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ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]

Hey guys,

i am ready in this forum since a long time, got a lot of tricks and built a cm/ww wizard regarding to this guide.

But at the moment i am stuck between different options.

As i want (i allready have) to change to a chant with socket to increase cd, what do you think is the best part to get back over the 2.73 breakpoint? If i get my 1,75 chant i am at 2.8, now at 2.64...

I tried o build or to find any amulett that has ias on it but with every replacement which is in any way payable, i lose a lot of dps againt the one i have euiped.

But change my stormcrow to a mempo means to get another wand with apoc and another source of LOH... veeeeery expensive.

Also to cahnge back to a innas temp is not an option becuase of res and loh..

So what do you think shall i do???

Usually i am changing between Magic Weapon/blood or meteor in order which MP we are playing.

oh i think you have to click on europe when watching my profil...

Thanks a lot!
Hi there! Thanks for reading my guide.

Well, that is the problem with you switch to socket Chant Will,....is that its really expensive to get to the 2.73 breakpoint. I think your best option is to keep looking for an amulet with at least 6 IAS. That will get you to 2.73. There's not really any other option, like you said (Inna's not a good idea).

I would also think that (depending on what MP that you run) that you die alot because you have low armor (3166) and all res (533?). You would probably help yourself out by adding armor and all res before you do more DPS.....so you can run higher MP's easier and not die. As you add more armor and all res you can start to drop some life. If you get close to 4500 armor and 700 all res you can drop your life down to 35k and still be fine.

What MP do you usually run?
Hi Piehole,

it depends on how many players and which characters.
If theres an barb i run with storm armor, if not and we play above MP4, i switch to prismatic.

usually i only die if there is poison, fire and arcan, and i see one of them to late because of the ww...

If i play alone like yesterday Mp6 with storm armor and blood magic is no problem and it is going fast. Maybe i go to get an storm crow with AR..

and yeah, the amulett..
Thing is, as soon as you change to prismatic, then you lose about 40% of your DPS! A 230k DPS wizard running prismatic like you does as much damage as a 150k DPS wizard running storm armor. That's just how the multiplier math works.
And that is a minimum....(just facing a sinlge enemy, Gohm).....the multiplier number when facing multiple enemies is really alot higher.
I'd drop some DPS in favor of more armor and resists...you'll be able to run SNS (with storm armor) all of the time and do alot more damage overall.
ok, that is what i wanted to know..
so go for AR!!!

yeah i read the thread allready, like said, depends on the players im with and the mp.. so target is high mp 7-10 with SA..

thanks for your help!!
02/27/2013 06:46 AMPosted by N3bbuch4d
If i play alone like yesterday Mp6 with storm armor and blood magic is no problem and it is going fast. Maybe i go to get an storm crow with AR..

If you're going to get Storm Crow with AR one, you'll lose 5%CC, drop your CC from 48 to 43 which is a very bad idea I think.

02/27/2013 06:46 AMPosted by N3bbuch4d
and yeah, the amulett..

Yes, as PieHole suggested earlier, try to replace your amulet with the IAS one. Good luck.
Edited by Liswara#6255 on 2/27/2013 8:12 AM PST

Easy first thing to change is your pants. Drop the socket and get ones with 750+Armor and 70 All res. That's the cheapest place to go for maximum Ar/Armor.

Oh, and your boots are even more awful. They might be more expensive that I think, but look for ones similar to your but with 500 armor. Maybe look for ones with a little less VIT and closer to 200 INT.

Be careful with AR stormcrow....like Liswara said, you'll be low on CC. I did AR stormcrow for a long time (since its super cheap 75AR)...but I also had enough CC on my other items to stay at about 47 CC.
Thanks for this guide. I've been mainly a Barb, but just leveled a Wizard and wanted to try the CM/WW build. I happened to get a decent Cahnt Force drop for me this week, so that kick started things.

I spent 75M using this guide and got to:
Armor: 4,870
AR: 616
DPS: 76K
CC: 44.5
AS: 2.72
Health: 44K

Looks like I need to get to 2.73. This will at least let me try it out.
Yep...looks like you'd need one more IAS....doh! But the numbers don't look too bad. Just need a littlre more armor eventually....and being at about 47cc is a must....it'll make freezing better. But with only 76k DPS, you're probably not doing too high of MP's anyways. But, yeah, one more IAS and that'll give you a feeling of what the build is like.
Thanks, I got there. I had to spend 33M and get a better Tasker and Theo with +1% more AS and +1% more CC, and bought better bracers. Both items were cheap originally.

So, 108M later, right on your budget:
Armor: 5K
AR: 670
DPS: 80K
CC: 46.5%
AS: 2.74
Health: 43K

The only thing I didn't have to buy was the Chant Force, since I had one already. I'm off to test and learn the build now!
Even after the patch the build is still the same? Any new variants? What would be my next upgrade for my wizard to push on with perma stunning ?

(I use the lacuni on my barb on my wiz as well 9/4.5/int/vit) I am at 2.72 with the stretch time :\
Edited by Runeknight95#1233 on 2/27/2013 5:24 PM PST
So, here are the changes that seem to be taking hold in 1.07 with respect to SNS

Blizzard: This can be used as your 6th ability, in place of teleport. The damage has been buffed alot and also has an increased proc rate (for slightly better freezing). With Unrelenting Storm you might only need to cast it twice for an encounter with elites, whereas Frozen solid would help freezing even more. Feel free to experiment.

