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3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

1) its not diablo, im not saying its a bad game its a good game its just not a diablo feeling game. Often i find myself forgetting im not playing wow and when i think about the game basics (skills and levelups) it feels very.... activisiony...

2) Blizzards im rich so i dont give a !@#$ about the fans type of attitude and post we know theres no end game content and the games incomplete but we dont give a %^-* so !@#$ off were not doing jack, and then fans get pissed and sales drops then theyre like oh %^-* and start working on diablo 3 again instead of the next 10 wow expansions.

3) The games incomplete and in order to get the """(((REAL)))""" full version of the game """(((thats supposed to be there from the beginning)))""" well have to buy an expansion or 2 such as pvp mode or more than 4 players (what year is this 1995?) which i have a hunch wont be released until the expansion, well see if im right.
1. It isn't Diablo 2 2
2. It isn't Diablo 2 2
3. It isn't Diablo 2 2

But seriously... I was hoping for a new Diablo 2 and that didn't happen.
1. The inability to block people. Yes, we can block communication. However we cannot keep an obnoxious player from a party, or rather keep us from entering a game when blocked players are in a persons blocked list.

2. Cannot open a public game with MP. Again, it would be easy to add a selection for entering a game with MP lvls. This would reduce allot of problems with "runner" players with high lvl gear and stats from dominating a game. As well as provide much better play for people who want to farm keys etc.

3. Idle players. All too often you get a party with one or two people who do nothing but stand about. Every time you enter an end lvl fight you have to sit and wait forever until that person times out or looks up from his playboy and notices the WAY oversized prompt. Kicking these people almost always fails mostly because players want a full party for best drops, xp etc. I really don't have any ideas to resolve this, but would like to hear responses. The constant pop ups are a real annoyance also. Hitting "esc" all the time to clear these aout or stop annoying game messages is problamatic because one person hits it at the same time you do and you are now looking at the options menu.

Okay, that was two things... but I have one more also so what the heck...

4. Cannot "lock" the gear you are wearing. I have accidently changed items while trying to quickly drop useless whites from my inventory (another gripe that we keep getting those whites dropped even at the highest possible lvls). It is really annoying to attack an elite with a two handed white that has replaced your set items. Yes, my mistake for not noticing but you know how it is when your in a rush LOL.
I forgot to mention the "server status" page that is never correct. Servers are down, it shows they are up. Simple issue with no ill effects but shows Blizz has contempt or at a minimum a lack of interest in us players.
Too much to say.... Game broken, loots broken, ah broken, HC broken, and so on..

This game is like a mobile phone h&s with no identity/background and a cool name.

Anyway it's still a good example to not follow.
1. User Interface Issues. It's like putting hostile psycjopaths on your cutomer service center.

2. Chopped up game mechanics. Where no man has gone before.

3. AH and RMAH. If you want EBAY, use EBAY. Don't settle for inferior substitutes.
1. Loot sucks
2. Linear gameplay
3. Character customization example: face change/hair color TL2 has it why D3 doesnt?.. Legendaries should be dyed
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I got a plan for a Legendary lvl 20 bow, called Longshot, from a Mob in act IV on normal.
1) Poor loot, only select stats are desired anything else is trash or useless.

2) Feels like I farm gold and not items, point #1 is why I feel like this

3) AH/RMAH if point #1 was fixed I wouldn't feel the need to use it but the game is balanced for people to use it.

I just want to point out that D2 loot was great and balanced. The AH in D3 is there to assist in trading just like trade games and trade chat were there to assist in trading on D2 so why did they lower the drop rate of quality items?

If I played for 1,000 hours in D2 I didn't find everything I wanted/needed but I sure as hell found 90% of what I needed without having to trade. If I didn't find what I needed I found things I could trade to get what I needed. It's completely opposite in D3, I find very little that sells and everything I want/need is driven up in price by everything else listed on the AH that is similar. Farming gold for years to buy 1 piece isn't fun, I want to find it myself or something comparable to trade for it but I never win the lottery.
1) AH Limits (item number specifically)
2) Limited chat channels
3) There is no cow level
#1 community is in shambles, so many people insulting and taking offense over absolutely nothing.

