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ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]

Is there anything key items I need? I am noob wizard.

Noob CM wiz, that is. Some of your gear (Mempo!) if pretty gg. Switching to CM, or having alt gear is a bit of a challenge.

For starters, you will only need 3 new pieces of gear. Well, 4. Actually 5. But some can be cheap....I also presume you have a healthy bankroll. Here goes.

Gloves, probably Tasker & Theo, just because they have a ton of mitigation, and you need alot of that. Think 9 CC and as low as 6 IAS. Trifecta with CD or All Res is nice. Or a trifecta rare with ALOT of armor..
Chant Will. As much DPS as you can afford, at any speed above 1.70. (if you do 7 IAS on gloves, then you'd need 1.69 wand...do the math).
Chant Force. As much DPS as you can afford. Make sure that you have at least 18 APOC between your Will and Force.
- That will give you 2.73 breakpoint and over 50 CC. Nice!

The other half of the equation is mitigation and LoH. Like you mentioned BT pants, preferably with Armor and All Res and LoH over 400. Max if possible with your DPS (will help with RD packs and electrify/molten/desicator, etc). You probably need a total of 800-1000 LoH. Obvious places is a ring. I don't know if you'll ever get to 800+...but try to get a ring (trifecta?) with as much LoH as you can. Drop min/max and INT to do it.

Otherwise its just alot of adding armor (or STR) and all res to all your gear...wherever you can. Mostly dropping INT and for you VIT in order to do it. Typically I suggest 35k for health, but if you're coming up on the shorter end of LoH then you might want to stay closer to 40 or 45 for safety. Its not rocket science. Just keep in mind that when you run SNS there is the damage multiplier.....don't worry as you see your sheet DPS drop (as you drop INT)....the SNS multiplier will take care of it. The top SNS wizards have been getting over 200K sheet DPS recently....with gg gear everywhere. most happily sit in the 150+ range. Since I don't have gg gear I (begrudgingly) run in the 100-110 range.

other alternatives are to get a OS (or CD) Chant will. then you'll need 2 extra ias pieces (ex. 55+18=73 1.73x1.61=2.79). But you'd have to do Inna's (killer for mitigation, which you're already struggling with) or IAS Pox. Good luck with that.....I don't know what your budget is or what the market is....maybe simple no frills trifecta is manageable.

Good Luck. Cheers.
Hi, there!

I am also a new CM Wizz now building my Wizz from scratch after reaching 60 level two days ago. Until now I purchased Chantodo Force (240 avg dmg, +9 APoC) and (almost) Chantodo Will (1121 dps, +0.24 AS, 9 APoC) with gem (+100% CC). So now I wonder what items I should buy next to be able to reach mi-top level CM Wizz stats. That's a bit rocket science to me because I don't know all this statistical magic hidden behind game mechanics. I certainly need more IAS, APoC, CC, resist but how to add them? My budget is 200 million gold approx. for all remaining stuff.

Until now I only compiled list of item names I'd like to buy:

- Tal Rasha's helmet
- Tal Rasha's torso
- Zunimassa's boots
- Vile Ward shoulders
- Inna's pants
- Lacuni bracers
- The Witching Hours belt
- rings: Hellfire, Zunimassa's Pox or something else
- Tal Rasha's amulet
- some rare gloves

Yet please tell me what stats those items should have?
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you're not actually at the 2.73 AS. You need a 1.78/1.79 to get there. 1.77*1.54=2.726. BP is 2.727. I kid you not. You'll need a 1.77 or better wand, which is pricy, but worthwhile. The alternative is adding IAS to your ammy.

Also, your CC is way too low. You need to be above 45%. I'd get an ammy like mine, and as much CC and CD and other stats as you can afford. The Tal's ammy isn't really doing much for you.

Your armor is pretty good. I'd also keep adding in All Res where you can. AR/INT Nat's rings are pretty affordable (<20). Also, the unity isn't doing alot for you (yeah, the DPS is great, but you're also paying for LoH, which you don't need). Eventually (after you get new Will and ammy) would think about and IAS ring. It would allow you to get nice EHP bracers (rare: 5 CC, 70 All res, 450 armor, INT and VIT) for cheap. Few mil usually if you're patient.

The first two changes you get you to 2.73 and over 45 CC. The last change would add to your EHP. Or depending on your budget, both! Go for more mitigation/EHP (and lower DPS) at higher MP's and switch to your current setup to burn through low MP's. That's the power of a 1.77 wand!
(which I guess is what you've probably been doing, believing you were at the 2.73 breakpoint. but you weren't. sorry.)

gl. cheers!
02/04/2013 11:19 AMPosted by Numerian
Yet please tell me what stats those items should have?

