Diablo® III

3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

1. Blizzard doesn't listen to the community and thinks the game is GOOD.
2. No pvp
3. No build variety.
1- NO class balance.
2- 30% dmg reducction for barbs and monk.

only those 2 things
1. the entitled casuals
1. Every time a "Yatagan" drops, I get the Grizzly Bear song "Yet Again" stuck in my head.

2. Every time I read CC/CD on the forums, I want Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.

3. My fingers hurt.
Whinger is a word. You must be American if you cant spell that

Please note the "us" in the url of the forum in which you are posting. This is not the eu forum. I won't be held responsible for knowing idiosyncratic slang of other nations.

Furthermore, as to the spirit of this thread, if you like the game as-is and can't see it improving in any way (and I won't comment on my perception of your taste), then why not just !@#$ and move on? Calling someone a 'whinger'.. which by the way is a word that I've never heard nor seen in my life.. is not productive. And yeah, if Blizzard hopes that this game will have an enduring legacy like Starcraft and Diablo 2, they'd better make some changes and indeed there are some great ideas in this thread.

So take your limey slang elsewhere "cos" (love how you insult my literacy then use that mispelling) we don't want to hear it.

Using a well-known short hand word/acronym like "cos" or "TGIF" shows laziness - yes, I'm lazy. Not knowing a simple word like "whinger" even exists is ignorance.

Do you want some tissues? U seem very emotional about this.
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Jay Wilson Jay Wilson and Jay Wilson! How could Blizzard bring this fool into this IP knowing he hated D2? Just look up and listen to what he had to say about D2. He hated the game and thought he could do better lol he was WRONG!
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1. Feels too much like WoW with all the fancy colors compared to dark & sinister mood of original Diablo 1.

2. RMAH which makes people greedy and trap most of my friends losing their real money due to some stupid regulations made by Blizzard without any means preventing them from the very beginning.

3. After you reach level 60, the game became boring and pure grinding for better stats. No new challenges, new game plus, worthy end game contents, bad drops all the time, bad crafted items. Diablo 1 & 2 really outshine this game which makes me sad :(
1. Itemization is beyond broken

2. Skill diversity does not exist

3. Blizzard actually thinks the game is high quality
1. End game build variety is terrible and lends itself to similar strategies across classes. What I mean by this is, pretty much no matter which class you're playing or "build" in that class, you're probably stacking crit chance and crit damage- or crit chance and IAS if you're a CM wizard. This is boring and leads to a lot of gearing homogenization, and also

2. The only gem worth sticking in your weapon is the most expensive emerald you can buy/craft. Someone had a good post on this the other day with a useful suggestion- have topaz's give an IAS buff, and rubies give a cc buff. Then, you don't ALWAYS have to have crit dmg + an emerald in your socket on your weapons. You can make up what you're missing from other slots with your socket on your weapon.

3. There needs to be more stuff to do in Inferno. I am getting bored with farming keys and rings. Random maps, an endless dungeon, SOMETHING. I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm going to go ahead and say that I hate pvp and will never play it, so that's not going to give me anything to do.

Bonus gripe: make crafting not suck, PLEASE.
thers only 1 thing that piss me of and that OP and hes wortless post, go away ffs and just leave
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I'd like to get in on this "whinger" argument, as I've never heard the word either. I have heard of "bangers and mash" which sure are tasty.

From dictionary.com:
whinge [hwinj, winj]
verb (used without object), whinged, whing·ing. British and Australian Informal.
to complain; whine.

I've watched tons of British television and movies, some Australian as well.. spent a week in London and a few more days in other parts of England.. never heard the word in my life.

3. The title of this game is misleading, this game should be retitled as Diablo 0.5 because this game is severely inferior to D1 and D2.

My suggestion:

STOP PLAYING D3 and go back to your precious D1 and D2 since they were both so incredible.

1.Disconnects - (Especially frustrating when we're on the verge of killing uber bosses in mp8)

2.Replies from customer service officers - Dunno where the good ones go, promoted maybe, the recent ones gave generic answers at best, worst is paste you the link for the faqs which previous officer already had explained.

3.Removal of proc chance for Demon hunter's caltrop. Totally lose the chance to 'freeze' mob from far without hitting manually, at least wiz's blizzard stills able to freeze.
suck social interface
salvaging legends incidently
1. party limited to 4
2. AH
3. got boring pretty fast
Thank you everyone for posting, there's lots of constructive ideas in here, along with a a lot of issues that we the players see, that blizzard fails to acknowledge. If we hope for this game to survive and prosper, there's a big number of changes that need to be made. Hopefully this thread can help bring some more light to these issues.

A side note: to all you people who came in here to troll other or to instigate fights

You are not helping in any way shape or form, you guys cry about issues, but instead of making constructive threads, or discussing things in a civil way, you insta flame-on, or troll people who don't view your ideas. It's people like you that negate the effect of the polite, constructive people in the community. If you expect to ever see results, you guys have to stop flaming like a redheaded step-child...

Thanks again to those people who are assisting in civil manner.
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1. No item variety for demonhunters. Dual wielding is subpar at best. In the End it is basically Manticore + Dead Man or Manticore + Dead Man...

2. No build variety, too many utterly useless skills.
1. Failed Teleport on Wizard (WTF fix it please?)
2. Online requirement ,because my connection is unstable lately >:(~
3. crappy legendary roll streak for week(s), story of my life.... always a loser at gambling.
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