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ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]

Was wondering if I could get some advice on my gear? I'm at the point where it's getting really expensive to upgrade stuff. CC is where I'm lacking the most (sitting at 39.5), but I'm not sure where to fit more in - I should probably swap out the HF ring. I can farm MP6 with a few deaths here and there, usually to fire (desolator/chains). What would you recommend I focus on first?
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The key test is whether the fireball from Khule or falling rocks one shot you.

I've managed to perma 100% freeze kulle and siege, not even stuttering! You see the big ice beard effect on siege when I use the following - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VQOYhX!Xgb!YaZZca

Yes, dps is reduced, however the ability to perma freeze 100% stun lock is worth it for the rest of the group to nuke. I TP straight away on start on event to get to the bosses BEFORE they separate too.

Profile is here if interested in gearing choices etc...
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Yeah, its been awhile since I did cold snap. It was remarkable how much better of a freeze you do get. Some people suggest that it is like moving up a breakpoint. I think I did it a few times, but, like all of us (or most of us anyway) became enamored with running true SNS and DPS and damage multiplier and the like. I think the other thing with bone chill to consider, is that it is a party buff....so its not just 15% less DPS that you are doing.....but 15% less that everyone else is doing. However, if you are like me and tried to run ubers with full SNS at MP9 and had to restart the battle 5 times and refresh stacks inbetween because you couldn't freeze well enough and annoyingly kept dying....(and failing and letting down the group!) then that 15% damage loss looks pretty silly.

Very good point Wired. Thanks!

I would think you would be struggling mightily with only 1 source of APOC. One source of APOC and low CC just seems like a recipe for disaster to me. I accidentally ran with just 38 CC the other night (forgot my CC ammy was in the AH) and knew something was wrong - freeze was weak, AP was always low. Put the ammy on and it was like night and day. If you haven't tried a storm crow, just buy any cheap on from the AH and see what it is like - everything will be noticeable smoother.

I also find the Duncraig cross to be difficult. Ammy and gloves are the 2 places where you can get up to 10 CC.....and unless you have alot of gold, you're not going to get that (or anything close) with the cross. The %life and VIT bonus just isn't worth it. SC has the LoH you need and 90-100 VIT. Besides...you shoulndt need more than 35K life. Get a SC with close to max resist all and close to max LoH. They're not that expensive.....5M at most for someting like that. Then get an ammy with 9+CC and 8-9 IAS and whatever else. Actually, you're well above 2.73....you could get less IAS (5, by my calculations) and still hit the breakpoint....and get more of something else.

That should put you at 43-something CC, which isn't great....but better than where you're at. Like you said, you should have a CC ring....which would put you above 45CC. There's no reason why you can't use the gear you have on now at low MP for experience or legendary farming.....but switch to SC/CC-ammy/CC ring for higher MP's and ubers. Nothing wrong with having 2 sets of gear....but you need to make those changes to be more successful at higher MP's.

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wauv. was looking for some good tips on CM wiz and found this gold nugget of a guide. thumbs up from here
I'm a party SNS wizard. Currently, at 2.90 aspd. I hunt ubers at MP10 with 1 Barby and 2 Monks. With the monk's Mantra of Conviction with IAS, it will boost my aspd to 3.03. With the Barby's Warcry, I hit 5k armor and 800 AR.

I can lose 2% ias, or drop the current wand's +0.25 aspd to +0.24 aspd...and I should still be able to hit 3.00 breakpoint.

My question is, what piece to upgrade? My paper dps is only 90k. My current considerations are: -

1. Witching Hour with AR, Armor and more CD
2. Better dps Chant's Wand
3. Nat's Ring with CC
4. Blackthorne's ammy...or another ammy
5. Wait for next patch

Budget about 50 mil.

Thanks guys!

p/s I normally use Time Warp rune for party. Profile currently shows Time Stretch cause I use that instead for solo mode.
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Came back to the game after a few months off, followed this guide and upgraded gear as I went along. its been a great aid in the quest for good dmg/surviving.
getting balance in gear has been and is ongoing as its kinda expensive.

Now I hope for drops due to I simply refuse to pay insane amount of gold for so little extra ;)

tough calls, man.

I guess wait for next patch!

WH - not bad, with armor + str. Sure, you could have more CD, but is +10 or 12 CD gonna make that big of a difference? Your all resists are already nice.
Chants wand - maybe, if you sell your current one, plus the 50M, that might get you to 1050 to 1100 DPS. This might be the best bet.
Nats ring - maybe a 3 CC one, but it'd surely have crap stats. Doubt it'd be worth it.
Blackthorne's ammy - the last thing you need is more vit! You're sitting very nicely at 40k. You could probably even lose some and be OK.

I'd think vile ward - I might look for +170 STR, +170 INT, and +50 vit. Maybe those are ridiculously, but i doubt it. It'd net you another 170 armor and still keep you above 35k health.

You really need CD on your ammy to make a big jump in DPS. A 6 IAS, 8CC, 60 CD ammy is running 50M (that's where i'm looking to upgrade). You'd have to go with less CD and add LOH. Maybe you could do that for 50M. But you'd lose INT,...and might be a wash.

Your "weakest" piece of gear (for DPS) is your APOC chant force. Pretty low avg damage. But I know how much those cost.

My attack speed is about 2.20 but my crit is 60%, 65% with pinpoint and am able to perma-freeze single bosses without issues. Would love a 6% cc nats reflection and some boots, get me to 67% / 72% CC
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This guide is incredible! I was wondering if you could give me some tips on my gear/ what i should upgrade next.

i have a budget of about 50mil if thats important
yo fellas! yes, this is EPIC thread :P

I'm currently 3.08AS/52CC/105k DPS -- loving it

ONE thing I'd share: I made the switch to LS Chants and it's night and day as far as survivability goes. Even with 680 LoH from BT ammy, often I would get in trouble in higher MPs. Yes, I know 680 is too low :P

Now, nothing bothers me much, esp not RD (only firechains/frozen).

