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ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]

That's a really nice SC.

For 60M, get as much resist all as you can get on BJM. Anything else is bonus.

I forget what your lacuni bracers had, but don't sell those. You'll need them for 2.73 APS.

54% CC and 20 APOC is going to be nice and smooth. Have fun.
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BTJM only comes with 2 extra rolls, and you'll use Armor and All Res. I don't bother looking at %life (10-12%) just make sure that the LoH is over 400. I guess if you want a good deal, you could get less than 400 as long as it had 70 all res, 700 armor......(just as long as you replaced them later with 400+ ones when you trade in your BT Cross (and lose its LoH)). 60M probably won't be enough to get you a really super high end BTJM....but it'll certainly do you pretty well.

I'd keep the SC. I mean, you have max CC, max APOC, very good LoH, almost max armor. Pretty top notch.
lol....just saw your profile. Nice pants! How much did those run you? I have a crapload of stuff to sell once the patch hits and more people return to the game. And pants like those are what i'm looking for.

Nice job.
Yah no kidding those pants. He went from busted to a better wiz than mine in 1 day.

Still needs 9 IAS lacunis to make 2.73 APS though. And when I wrote 54% CC above... well his lacunis probably don't have 6cc, heh. But still. 48CC 20 APOC 2.73 APS and finally decent AR it's gonna work well. Add scoundrel for +3CC and it's complete.
Yeah, thanks Worloega. I got mixed up tracking the breakpoint. Adding BT cross for Pants was even...i forgot about losing the IAS from Mempo. So, yeah:

Quix: use your old lacunis or buy new ones to reach 2.73 breakpoint.

Actually Worloega, you spawned an interesting thought. Which is more expensive, 6 CC lacunis or 6 CC Stormcrow? easy answer, SC. Which is what he did. He can afford to buy non CC lacunis (would bring his CC down from 54.5 to 48.5 (still, very respectable) and jack up all of the stats - 65+ All res, armor, and mabye int/vit for cheap. and obviously get the IAS needed for breakpoint.

Get to work Quix...i want to see what this looks like!!!!

next upgrades, when funds are available
- All res (and armor) Witching Hour
- Nats ring like i mentioned above (with INT and All Res)
- Chant Force with a usefull stat (vit, stat, extra INT.....or VIT and STR, like mine!)
Surely you mean 6CC SC is cheaper than 6CC lacunis.

The lacunis quix needs are super cheap: mine cost 1.9M. Granted an INT/VIT roll instead of just VIT like mine would be more.
Hi PieHole,

Loving the spec.. Im currently rebuilding my wiz (returned to the game after 4-5 months of not playing).. Can i get your thoughts on what my next upgrade should be. Im kind of getting the idea that upgrades onwards are really really really expensive.. Atm im sitting on rougly 100M.. Im torn on what to upgrade next.

Is it worth spending 30-50 milions on a near "perfect" belt or should i just save the money and wait and see if i find a deal on a Witching Hour?

I guess thats the same questions for the rest of the spots that are in need of replacements?! Is it worth spending alot of something that are "good" rather saving the gold and buying something godly when the opportunity shows itself?

Over and out..

I am broke ;) but wow what a difference... the lacuni's I have are crap 68 str, 69 int, 35 vit, 37 cold, AS 9, melee takes 1123... what should I look for when I can afford to upgrade those?

... the pants were 59 all I had left so I went for them.

upgrade path from here? witching hour, rings, lacuni's ... probably won't have cash for a couple of days till things sell @ AH

thanks again really
Good job Quix....glad you're enjoying it!!

Just check 3 posts ago...i have a non-CC lacunai recommendation and also 3 future upgrade suggestions.

@Wor - yeah, you're right, SC is much cheaper. Just a typo ;-)

Added you in game for chit chat.

Would you be so kind as to link my video thread and APhs gear thread on your main. Just an idea to compile some of the info together a bit.

Thanks !

Can you post a link to your profile....its not showing up.

In general, there's a certainly wall that you hit. Right now I'm at such a wall. Most of my items are 20-40M items. I've played the game of incremental upgrades long enough....its not getting me anywhere anymore. It certainly served me well getting to this point though. Most of my upgrades are going to be in the 50-100M price point. Which is sad....cause after I sell off all the stuff I've been saving I'll have about 50-100M....and will get one upgrade ;-)

You hit the wall when things get really, really expensive for a relatively small incremental gain. And that's where I'm at now. For CM, that hit me at 5k, 700+ All res, 45 CC, 2.73 breakpoint, and 100k DPS. That's relatively easy to reach for a few hundred mil. Adding DPS and keeping all the other stats is where the pain comes in.

Say your friend request and accepted it this morning. You were busy...and I had to go to work.

I already added a link to Aph's post a few weeks ago, last time i upgraded some stuff. I can certainly add yours as well. It'll be good to have it all together.
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Its prolly cuz im at the EU servers .. Why it bugs..

Hopefully the link will work..


Cheers :)
Thanks Sutk:

You have a bunch of things to do before you hit any kind of wall. When you get to 2.73 with 5k armor and 700+ Resists you'll start to hit a wall. You're not there yet.

1) I've read about a dark mage shade. I've found a dark mage shade. I've never seen anyone use a dark mage shade. This is not a place to be a trendsetter though! You need 18-20 APOC and 800 LoH. You get both APOC and LoH from SC. I'd get one with 400+ LoH, up towards 400 armor, and 70 All res. You can trade out for one with CC once you have enough all res elsewhere.