There are some suggestions for gear in the guide with what affixes to look for. Also, there is the gg gear link there also. But, basically:
2.73/1.64=1.664. Means you need 67 total IAS to reach the 2.73 breakpoint. 67/9=7.4, which means you need 8 pieces.
tl;dr - 8 IAS pieces to total at least 67 total IAS
IAS items that I'd suggest (including pieces that you already have):
Chant Force
Mempo (with CC? if not, max out all other stats)
Tal's chest
Nat's ring
ring (probably rare, or difecta/trifecta legendary of some sort. IAS hellfire)
witching hour
rare ammy with 400+ LoH
non IAS items:
BTJM (for pants) with 400+ LoH
Nat's boots
rare bracers (450 armor, 70+ all res, 5 CC, INT, VIT)

(you could also run lacunai with a non-IAS ring/ammy. Its just that Lacuni's usually suck, and EHP will suffer)

If after buying your Will and Force you still have 200M gold (from what I understood) you ought to do pretty well. Try to get items that are better than mine, you can do that with 200M, easily. You should be able to get a few gg type pieces....check that link. easiest one for the price is BTJM...look for 70 all res and 700 armor....or something really close to that. That's my upgrade and is in the 60-80M range. Tal's chest is alot more expensive to do that with, so max out armor and just add a little All res (like I did. Actually, my armor should be higher. It was a mistake listing on the AH that I immediately sniped, lol).

Good luck!
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I have already finalized entire Chantodo Set purchase and here you are my present "nude" build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/pl/profile/Numerian-2850/hero/24510902

I have increased my budget on remaining items to 250 mil gold.
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Could anyone enlighten me with their wisdom, the only thing i hear my wizard screaming using this build is 'I need more arcane power!'.

Any tips on gearing perhaps which should help me getting started to try out this build?

you know i have been tempted to buy a andy helm to test it out since it has crit and ias and get a ar one well i found one last night and even with max ra it the no health gains just werent worth the extra crit. kinda surprised me how much it actually hurt me over a mempo with just life percent and socket with life.

ill keep watching the ah to find me some 6 cc bracers with decent armor intel and vit. wish i could find some with comparable stats to my 4% and not cost over 5 mill lol.

piehole: u ever get ur refund on ah?

Yeah, every once and awhile I think about trying Andy's helm. Just find one with low fire damage taken. Then I remember that I don't have APOC force, and the dream dies.

No, no refund. At least the ticket is open, but no responses yet.

can you post a link to your profile please?
the one i found was 10 and i used a very high one on my barb and the ten was still to much. but on my barb it was fine being that high since i used sword and board.

i dont have to worry about the apoc force mines a 7 and wand has 9 and only time that becomes a issue is vs single elites with teleport.

i actually went to a set up using my crow again with a force that upped my dps by 5k but after getting back to 3.01 i actually lowered my dps below 50k i sit at now so i sold that force for more than i paid by 100k after fee. so i might try more switching and see how that surcoat works i saw u make thread about. i would love to drop vit from a lot of my peices. mainly bracers.

well as long as ur ticket is open theres hope. just keep at them
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I need a little help... your guide would have saved me 100mil if I had read it earlier. I have about 150mil as budget and I wanted your opinion on what I should upgrade 1st, 2nd etc. I know that it says 30% cc on the profile but in game I think it is 41% maybe not getting the bonus
02/10/2013 09:10 PMPosted by Quixotic
I need a little help... your guide would have saved me 100mil if I had read it earlier. I have about 150mil as budget and I wanted your opinion on what I should upgrade 1st, 2nd etc. I know that it says 30% cc on the profile but in game I think it is 41% maybe not getting the bonus

You have 42% CC, 9 APOC, and 0 LOH. Ouch.

First: I'm thinking you have to lose the mempo and replace with stormcrow. Try for 10 APOC and 4-5 CC.

Second: You need to make up the mempo IAS somewhere... amulet. Forget about CD for now, you have too many other requirements for this slot: 9 IAS, more CC%, VIT, AR, LOH if possible.

With those two moves you will at least be able to start freezing stuff. I don't think it will cost you 150M either.

Third: You need more armor everywhere.
Hey quix,

You have quite a few things to work on. Your main problem is you have no LoH and only one source of APOC.

