Diablo® III

3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

lag. the game is working it's way to a better place with items and buffs etc. but dang, i hate looking at my frozen screen or slow motion walking and fighting. if they would work on that i would be happy...assuming thta the game will progress and open more maps and dungeons...if not i have another beef.
1. Knockback
2. Nightmarish
3. Getting Jailed on the pivot point of multiple Arcane Sentries

Yeah I know they're part of the game, but they're the most likely things to cause the mouse to be slammed down on the desk at speed. Yeah... I play Melee.
1) The whiners on the forums
2) The small-talk blue posts on the forums
3) That D2 is better than D3 still
1. Crafting.

2. also: Crafting.

3. Last but not least... Crafting.
1.) There is no "Identify all" option.
I miss Cain...

2. When browsing the AH, the item comparison tool tip doesn't pop up.
It'd be nice knowing how much of a difference a 200m item will make BEFORE I buy..

3. Crafting sucks.
I spent 10million~ish buying mats and crafting JUST 6 property gloves. 2 of the 70 were barely AH worthy, since nearly all of them had low stat rolls and rainbow properties.

How to fix?
1. Add a button in the character inventory screen that says ID all, which automatically and rapidly ID's all Unids on the person or add an item that drops randomly from monsters in-game that id's all items.

2. Not a programmer, but if someone can link something in trade while i'm in game that pops up a comparison tool, why can't the same be said for when we're on the AH?

3. Expand on the crafting system; 1.) allow player-crafted rares to be upgradeable by spending additional gold/mats, but doing so binds the item to the players account.
i.e: you can salvage a crap property to have it re-rolled, paying extra gold/mats lets you choose up to 3 of the items properties, for a cost a one-time use kit may be purchased to "buff" the stat(s) of an item, allow a legendary gambling system where for a fixed high amount of brimstones, essences and tomes, a random level 59iLvL+ legendary will be made.

Something has to be done for the crafting system. I used to salvage ALL my yellows and blues... Now I don't even pick them up since crafting sucks and the odds of them being decent drops are slim to none. A personal crafting system could be a potential end-game item, so long as the crafted items couldn't be sold/traded much like Hellfire rings.

1. no real char customization, you have plenty of skills but you cant use them all??? i loved the fact that you had so many hot keys in D2

2. authenticator, lost my phone, now i cant log on

3. people complaining that they don't get any "good" items - wtf is wrong with you guys

and for that guy that said that items should be account bound
did you ever play any of the other diablo games? they never really left the game there
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also i cant even begin to show my anger about there being no cube oausghrfnlhsefgohbseguify389uhu4j
and for that guy that said that items should be account bound
did you ever play any of the other diablo games? they never really left the game there

I'm only suggesting account binding for player crafted rares that the player upgrades personally. It'd be similar to farming hellfire rings, except for crafting.

and D2 didn't have an AH or randomized properties for items, everything was pre-defined stats where the individual stat rolls were what made items "perfect."
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1) I would say lack of gems, and the fact the only viable gem in weapons at level 60 are emeralds...

2) Crafting, is pointless... I would like to see recipes added which guarantee a Main Stat item (ie: this item will always have strength on it when crafted)

3) Fix the RNG that is not random... It cannot be possible to get 11 Immortal King's Irons since patch 1.05, and only 1 other garbage legendary, and now 2 more Immortal King's Irons since 1.06 (which was a laughable patch).
1 - Linear Story, and no customization on char stats
2 - No funny end game, and no customization on char stats
3 - Itemization, bots and no customization on char stats

Be nice, and civil please.

1. Apparent lack of drive by the Diablo3 team:
Imo, it seems like the Diablo team just doesn't really care all too much about the game. Botters run rampant, itemization is still boring. STILL no pvp, almost 7 months after release. STILL confined to running the same places over, and over, and over. And every-time they add something, it's lackluster at best.

2.No items ever leave the game:
Now this isin't quite as literal as I have it, but let me iterate. All items that get introduced to the game, will never leave the game unless broken for mats or sold. All the items in the game are unbound, so each item can in theory sit there... for eternity... this is the reason the markets are so messed up above all (aside from bots). Because there's a constant flow of items always entering the game. And since none of the "good" items never leave, every time you upgrade and sell that gear back into the market, it's moving what I'll call "the avg gear line" up. Meaning after a while, the chest you sold will have passed through enough hands, that it'll eventually become obsolete. Think for example if U have a mid tier pair of vile ward shoulders. That item will just keep circulating back into the market every-time the person who wears it sells it, because it's a decent item. So that can theoretically make one piece of gear last 100's-1000's of people. If every piece of gear became bound when equipped, the game's economy would see a decent recovery, because as soon as someone used that item, it can never be re-entered into the market, making a much much lower supply, and a greater demand for new gear. High demand with avg supply ='s very good and competitive market.

3. Very few features and customization: This one speaks for itself. So much is missing from what they said would be here, and the customization of characters leaves more than a little to be desired.