2) You have a pretty good Nats Ring. Y U no Nat's boots?!? Get a cheap pair with 80 INT for like 1M. Later, you add a double dex roll (for about 10M) or vitality (15M+). That'll boost your CC by 7. That's huge

3) You're Chant Will is really nice. Moderate DPS but high AS. That allows you to skimp on IAS elsewhere. Even though you have 9IAS on all your pieces, you can't drop one of those pieces and make the 2.73 breakpoint unless you get a 1.78 wand. Then you could drop IAS from a ring, ammy, or glove. Since you already have 9 IAS on all your items, I'd be tempted to spend some time looking for a 1.78 or 1.79 (like mine). You'd have to drop, like, 50-60M to get one with my DPS (which isn't alot) because they are at a premium. The interesting thing with a 1.78/1.79 wand is that if you add two more 9 IAS pieces then you'll be at the 3.00 breakpoint. Something to think about. If you stick with your current wand, then you can feel free to drop some IAS from an item and still hit the breakpoint (i.e. get a 6 IAS Ammy with 9 CC and whatever else you want. It'll be alot cheaper than the corresponding 9 IAS one. Save gold there).

4) You need to be adding major armor (or STR) and all res everywhere. Where you are, its better to add some all res and armor everywhere. That's affordable. getting max armor and all res on most pieces is not. You can get one good piece for 100M or 3 to 4 decent pieces for 100M. For instance:
Blackthorne's Jousting Mail: 650 armor and 35 all res....under 20M
Tal Rash's Relentless Pursuit: 600 Armor and 30 all res....probalby 20-30M
bracers: 65 all res, 450 armor, 60 int, 70 vit, 5 CC....less than 5M
Vile Ward: 100+ STR, 75 VIT, 180 INT, 625 armor, 75 All res....probalby around 15-20M.
(you can certainly get better items than these suggestions if you can afford it)

Just check out my toon. My gear is pretty good...but not anywhere near endgame. Most things like I said were under 40M.....which is what you should be shooting for...10-25M upgrades. Spread the money around!

thanks for that great reply - and taking the time..

Im totally with you on the boots and hat.. Those are the items ive yet to change.. Simply didnt have the sufficient funds .. It is NOT intentional with the Dark Made Shade ;)

Im currently sitting on 2.89 Att per second.. Say i sack a 9 AS item, i would still be sitting at 2.73 att per second...

So to sum up what u said, i should get a pair of nats boots, a SC hat and stack up on armor and all res wherever else possible? :)

Thanks alot in advance..
so, right now you have a 1.77 wand and 63 IAS. That's with seven 9 IAS pices
1.77*1.63=2.885 AS. That's the 2.73 breakpoint.

If you sack one of those pieces, then you'd have six 9 IAS pieces (54 IAS)
1.77*1.54=2.7258 - don't round!. Breakpoint is 2.7273....which you miss. You'd be at the 2.5 breakpoint.

If you got a 1.78 wand, with the six 9 IAS pices (54 IAS)
1.78*1.54=2.741. That's the 2.73 breakpoint.

otherwise, your 1.77 wand and, for instance, an ammy with a ton of good stats but only 6 IAS to make it affordable (59 IAS)
1.77*1.59=2.81 That's still the 2.73 breakpoint.

I'm just saying that if you upgrade you Will to 1.78 it gives you the opportunity to drop IAS completely off one pice...and that's a huge advantage. It's the only way I can afford the 96 CD ammy (with alot of min/max, int, vit, CC etc) that I have.

The other way you can max stats (whether its INT and CD or min/max for DPS.....or armor and all res for defense) is to drop a point or two of IAS from your other items....It'll allow you to stack other stats for alot less gold. It also allows me to go to the 3.0 breakpoint without using Inna's pants.


yep, armor (or STR) and all res on items will never go out of style. Nats boots and SC are obvious quick upgrades.

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Does anyone know the exact point that attack speed and critical chance need to be at to permanently freeze all mobs (especially ubers!) with this build? I mean to the point where they won't even twitch or have a chance to cast something. Thanks in advance :)

There are more factors involved besides just APS and CC%.

Other factors include: sufficient APOC, cold snap vs. other FN runes, evocation vs. other passives.

Best possible freeze also seems to depend on network latency.

And don't discount skill. Getting the ubers positioned properly so that you proc both of them is important. Search for threads on that subject, there is lots of good advice.

In my experience, ~50% CC with 18 or more APOC at 2.73 APS breakpoint and 95-105 ms latency, when combined with cold snap and evocation is enough to get the job done. Maghda will spit out some flies and lasers here and there but that's life. Rak/Ghom/ZK/SB hardly move.

From what I understand, truly permanent freeze went away with the last patch/nerf. I wasn't playing a wizard yet at that point so I can't say for sure.
I'm loved the guide helped me out alot building my wiz. Can anyone give me some advice as to where I should upgrade my wizard ? I have 140m gold at the moment , I have nice DPS but my AR is around 480-500 and my armor is 4k flat . I'm trying to add in AR/Armor while maintaining decent HP and DPS . Any suggestions ?

TTF,...already answered you question in the wiz forum. If you need anything else just leave a question here!
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