2 ways to fix this:

Like Worlega said:

1) Stormcrow (SC): 70+ All res, 400+ LoH, try to max armor. Only cost a few mil.
2) Blackthorn Jousting Mail (BTJM): You need All Res and Armor here. Buy what you can afford for mabye 40-50M or so.
3) Ammy: you need to have some CC here....probably 7 or more. Whatever will get you to over 45 CC...closer to 50 is better

SC+Will will give you the 18-20 APOC that you need
BTJM+SC will give you the 800+ LoH that you need.


1) APOC Chant Force. This will give you the APOC that you need and let you keep your Mempo. You'll have to spend alot here to maintain your DPS. probably most of your budget...at least 100M. Make sure you get one where you get 9 APOC (then you'll have 18 total). If you find a good deal for 8 APOC, you'd only have 17 total....you can make up for this by keeping your CC at 50 or more.
2) Ammy (and ring?). Some combination to get you to ~800 LoH. Recomendation is 800 LoH per 100k DPS. With nerf on RD, some people think maybe 600/100K might be enough. Also, as your armor/resists get higher, you need less as well. I'd just start at 800 LoH. Get maybe 600 on ammy and 200 on ring. All 800 on ammy would be best. Also add 7 or 8 or more CC on Ammy. Maybe get a 600-700 LoH on your ammy...see what it feels like...and add a few hundred on a ring later.

in general:
You need to work on your All Res...try to get over 700 without energy armor. Your armor isn't bad....but you still should be moving toward 5k. As soon as you can use storm armor/shocking aspect instead of energy armor your DPS will skyrocket! Don't worry if your paper DPS drops as you upgrade...that's the life of a SNS wiz.Your eDPS will be alot more.

Edited by PieHole#1628 on 2/11/2013 6:41 AM PST
IMO, at around 49% CC the difference between 18 APOC and 20 is substantial.

I just bought a really nice SC (5% cc, 10 apoc, 420 LOH, 8%/4%) for 30M. I can't put it into regular use yet b/c it drops my RA too low. My next move will be an IAS/CC/VIT/RA amulet... with that, I can equip the SC and also drop the lacuni for the 6CC EHP upgrade rare bracers also in stash.

At that point, I'll have a fairly standard build and I work on just raising the numbers.
Ok I bid on a couple of things this morning I won the ammy check profile... My AS is 2.92, CC 49.5, CH 180, LoH 492, Apoc 10, life 35k, armor 4114... I bid on a Storm crow armor 409, Loh 436, cc 6, apoc 10, 92 st, 95 dex, 95 int, 93 vit how high should I go on this? currently 85mil Thanks for the help so far I was really lost on what to do

should I let the storm crow go? 1 mill till outbid and go for the chant with apoc?
Well, you're going to lose RA going from mempo to SC.

Now that you have that ammy, here's what I would do:

1. Get a cheaper SC (5cc instead of 6cc).
2. Spend the rest of your budget on BJM pants with RA.

This will still leave you a little light on RA but the massive
LOH will somewhat make up for it. And you'll still hit 2.73.
Yep - Woroloega is leading you well!

I wouldn't have done the Cross (since now you'll have LoH on three items (pants, helm, and ammy) but it will do for now. It gives you the IAS you'll need when you replace your Inna's pants. And you did need the CC as well. And when you get the BTJM, you'll get the VIT bonus. The thing that I don't like about the Cross (besides it giving you too much LoH) is that you'll probably never be able to afford one with CD. Tri-crosses are super expensive. Eventually, I'd look to replace it with something similar with CD. But it will work perfectly fine until you get comfortable with gearing and can replace it later.

Yeah, you don't need 6CC on SC unless you're just chasing stats. I'd just do 4 or 5...try to get 10 APOC and 400+ LoH if you can.
save your money from SC and spend on:

- All res Witching hour. Starting price for about 40 All res is in the 20M range.
- Nat's ring (70 INT, 60 All res, and something else (min/max (like mine), CD, etc) Starting price for those is about 20M
- Tasker n Theo with extra VIT roll. The phys resistance roll is nice, but I've had a few pairs with about 100 VIT (like mine now) and one with extra VIT and INT for about 10M.

Some of these are "smallish" upgrades, but every little bit helps.
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well I "won" the SC still have 60mil plus what I can sell the items I replaced for... I will downgrade the SC later if I can get a deal on one... now to the pants high res armor any other stat? ... pie I was looking at the vit bonus when I went for the cross
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