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ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]

Hey, I'm pretty new to the wizard class. Just rolled one like a week or two ago, but I really enjoyed it and sold gear from my other characters to finance my wizard fully. I built my CMWW without really knowing what I was doing.

aps is like 2.4 or something with 44cc

I'm unsure of really how to progress further so that my money makes the most impact, I've only got 15m cash + whatever the replaced piece of my gear sells for. Any advice you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated!
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@muz. Thanks for the "eipc" comments. My head almost doesn't fit through the doorway anymore!

VIT is tough to place, since its so expensive. I've hidden alot on my wand and VW (like you). Besides, and CM you shouldn't need more than the 35k that you are at right now.

For WH, I'd focus on All Res. Look for 40+ CD and 30+All Res for about 25M. Or more All Res, if you can afford it. I wouldn't try to put any other affixes here...they are pretty expensive. Maybe if you can find one with +STR for not that much more, or armor. That'd be nice. Just don't overpay for VIT. The WH with IAS will of course put you over the 2.73 breakpoint....which is awesome.

Ice climbers, FTW, big time. For under 10M you should be able to get 500 armor, 75+ All res, 180+ INT, +STR. HUGE for EHP...and you get an OS.

You'd probably also be better served with a All Res storm crow. The 70+ All res will do you more good for mitigation overall than the extra INT. Just try to keep the armor up toward 400 and the LoH over 400 as well.

Left Ring....dump the CD and get CC. You need to be above 45CC to make the build work smoother.

Bracers...not sure what the Strongarms are doing for you. They're not bad, but you could probably do better with nice rares (5.5 CC, 70+ All res, INT/VIT, armor (or str). Since you have a nice fast wand it allows you not use Lacunai. Take advantage of that as much as you can.


I think that's a pretty easy win! Not that you needed more VIT (35k is sufficient for CM/WW/SNS). I guess it just depends on what you spend on them. I've been looking for ones like mine but with 200 STR. But yours are even the next step up from that (with the extra INT). Put it this way...you'll never have to look for another set of VW again!

I'd start dumping those VIT gems and trading them for INT gems. That's the big win for you here. Swap them out one at a time until you're comfortable with the less health (probably somewhere in the low 30's....with your (very nice) mitigation)

I'm not sure exactly where your gear gets you. I've seen quite a few people lately with LoH Chants Will. Its interesting, because the typical recommendation (if you read the guide) is to get 400 on SC and 400 on BTJM. You have it all on one piece. The price you pay (if you want to reach 2.73 breakpoint) is you need IAS pretty much everywhere else. You need 24 more (if my math is correct). One is Chant Force (no brainer here, for the IAS and 130 INT set bonus). The other has to be Tal's Chest (which will be a big All Res and VIT loser for you). And the last is Inna's pants, which are awful for EHP.

I'd go ahead and get the source and chest...that gets you to the 2.5 breakpoint...which will make freezing better and LoH recovery faster. And then decide what to do then.

Cause you looking at:
IAS Chant Will
etc....that's alot to worry about changing out all at once. Its a process. Take it slow. Everyone goes through it...if it makes you feel better.
hello guys, I have 300m to spend on the AH, I need to make my gear from scratch, because I didn't play for 6months ! if I understood correctly, this is the best build to farm right?

Can you please tell me for each piece of equipement, what stats I should look for?

for exemple:

bracers: more then 150 int, more then 8 ias..

so I know what to put in the AH filter, and buy the best gear for 300m
Piehole...really appreciate the advice u have given....now i need to figure where to go...hopefully my profile has updated...

1. took my lacuni from my barb (will switch back and forth as what my whims are as to what to play for the day)....this dropped my cc 1.0 and my AR 17

2. replaced my IAS and CC ring with a CD and cc one i had on one of my other heros...lost 1.0 cc...

3. Now im to the point of looking for an AR nats ring to replace the one I have..tried to look for one with cc but price is the hold back compared to where i may need to go.

4. Still have the ammy on, hard to lose that kind of vitality right now (maybe in my mind)

I have 130mil plus i have and EF and Strong bracer that will together sell for almost 100mil, so if it does that opens me up to some decent pieces.

