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PVP gear thoughts and your input.

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Alright, so everyone and their brother has started a thread on this already, but this is not shoot down either side, it's just to make suggestions and get responses.
The idea of PVP gear has quite a bit of potential in my head, but not in the way that some people imagine it to be. When I was talking to some people about this topic, they responded with things like "When PVP comes out, i'm just going to drop $500 into it and win all the time with the gear I bought". In my opinion, this is one of the most rediculous things I have ever heard... My thoughts are that it sounds like the weapon of choice for PVP is the credit card.

This I truly do want to turn away from. I don't like the idea that you can buy the status as the best PVP player on Diablo III.

So this is how I imagine they could make it fun and fair for everyone.

They should introduce completely different gear that is called PVP gear. That being said, Even though it is introduced, It should not be introduced to the Auction house (Real money or gold). I think that they should put PVP gear into the game as an account bound drop, but like a legendary. For example: I'm killing an elite pack and it drops items, there is a chance for it to drop a piece of PVP gear which may be like a purple or red text, to differ from the other drops. When you pick up the PVP gear piece, it rolls just like any other piece of gear that would be for that specific equipment slot. Since it would be account bound, you would now have a piece of PVP gear that no one else has and it slightly ups your chances against an opponent who doesn't have the piece you just obtained. Since it will roll randomly, like any other gear, you most likely won't get the best gear right away, you have to play to get better gear. In the end, it comes down to you and what you have found VS. your opponent and what they have found. It would be interesting to see who would win based on what you have and not what you can buy. This will make it more fair for everyone and give the people who just want to play the game to have fun more of a chance than the ones that decide wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars on a game to become the best is the right idea.

The PVP gear would still be able to be salvaged or sold to vendors to get rid of it even though it is account bound. That way it won't clutter up your space like some plans you can't get rid of...

That's about all I wanted to touch on for now, please let me know of your opinions and how you think the idea of PVP gear should or would play out.

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PvP gear & PvP tokens are garbage.
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I want PVP gear so I can sell it on the RMAH
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wallet warriors are eventually matched with other wallet warriors

whats the issue?
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