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3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

1. The QQ. There are so many Q's flying around that it's difficult to get a decent discussion going.

2. The community. Most of the vocal community cries the whole time. I'd like to have a channel I can go into just to talk about whatever while I farm (since I tend to solo farm).

3. The one thing that Blizzard controls is in-game Voice Compatibility. There are definitely downsides to this, but I would be more compelled to play with randoms if I could voicechat without using a program like Teamspeak/Ventrillo/Skype.

Overall, I love this game. I'm patient with waiting for PvP, as long as it comes out before the 1 year mark of the game's release. A PvP arena definitely sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait to get at it :). I am definitely hoping for in-game Voicechat Compatibility is released with this, or else I will likely only PvP with the clan and friends.

Thanks for another wonderful game, Blizzard :). You have taken years of my life between Diablo 2, Warcraft III, Starcraft II, and now Diablo 3 :D.
1. dumb people
2. the community (see #1)
3. everyone on the forums (see #2)
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#1 - Diablo 3
#2 - Blizzard
#3 - See above...
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1) Community, it's awful from the whiners to the fanboys they are both bad, troll each other and make the forums just sad.

2) Legendaries aren't great.. there are some cool low level ones but what's the point of them since they're useful for a few levels? Why can't we take a cool legendary with a proc we like and buff it to lvl 60 dps standards by sacrificing other weapons/armor?

3) Story/Classes.. Blizz says they didn't put Necro in because they didn't want to rehash stuff.. yet here we have the generic Barbarian and WD is just a bad necromancer with zombie dogs as pets.. guess zombie humans would be to much like skeletons?

3.a) Blizzard half assing a lot of the content, story and gameplay etc.. and accepting no responsibility.. it would have been better to rehash than break everything. Also whoever thought diablo being female was edgy and cool should be fired.
1)act 4 is horrible rushed with barely any replay-ability
2)a lot of skills are useless or can't be improved through items
3)always online = poor server connections(always over 100ping), bad client prediction code and a lot of faked physics(mortars especially)
1. Loot revolving around the AH. I don't mind it as a trade system, but when the best way to upgrade your character isn't by playing the game because nothing ever drops, i think the game has failed in it's core element. It becomes even more frustrating when they deliberately devaluate the ingame currency by making it purchasable with real money. This turns what could be an amazing game into a shameless cash grab.

2. Unacceptably short content. This game took 5 years to develop. How is it possible that D3 has less content than D2 before the expansion?

3. Blizzard's shoving their game design philosophies down everyone's throats through periodic nerfs and rebalancing of a game that doesn't need to be balanced.
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11/30/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Eclipse
It creates a niche of SUPER high valued items, items that Blizzard can make money off of. Think about it, good weapons with life-steal are what EVERYONE needs. The drop of weps like that are few and far between, and those items are necessary to counter RD at super high dps. This cause INSANE prices on those items, due to again : supply and demand.

True ... but adding life steal to the 4th teir set bonus of tal rasha (or any other ranged class for that matter) increases the value of all the set items.

Haha take a good look at my gear to see how biased I am :P
1. The community- I hate how everyone wants to rush through this game to the end, complaining about how bad it is due to how they aren't on top. Also, there are so many oblivious dumb !@#$s that play this game in general.

2. How greedy Blizzard is- They don't really care about the community. All they want is to make cash. Why include the RMAH?

3. The imbalance of classes/skills- There are only a couple choices in builds, with Barbarian dominating the community.
11/30/2012 08:08 AMPosted by Eclipse
3. When you hover over an item in the AH, there NEEDS to be the dps calculations to compare with your equipped items. The fact that some upgrades are extremely expensive and you can't tell how much of an upgrade it is without alt-tabbing into a spreadsheet (which can easily be inaccurate if not updated precisely) is ridiculous to the point of being absurd.

This is true. Very Good point.

Agreed. Completely stupid.
1) The whiners.
2) The Wizard's poorly decided skills. Skills like hydra and meteor with runes that change the element of the skill should be the majority not the minority.
3) No Linux client. If Valve can make them, why can't blizz?

Because valve don't care about the hackers to the degree Blizzard does. In D2 the majority of the hacks, dupes ect came from Linux accounts. linux is not a secure os like windows 7.

1. If you're not doing a critical hit-based build, you're not dealing big damage.

2. Your survival is more dependent on your internet connection than your gear.

3. General menu mechanics. I don't even know if I can say specifics. It's mostly good, but....somehow not.
1. No item sink.

2. No item sink.

3. No item sink.

Blizzard would do well to add one, especially from a continuous revenue stream aspect (RMAH). For players, it's advantageous RMAH-wise and carrot -> stick -> reward -> keep playing-wise.
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1. Poorly designed and cheap mechanics.

2. Poorly designed skills.

3. Poorly designed game...everything, really. I'm not usually one to complain but holy rofl stompers this game is terrible.
1. Die coz of lag or dc in HC
2. Die coz of lag or dc in HC
3. Die coz of lag or dc in HC
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1) Apparent lack of drive by the Development team
3) Something random I can't remember right now
1) AH
2) Multiplayer must be improved
3) no skill points / no stat points
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!.) The community

2.) The trade economy. Example: No your witching hour belt of 92 Int/8/35 Is not worth 20M. Yes generally people will post it for that much.
D2 prices for gear were based on the stats, D3 prices are still based on stats, however if it even has the name people think its worth thier left nut. It's not you got a garbo roll quite flooding the Ah, thank you.

3.) Character builds. Not enough diversity and some classes need mediocre gear to excel at the end game while others need millions to excel at the same level. (Yeah thats you Barbs, !@#$ gear and you faceroll while most other classes need to have top end stats in every category)
2) NO PK
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