The forum and posts like this^3
getting killed by !@#$%^s
4 Dwarf Paladin
Posts: 30
1. All DPS is basically Main hand which is a !@#$ing huge design flaw!
2. No build diversity you basically choose between 1-2 build and change 1 rune or passive out.
3. The rolls are too random causing 95% of all legs to be useless.
4. Jewels are unbalanced Emerald > all.
5. Allow players to add one socket to weapons. If you think to imba make it not possible for already socketed or make us delete one affix for socket.
6. Bring PVP we have waited 6months it was promised to come shortly after release.
7. Make a new Gem for which you require to fuse all three current gems that gives you All Resis on helm, MS on boots, pick up and 10 % to AR, pants same as chest, AS on gloves if there will ever be a socket for them, LL on weapons(or all elemental dmg), block % on shields, AR on amus and rings, Pickup on shoulders and belts if they ever get a socket. If you think that is too imba make it so that things with multiple sockets can only have one of those gems in them.
Went over the limit :)
I'm sure this has been said, but cooldowns on health potions needs to go. Also the drops are pretty poor, I've only gotten one green items that is useable for my character(s), the rest of the gear I have has been bought from the GAH. Also, taking the blacksmith and jeweler to level 10 has been a huge waste of gold, had I known the outcome of doing that I would have never done it.
1. If you think that the game was designed solely with the RMAH in mind then you would be sadly mistaken. Because for that to be true then the mere existence of the gold auction house makes that claim false.

Gold can be sold for real money, rendering any ingame effort to obtain it pretty much worthless. If they hadn't enabled this, you may have had a point, but we already know how worthy gold is these days. The GAH is there only to make the shameful truth a bit less evident.
1. For some reason this game runs REALLY poorly for me. When i begin a new game i get horrible stuttering and it progressively gets better the longer i play but still happens during big spell effects like explosions. I've died so many times to this stuttering...i just wish blizzard would fix it already or tell the players how we can fix it. Turning down my video settings doesn't help one bit.

(And before you say "get a better pc", I run every game i play at max settings just fine except this one.)

2. Rez timer. Why is it still here? What purpose does it serve other than to further anger me? I mean i'm already dying a bunch, which is frustrating enough, why do i have to wait more and more each time i die? It's just a very anti-fun mechanic, i don't see the logic behind it.

3. Unfair affixes. Cause we all love fighting frozen/waller/arcane/reflect damage.
1. No Community
2. Boring Items (Affixes are so over-simplified)
3. Lack of GOOD skills (ww barb, cm wiz. nothing else)

Yeah I know they're part of the game, but they're the most likely things to cause the mouse to be slammed down on the desk at speed. Yeah... I play Melee.

Might I direct your Barb to http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5870127076 and http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5870127076 ? I wouldn't say follow them exactly, but ranged Barb build is how I'm going to end up with mine. (Feels like if you're not playing a Barb, you might be doing something wrong. I know if you're not playing ranged you're almost guaranteed to suck.)
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Blizzard makes a game that requires us to be online thus placing the job of maintaining lag at a minimum level has just became a very important job to them. The sad thing is they're doing a VERY bad job at doing keeping it at minimum. Shame on you Blizzard.

2. The lack of ability to actually free-roam. Blizzard seriously STOP telling us what is 'fun'. You did this for the release of the game and it failed on so many levels that I would not be able to list them all. Let us tell you what is fun, for once, F@#% your 'I know everything' attitude. Not anymore. Let us free-roam. This quest based system is pathetic and VERY VERY annoying.

3. Economy. No. This is blatantly terrible. I cannot stand how bad this economy has came to be. And Blizzard has done very little, noticeably, to fix it. Sorry Blizz. You've dropped the ball on this one here man.

I used to consider myself a Blizzard fan-boy. I would defend you guys left and right when it had came up.
Now, I am inclined to agree to what everybody says to this.
I still play this game clinging to some hope of what it might be. What it could be.
Blizzard, you have successfully ruined my childhood memories here.
Staying up late running D2 with my friend.
Taking 2 of us, 1 to operate the keyboard, and the other to operate the mouse.
You know.. You deserve much worse feedback then what this game is getting.

1. Sub-standard product : - given the time, manpower and resources that went into the design and development of D3, it does not live up to the standards D2 set for a good ARPG. Maybe overtime and after a number of patches/expansions it may come closer to meeting those standards, but the product of those 10+ development years just does not measure up. Maybe the standards were set too high, and would never be achieved again. The game in its current state just feels....incomplete.

2. Community/Developer Interface - There is a serious lack of dialogue/discussion between the people who are designing the future of this game and the players. There needs to be better interaction and the player base should be given a fair chance at influencing the direction this game takes for it to be successful. If recommendations of Blizzards CFO are the only things that get approved for change, it is not going to go far.

3. Lack of content - Games like these need a fresh infusion on content every so often to stay alive. No matter how much content you provide, it will never be enough. But, the flow needs to be maintained to keep the player base interested. Even if it takes longer than usual to make and release additional content, the player base needs to be lured, enticed and kept excited with news and previews of what is coming. Right now it seems that the D3 Team is completely oblivious to the pleadings of the player base and have been taking it 'for granted' that people will continue to play this game even if nothing changes. The sooner they wake from this dream the better.
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