Just curious as to which way to go...thought about BTJM with AR and armor then thought about better will or even a force with APOC (this route I could buy a memo but that item with cc is expensive plus it would cost me to get a BTDC for the LOH)....

just looking for suggestions..this is addictive....really like the SNS CM/WW build...my hands don't really appreciate it....just have to figure out how to get ww to spam by holding down my mouse button...currently have to bang the mouse button a lot....i have a d3 steelseries mouse and figured out some macros...just not the mouse button to spam some ww and possibly just be able to hold the button down like i can do with the barb using whirlwind

again thanks.

I have a razer naga hex. here's my setup:
bind Frost Nova to 1
bind diamond shards to 2
bind explosive blast to 3
bind Energy twister to left mouse
bind teleport to right mouse.

On the mouse, I have 2 macros:
A) send "12" when pressed
B) send "123" when pressed

I'll start out a battle with A (better freeze, more tornadoes...less AP cost because you're not casting EB). Then switch to B to do more damage with EB. Hold down left mouse button all the time to continuously cast twisters. Hit right mouse to teleport when desired.

I also use the "up" scroll wheel will open and close the inventory. Hitting "down" scrollwheel opens and closes the social/friends window. I have one of my other buttons set to drink potion. Another sends "elite" and ones sends "KW"...so i don't have to stop and type it while playing. You can do whatever suits you best. Though you don't have all the buttons I do, you should make use of the ones that you do have.

Yeah, no way that you should go the APOC force, CC Mempo route. that's endgame gg stuff. Same for the CC Nats. Which would you rather have? Nats ring with 3 CC (and other junk stats) for 70M or a Nats ring with 60+ All Res, 80 INT, and something else worthwhile for 25-30M (like mine)? I doubt i'll ever get a CC Nats ring....the ones with INT and/or All Res have to be ridiculously expensive. I just check everyday to see if someone "accidently" lists one for 15M. Its happened before....I mean, its only a 3 CC ring (if you don't know what you're doing, lol.)

If you keep your IAS items as they are, you could go down to a 1.72 AS Will and still be at the 2.73 breakpoint....and you should be able to get a much higher DPS one. You won't have any problem selling your current one either.

Your BTJM is certainly compelling....but armor/all res is the way to go there. It's alot more affordable to go armor/AR with BTJM than with Tal's chest. How much did you pay for your chest? I think the most affordable way to go might be armor/AR on both, but back off to 40-50AR and 650 Armor for both. Getting 75 or 80 All res on either is terribly expensive. But splitting it between the two is alot more affordable (which is what I did). Unless you have the budget....of course!

And yeah, your force is easily upgradable. You should be able to do 250 Avg damage (with ~80+ vit, my suggestion) for under 50M. But, whichever, 250 Avg will be an easy upgrade. The reason I suggest VIT here is that it gives you the flexibility to drop VIT from alot of your other items and add in other affixes you need, like CD or INT or All Res, etc. Once you get toward 5000 armor and 700+ All res, you'll really only need about 35k life. Keep that in mind.

Good luck!
Thanks for the input pie, I think I'll be saving for a good AR or armor tals so I don't lose too much ehp. I'm also looking into seeing how much a decent-ish apoc chants will cost me to allow me to use a mempo and recover some of the ehp loss from my zuni chest. But you certainly gave me a direction to follow. I'll be sure to find this thread again if I have any further questions
i finally started gearing my wizard(sorta finished). on upgrading path at the 3.01 aps and now just looking for better viles, wh, and rings and ammy. possibly a tal chest. i do appreciate the guide u have here.
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How much did you pay for your chest? I think the most affordable way to go might be armor/AR on both, but back off to 40-50AR and 650 Armor for both.