I WISH I could get my CD up but I've tried everything and kind of feel 'stuck' now; no way to pump more DPS without either a ton of cash or losing other stats (trifecta MH ring would make +10k DPS, and I actually FOUND my OH ring :-)

No huge worries, just sharing!

Here's my life return numbers from just Nados:

Energy Twister - Wicked Wind
DPS 13945
Total Damage/Cast 83670
Damage per Tick 4541 - 10115
Per Tick Crit 12351 - 27512
Life Steal/Hit Avg 468.54
Life on Hit/Hit Avg 94.63
LPS (APS*(LoH+LS)) 1737.04

AP/Crit 6.6%, +20 AP
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@end game SNS wizards:

My gear set is looking very close to getting there. My stats are as follows:

APS: 2.77
CC: 50%
AR: 750-800
Armor: 4.8K
Life: 45K
DPS: 127K
& 11% elite damage reduction (thanks @Comrade)

To reach 800AR unbuffed, I'll probably need to upgrade the AR on my Lacuni's and Witching Hour. I would also go for a higher armor Zunimassa's to hit the 5K armor mark. However, after I dropped my crit Nat's Ring, I noticed that my AP regen suffers, mainly on single targets. It might also be from my 8APOC source (10APOC so expensive). I know it's already a bit tougher to stunlock single targets, but the difference was noticeable just from losing a few crit (or I'm crazy). My question is whether it would be more effective to shoot for a higher APOC Chant's Force or for more missing crit on my gear (trifecta rings / higher crit mempo). Of course the answer would be both, but I just want to be sure before I make any large purchases.

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& 4% elite damage reduction

you missed 7% from the chant set.
Well Yelo, you're on the right track with everything. Except LoH. It took me awhile to find what you were missing, and that's a biggie. You should need about 700 or more.

There are a few obvious places for improvement. And without being ingame I can't check the AH and see if they are reasonable upgrade costs, but I'll try.

Mostly, you're hurting for armor and all res. Your AS is great and CC great. Most of it is due to your CD Will. I'm not sure what the 41% is doing for you. I know what the OS ones are more expensive than CD, so CD is probably the smart way to go. That being said, I'd play with a damage calculator and see what a IAS one would do for you. Imagine:

1) Chant Will with about 1.75 AS. 1100 DPS is probably 25M. Could be more, in today's market.
2) BT pants: huge EHP increase. And they'll have LoH. Get ones with 30+ All res and 600+ armor. kinda like mine. Easily doable for about 25M. The Will allows you to lose your Inna's pants...which shouldn't be the first option for CM
3) Left Ring: 4+CC, 25+ CD, 65+ All res, etc....no IAS

You IAS is currently 70, will be 56 after losing 8 from Inna's and 6 from ring. With a 1.75 Will, that's 1.75*1.56=2.73

Its amazing what an IAS wand can do for you.

Also, with the ~100 VIT you get with BT pants, you could then lose 100 from your Tal's chest. That puts you in the market for a high armor chest. I ran with one with 804 armor for the longest time. It probably had 100 vit and 150 int or so. But I like the armor. Probably find one for under 10M i'd guess. The one I mentioned I might be trying to sell soon....

If you do the tal's chest and BT pants upgrades like i suggested, you'd keep the same life, but add about 700 armor and 30 all resists. I like it!

Also, you can shop around for vile wards with STR and high armor. That'll add up to another 150 armor. Same with Ice climbers. Look for ones with +armor or strength. Your's aren't half bad though. Like the Tal's chest...I have some Ice Climbers I'm about to sell. I'll have to see what they're like.

Also, try to be super picky with the 8/9 IAS pieces. Its alright to get all 8's like you have. They're cheaper for sure. But you'll find a 9 sometimes priced where an 8 should be. Or maybe pay a little more for the 9. Rings and ammy's are the things that you change around the most...and having more IAS space to play with for those 3 items is certainly nice.

Good luck!

I'm not really qualified to answer this, lol. I've never used an APOC source and Mempo or OS WIll.

That being said, your stats look great. 2.73+, 50 CC, 18 APOC. Shouldn't be a problem. But i've never been over 50 CC to see what that's like. And how much of a difference it is below 50 CC. This might be a good discussion for the main wiz page...as you'll catch the attention of aimless/shandlar/boozer/etc.....who have grappled with the same issues that you now face.

Good luck!
Thank you very much for post! I just started to transition from Archon to SNS and was in need of a good guide like this!

You're welcome!! If you have any questions, just leave them here. I try to check in every few days and see what's going on. I also try to update the guide when I feel I have more to add.

Wow. awesome. thanks so much for the response! i will look into things and possibly bring some more questions
@ Deth.

I think you're giving up ALOT having LS on your weapon....as opposed to having LoH elsewhere (ammy, ring, helm).

For instance...moving that 9 IAS from wand to an ammy (for instance) makes a hige difference:
1) 9 IAS wand with +0.25 AS gives a total of 1.776 AS. With 54% IAS you reach 2.735 AS. Breakpoint reached.

2) LS wand with +0.25 AS gives a total of 1.65 AS. With 54 +9 = 63 IAS.....would only make it to 2.689 AS. No breakpoint. Basically you'd need an extra 3 IAS to reach 2.73.

So, dropping 9 IAS from your wand, in order to put LS (or LoH, for that matter) means you have to have 12 IAS elsewhere to break even.

I don't think that's a great tradeoff. Just my opinion. And math.
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