@#$ and move on? Calling someone a 'whinger'.. which by the way is a word that I've never heard nor seen in my life.. is not productive. And yeah, if Blizzard hopes that this game will have an enduring legacy like Starcraft and Diablo 2, they'd better make some changes and indeed there are some great ideas in this thread.

So take your limey slang elsewhere "cos" (love how you insult my literacy then use that mispelling) we don't want to hear it.
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