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Anyone having problems

I had a couple of problems some weeks ago where latency spiked as high as 8500...totally unplayable. Since then no problems until today. I've tried playing at various times during the day but same lag issues all day. Latency from around 250 to 1000ms.
Judging by some of the other posts I may be lucky that mine is as low as 1000:)

Now over 1500 maybe we should all just lodge tickets, we'll have time since we can't play the game.
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been alright for me up till yesterday night within UTC +10 timezone
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as been 12 hours now and game is still unplayable (more-so than previously i should say, considering its average story line, pathetic social interface and missing pvp content..)
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how many HC died tonight? from a shocking 200ms (QLD) on avg hardly playable to today's 1200ish. unplayable!...
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11/21/2012 05:13 PMPosted by Romulus
Is anyone in Aus having problems with the servers atm. My latency is ranging from 220 to 1220 and right in the middle of battles.

I'm in Perth spiking from 220 to around 1220 as-well. Which really sucks playing hardcore rubber banding all over the screen trying to kill trash mobs wondering whether or not I'm gonna die spiking out just as I hit a elite mod. TP or Banners is just as bad takes ages. All most not worth playing at all.
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okay for once i must concede..

i am in perth and i am capped but normally i can still play.
i must admit i am actually dying in MP7 now as this added latency compounds my deaths.

i concede.
i apologise for making fun of some of you and your connection issues.
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Still happening game ping freaking out im in brisbane and only just doing this past two daysish, i dunno why or for what reason but it makes the game unplayable to any decent extent.
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Yep, horrible for last two days (Gold Coast) Blizzard have obviously changed a server priority task - and Australia lost.

Please fix this is just aweful.
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Sydney iiNet.

No problem outside of the usual stupid random spikes.

Sitting just above 200ms and consistently green ping bar.

Putting in your ISP might help narrow the problem down.

If you are all Bigpond or all TPG or all Optus, then there would be a pattern and you could complain on the Whirlpool forums.
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Over the past two days I've have experienced transient but frequent lag spikes (~700 ms). Is it a holiday in the US or something leading to large server load?
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issue seems to be resolved on my end
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Last few weeks latency has gone up the !@#$ creek.

While its not huge latency for me, its noticeable and essentially not wroth playing the game. From always beinig on 3 green bars, about 220-250ms its gone to 2 yellow bars and around 450ms. Thats a joke as far as im concerned. No online game is satisfactorly playable above 300. pve or otherwise.
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the time has come for us to rise up, take down the system, bite the nipple that feeds and remove the !@#$%^-*.s
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Lag is still awful, in Melb, im with Telstra, getting spikes up too 1300 ....
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all you guys on bigpond?
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all us perth people should launch a class action law suit against blizzard
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Sad Day to be playing D3 and being australian, these spikes as a WW barb are hilarious just hold down the button and hope and pray u kill the elite pack.. so utterly annoying though stupid 3k ms. Server Overload to strong?
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well look at that. lag set in at around 4:30pm Again. looks like no diablo until tomorrow...
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