#2 People that quit and still come back to grief the community.

#3 lack of skill trees, point allocation, and items that give to said skills. What happened to gear with +8 to all skill's. I want 4 DH's all doing their own thing, not 1 with everything available. This would open up builds. Imagine all points put into wolf companion and multishot, Or strictly elemental arrow /frost rune.
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1.- waiting timers on ressurect.... i would really love to know who decided this and why, theres no reason to make me wait to resurrect if you already degraded my gear as punishment, this mechanic has no reason to exist, and it $%&#$ pisses me off to get killed and not be able to get right back and keep trying

2.- items are really really wrongly designed...... they just make no sense, it's like they took some guy in the street and "hey you, write some items down, it's ok if you never played any kind of ARPG before", in D2 even low level uniques had their uses, goblin toe, rattlecage, vipermagi etc. and gearing would depend on what build you were making ie: dracul's for heavy life leech, deathwing for poison necro, thundergod for lightning javazon etc....
but now no matter what class or build you have, you always get the same thing, and we end up having the same character with the same items!!!!!!!!

3.- THE MOST ANOYING THING IS: that nobody in blizzard realizes all the problems and that the players are the ones telling what's wrong....does no one in the design team saw this coming? really????? are you blind or something?....
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1. Players that clearly hate the game yet continue to play and complain about how awful it is months after release.

Don't need 2 more.
1. The story and the characters.

2. Hardcore has no d/c protection.

3. Lack of unique character customizations and skills builds.
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My 2 main issues with the game:

1. To max out yout characters, you have to run through the same game 4 times, with each character. Gets old fast.

2. I don't care about multiplayer at all. But they way the drops go, I never get something that is not really good for my character. So I am forced to use the auction house to sell the items my character does not need so I can get money to find stuff in the auction house I can use.

I should not have to do that, it should be like Diablo 1 or 2, items drop for that characters class. I am forced into part of multiplayer I want nothing to do with.
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The number one thing that pisses me off the most about Diablo 3 is the lack of character customization in stat distribution. What happen to that? Or Stats required to wear gear? Skills points? PK? EARS MY DAMN EARS! Easily to access all the acts from one game instead of leaving. The list can go on. The game is still decent in its own way. But does not live up to have the name diablo
1. Bots
2. Bots
3. Blizzard not doing something after you reported Bots
oh this thread is amazing and glad to see blizzard pays no attention to it because a lot of what people are saying on here is what needs to be fixed in the game!
1. Item comparison in chat (and you have to be in-game to do so) but not AH

2. Neither updating the server status page or the game log in screen when the servers go down for maintenance ~ And I mean with an accurate timeframe, 9 mins late is ok but 2 hrs is ..fudge this im going to sleep mode.

3. Legendaries that are just crap, not useful other than to have as pretty pixels. ~ and level 58 legendaries in Inferno
1. Level limits on quests, I mean really once I've completed the quest I shouldn't have to grind up to it over and over just because I'm too low a level for the limits.

2. Server Status page does not reflect actual server status. It's shown available all day today during maintenance. It should accurately show whether or not I can log into the game and play, not whether the box is running.

3. Crafting, would be nicer if there were more control over which stats the items got, perhaps make the cost in materials scale with the mods added. I just don't see the fun in clicking a button 500 times to get a decent roll on the items.

top of my wish list is level 1 craftable sets with fixed mods for hardcore players.

It would be nice if they actually had polls of which features needed the most work, and had actual options instead of whatever they felt like nerfing that month. I understand with thousands of people posting there is no good way to coherently integrate player feedback into realistic action, but something needs to be done.
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