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Good weapon combo ? [WKL + Sankis axe]

I know that most people know that WKL is good weapon if you use WKL with SW with cyclone rune cuz the cyclone does lightning dmg and WKL right ? So how about using burning axe of sankis with Fire storm ? if look at these two weapons side by side, they are pretty similar. I just want to clarify about something... only the cyclones come out from the SW do lightning dmg. The dmg that the SW does depends on you weapon dmg type if you read the description of the SW carefully. So, my conclusion comes to why not using sankis axe and WKL. Sweeping wind will do fire+lightning dmg and you have do 30-50% more dmg with it. And if you have 4 inna pieces, it will be even better =D
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If you want to do this ...
11/20/2012 11:21 AMPosted by CroXFire89
So how about using burning axe of sankis with Fire storm ?

but understand this ...
11/20/2012 11:21 AMPosted by CroXFire89
only the cyclones come out from the SW do lightning dmg.

Then how does this make any sense?
So, my conclusion comes to why not using sankis axe and WKL.
Sweeping wind will do fire+lightning dmg
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The sweeping wind does the same type of dmg of your weapons. So i guess it will do 2 types of dmg if you have 2 weapons with different dmg type. According to the skill description. But the cyclones which come out from critical hit only do lightning dmg.
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You can use it, but the thing about the cyclone rune for sweeping wind is that each cyclone does dmg over 3 seconds which is prolly 10x the amount that firestorm can do, and the cyclones do have a longer range than sweeping wind itself and is also lightning dmg along with your fists of thunder.
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You're not thinking 4th dimensionally Marty!

If you happen to get a good Sankis drop I think you could have a lot of fun with a build based around it at low MPs. Say for example...

FoT:Lightning Flash - For extra dodge chance
Cyclone Strike:Wall o Wind - For more dodge
LTK:Spinning Flame Kick - for 367% fire damage(best Sankis) to everyone you just dragged in front of you with Cyclone Strike.
MoE:Backlash - For ridiculous Dodge'splosions!(fire damage)

Exalted Soul- Extra Spirit and Spirit regen
Transcendence- LPSS
Guardians Path or Sixth Sense- Whichever yields the most dodge

The other skills really depend on taste and equipment.
Not an endgame build by any stretch but I think it could be fun if you did get a great Sankis drop. You could use the WKL if you had one since you are still using FoT.
Have fun!
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Does way of the hundred fists ahve a "blazing fists" rune that changes it to fire with a small jump on it?
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No, thats the IAS stacking rune. No fire rune fore any primary.
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Ok after thinking about this you could actually do something along these lines for higher MP difficulty i think could be quite viable!


With exploding palm u get the extra fire dmg as well as pulling everything in with cyclone and using crippling wave to gain spirit back to constantly spam MoE + Exploding palm, backlash will do WORK here!

this is especially great with a fire resist monk cause of the axe has fire resist on it. (if u choose OwE)

Also worth mentioning, i dont know the actual mechanics of this in higher MP difficulty, but if you used Burning Axe of Sankus as main hand and use Skysplitter for the 20% chance to smite enemies in combination with Exploding palm, i sense a WOMBO COMBO (smite procs on enemie with exploding palm debuff, explodes, chain reaction?)
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I haven't used it in practice but I think that Exploding Palm would be too slow at higher MPs. 9 seconds is a long time and it only effects on person at a time(not counting splosions) whereas LTK:SFK effects everyone caught in the fiery gout that you spew in front of you.
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Yeah spining flame kick could be a good option no doubt, i was just thinking with the smite proc on skysplitter + exploding palm could be massive.
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Not sure how well that would actually work, but I always enjoy seeing new builds.

I tried a dodge build for a while when I was lower dps (30k or so), but ended up going cookie cutter once I got more dps....as it's just MUCH more damage. Almost the same build as DarkLink posted, but I used the Wall of Wind rune for extra dodge...and Thunderclap cuz I can't live without the teleport.

If I were a fire monk, I'd take this out for a spin to see what she can do.
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Same, if i were fire i would try it out too LOL. Also wondering for group play you could use a sledge fist for stunning the whole group with crippling wave.
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I am pretty sure you'd have to use Skysplitter in the MH and Sankis in the OH for that to work. Correct me if I'm wrong but the splosions from the MoE would only proc using the MH stats. Also, knowing Blizzards fun/balance mentality it wouldn't surprise me if the Smite only procs on the actual weapon swing not on other stuff like the MoE:BL or SW aura or Cyclones. But its easy enough to test if anyone has a Splitter laying around.
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Anyone know how often the "smite" effect procs? So exploding palm only applies to 1 target even if its over multiple?
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MoE splosions scale with atk speed for some reason, and yes it is from main hand so yeah skysplitter in mainhand for higher dps.... And i think the procs are with anything that has a proc rate maybe.... (i know LoH doesnt proc with cyclone so maybe you're right)

Would be nice if anyone could test out this?
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with 3.01 aps, i get 105% dmg from itjavascript:;
also, mystic ally dmg is proportional to the aps
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The proc from Skysplitter seems to have a builtin cooldown.

So even though you take a weapon that says 20% smite chance, you are not going to see it on every 5th attack.

For me at 2.5 aps I'd be seeing it every 2 seconds on average and it's more like every 5 (I have a 20% Skysplitter).

It does seem to do helladamage though, in my experience there isn't anything that lays out as much dps among the legendaries, though a crit/socket WKL with high lightning skills and good dps roll would beat it.
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