I paid 40mil for the chest and by the looks of the AH right now I got a great deal with 71 AR....
@ bda

Tough road to 3.01, though I just did it. Less DPS, but slightly better freezing. The thing with the 1.79 wand (which both of us have) is it allows alot of flexibility. I can:

  • run 7x9IAS +6 IAS and reach 3.03 (with no Innas!) at 90K DPS
  • or
  • run 6x9IAS with rare EHP bracers and ammy for damage (CC, CD, min/max, int/etc) to get to 105k DPS
  • or
  • run 6x9IAS with rare CD/CC/INT gloves for DPS and ammy for damage to get to 111k DPS (less EHP since I'm using Lacunis)
  • .

    So, gear up with that in mind. Don't just pigeonhole yourself into thinking 3.01....think 2.73 as well. The reason why I did as many 9's as I could is so it would leave me some flexibility for a ring or ammy at the end. its easier to find a trifecta ammy with 5 IAS, 8.5+ CC, and high CD.....versus a similar one with 8 or 9 IAS. In the end, I still haven't found a great one with CD. Then again, since 3.01 isn't about DPS as much as freezing and survivability (for me, Ubers) maybe I should be looking for 5IAS, 9CC, All Res, Armor (or STR). That would do wonders for survivability...it'd tank my sheet DPS. But if the increased mitigation allows me to run SNS, then that actually increases my eDPS. Now I'm just rambling.

    TL,DR. Gear for both 3.01 and 2.73. Better freezing and LoH for 3.01....more damage for 2.73. You have the wand...take advantage of it.
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    I went and converted some of my archon build to cmww last night. Did not get a chance to run much yet except for a3 key runs at mp6 and mp8 (did not have issues there). I went with a 1.65 chant and eight 9ias pieces to allow for some flexibility (swap in ias chant or utility skill to hit 3.0).

    With the enchantress I can hit 2.73 with just seven pieces. Would it be worth it to swap out one of the ias pieces for EHP/DPS (if so, which would be most practical/economical)?

    As a whole, what should be the next upgrade, and should I work towards EHP or DPS?

    PS: thanks to many in the thread for the guide and all of the answered questions
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    (sorry for double post, can't seem to find edit button on this phone)

    Character is at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/LolBalance-1873/hero/3364659

    Budget is around 40-120 mil, depending on when/if some stuff sells on the AH
    piehole: ill keep that in mind on gear for 2.73 and the 3.01. right now i really want to get my ra up. im watching ah like a hawk atm looking at tal, wh, and lacunis with ra. ill probally go ahead and pick up a new ring with 9 % ias and crit to have more playing around with room.

    Good...watch like a hawk. That's what I did. That's how all of my pieces are at 9 IAS instead of 8. And its not that I could have got a better deal going with an 8 IAS piece....its that eventually a 9 showed up priced where an 8 was. And a little bit of luck....but mostly time and patience.

    And I do actually have 1 IAS to spend right now. i'm sure it'll go for a nice AR/Armor Tal's chest....if 8 IAS is cheaper ;-) lol

    Usually the lacunis are the first things to go for EHP. For rare bracers, look for:
    5.5 CC, 70+ All Res, 450+ Armor. After that, INT, and STR or VIT.

    It sucks to think mitigation....but you be better off with another 100 All res and 500+ armor. That would get you to 700 All Res and 5k Armor.

    You're Tal's chest is a big black hole right now. No AR and no armor. Look for both. Depending you your budget, look for something like mine: ~600 Armor and 40 All Res. Granted, I found it stupid cheap, 1d11h, for 8M. You can find something similar for 30-40M. Or save up and get something nicer....65 All Res, 700 Armor?

    BT pants are nice...not armor/AR...but at least they have full AR...and the socket it nice.

    Check out VW.....I don't see why you shoudln't be able to go 180 STR, 250+ INT there. That's alot of extra armor/STR. Just keep the actual armor of the VW towards 650. Depending on your budget, you could do someting like what I'm trying to do: 180 STR, 180 INT, 80 VIT.

    Oh, just noticed. Another option for your Nat's ring is a All Res one. 60+ All res and 80+ INT go for 20-someting million. If you move VIT to VW, then you could lost VIT on Nats ring and add All Res. Unless you have the budget to do both.

    Tasker and Theo might also be an idea for gloves...though, arguably, your Sage's beat out my T&T. You just have to look for the ones which roll stats over 50, like INT and VIT

    What's your budget? lol. Those are some ideas, anyway.
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    PH: thanks for the input

    I would probably only use a 3.0 APS set for permafreezing ubers, as 2.73 seems to work great in general.In my stash atm are some strongarm bracers that I used for keyrunning last night. 161INT/60AR/9%HP/4.5CC with 432 total armor (and dreadful 1.7% knockback). How breaking is the knockback, because the rest of the bracer seems extremely decent.

    I had figured the tal plate and vw were the main pieces that needed an upgrade (they were the two pieces that i couldn't find a suitable replacement on the TP for last night, and part of my original archon set). I'm a bit constrained on the tal plate because the attack speed must be 9%, or else I'll get 2.722 APS without lacuni.

    Good call on VW though. I completely forgot about getting vit there. Just grabbed a new set for about 5M with about 150str/200int/75vit/635armor. The alternative on the 180str/250int side is a 14M buyout-only 225str/260int/645armor VW for 14M, and that would work out to -14k EHP (to be fair, though, I suppose the negation of damage via diamond skin instead of purely resists/armor for wizards would tip the scales somewhat towards mitigation vs stacking vit), albeit with a bit more damage.

    As far as Nat's ring goes, with my current stats 1 vit (294 EHP) and 1 resist (317 EHP) have nearly the same EHP added. So the 81 vit is comparable to ~75 resists (or 88 if we add in the 130 int). I was struggling to find appropriately-priced AR nat rings, so I had to settle for int/vit/armor rolls (this one cost about 20M).

    The gloves just showed up on my list as I filtered 9IAS/8CC/armor gloves. Vit+int roll (with phys resist as a decent bonus) seemed like much better bang for buck compared to what I could get filtering with AR (gloves cost 7.25M).

    My profile should now show the strongarm bracers and upgraded VW. I'm debating a set of rare bracers (~150int/100vit/60AR/400armor/4CC) to replace the strongarm if the knockback is going to be a big problem. It should run 10-30M depending on the CC level.

    My main priorities atm are probably finding a tal plate with armor+resists (or at least armor with high vit/int), and a witching hour with pickup radius (lol). These, and the ias chanto wand, seem to be the only upgrades within reach of my 40-120M budget for now.

    EDIT: After looking further into using vit to increase my EHP rather than resist for the Tal plate (they give very similar returns for me right now), I'm going to look at tal plates with 650 armor and 150+ vit. Would be equivalent to about 250 armor + 50 AR, but for less than half the price. I am starting to think that +armor is priced about right, but vit is underpriced as a secondary stat and AR is overpriced.

    EDIT2: Upgraded Tal's to 164vit/698armor. Cost about 13.5M. I will use the "savings" to upgrade the topazes to flawless stars. The recent upgrades were probably not the "smoothest" way to enhance EHP, but I am at 357k now with Shocking Aspect, 430k with Force Armor, and 503k with Prismatic. Unfortunately I am now pretty much broke until someone buys my stuff on the TP.
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    Hey folks,

    I just started rebuilding my wiz. spent about 1b on him, mostly on the witching. Basically, I looked for the highest AS chantodo, and stacked 9%AS everywhere i could. I think I can afford to lose the AS from 1(?) piece while staying at 3.01 breakpoint. Where and how should I go about doing this?

    Im still dying at MP10, which i think is coz of the low armor/AR.

    I have another 100m left.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You are the man. This thread has been a huge blessing in gearing my Wizard, and I have grown quite comfortable with my play thanks to both the guide and the advice.

    And to comment about farming MP10 efficiently, I guess that's truly reserved for the 1%, unless you mind giving up defensive stats...which just doesn't make sense. I'm at that point where I'm paying hundreds of millions in upgrades just to get minor DPS boosts. I guess I'm about 10 CC, a whole new amulet with CD, a new source, and a ton of int away from reaching ~200K DPS. Not happening anytime soon, so I'll just be happy farming MP8 :)
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