Meteor: This can be used as your 6th ability, in place of teleport. When they changed the proc rate of Blizzard they seemed to alter the way in which APOC was calculated. Or something like that. At any rate, APOC return is about 30-40% more than before. Wheres pre-1.07 you likely needed 30 APOC and/or -Meteor gear, now you can run it easily with just the 18-20 APOC you already have. Just go through your traditional windeup for a second or two like normal (until the enemies are frozen) and the start laying down Meteors instead of WW (while still continuing to mash DS/EB/FN per usual). Molten impact returns APOC pretty darned well...usually lasting the whole encounter before the AP well runs dry. Liquify lasts just as long, but procs CM better for a little tighter freeze. (this assumes an efficient encounter length of 12-15 seconds). Feel free to play with both and see how they feel.

10 APOC CM: With the change in proc rate/APOC return (perhaps?likely?) associated with Blizard, it is now possible to run CM with only one source of APOC (Wand, Source, or Helm). Yeah, the freeze isn't as tight and the enemies move around more and get off more attacks...but its at least viable. It wasn't before. It is still not recommended! It could be used in low MP speed runs, where a good freeze isn't crucial, but I don't see it viable in higher MP's where a good freeze is essential.

15 APOC CM: This, however, might actually be viable. There is still some work and comparison to be done, but is more of a reasonable idea than running with only 10. This now makes 5 and 6 APOC Chant Forces an option to buy (instead of the incredibly expensive 9 and 10 APOC versions). Running with only 18 (9 from weapon and 9 from helm) should not be frowned upon.

RD Nerf: The traditional advice for LoH (~800 LoH per 100k DPS) still holds for builds up to 120 or 130K DPS - you still need to handle enemy affixes. Past that, Reflect damage scaled with DPS to an extent where going over 200k DPS was not possible since you couldn't have enough LoH to combat it. Now, when frozen, enemies drop the RD shield rendering it useless. This means that there is no longer a DPS ceiling for CM wizards.....300k DPS is now easily possible.....
Well, SNS wizz became very cheap build now. One buggy patch, cheap archont build, 10 APoC mace and you can farm MP10 with easy. :)
Edited by Numerian#2850 on 2/28/2013 12:37 PM PST

Easy first thing to change is your pants. Drop the socket and get ones with 750+Armor and 70 All res. That's the cheapest place to go for maximum Ar/Armor.

Oh, and your boots are even more awful. They might be more expensive that I think, but look for ones similar to your but with 500 armor. Maybe look for ones with a little less VIT and closer to 200 INT.

Be careful with AR stormcrow....like Liswara said, you'll be low on CC. I did AR stormcrow for a long time (since its super cheap 75AR)...but I also had enough CC on my other items to stay at about 47 CC.

Yeah i was not aware of that, but when i looked at the auction house, i saw that... so i changed some items with more AR...
So maybe I change the pants too as you suggested.. I will have a look at that..

Very nice thread Op it helped a lot.

Regards J.
Hi guys I started my wizz 4 days ago following this awesome guide...
I sold my dh to slavery and gor some decent gear. I am somewhere 180k
2,62 or 2.73ias 600 or 650 ar.

First thing I made I replaced teleport with molten meteorits..
Their Dmg is simply insane and with 19 apoc can cast 15 to 20 of them in very small time.

I can easily play mp 9 and 10 and do some insane dmg with those meteorites just a2 is harder!

I already replacee storm armor with bubble coz of 20% party dmg is very usefull.
Also tried to replace evocation with glass canon and surprise was that i can still spam meteorites in crazy speed and amounts...

My plan is use meteors, bubble, magic wep +15%dmg rune and glass canon for some masive dmg...

My question for U experienced wizzies is? Which one more skill could be replaced to not lose much and to gain extra dmg. I was thinking about diamond skill as I dont die often... I will help it other way to get extra 150 ress in lacuni and gloves...

Many thx again for great guide..

L.S. Natalyas set 7%bonus is simply must for CM that amout of mana I got even without evocation and storn armor is enough for spamming 15 to 20 meteorites!! Can really recommend!!!

Regards J.
Hey J,

Just to clear some things up:

Storm Armor is a MUST. MUST. MUST!! It has the largest effect on the damage multiplier...representing about 40% of your total damage. Drop it,...and you cut your DPS almost in half.

Diamond Skin is a must also. It is huge when helping you tank....it basically adds an extra 11k life to your pool....and is repeatedly replaced as you are spamming. Thats how we can get away with only 35k life. Running Shell doubles that amount of life, adding 22k - which is nice for when you don't want to die, like in ubers. Diamond shards is also accountable for 10-20% of your overall damage...it also procs alot, helping to refresh all the cooldowns.

Really, Teleport is the only thing that can be reliable replaced without losing DPS from the SNS build.

Evocation and cold-blooded are the passives that you can change. If you drop evocation, you will see a slight dropoff in freezing speeds since the cooldowns aren't reset quite as rapidly. If you're just farming...the effect is tolerable. At higher MP's you'll feel the change more (enemies moving a bit more, throwing off more damage, etc). I drop coldblooded when solo farming in exchange for unstable anomoly - its just too useful to have a extra life when you're in the middle of the map and die. Retracing maps sucks, big time. Its also a staple of your build when doing high MP Ubers. I'll take the lower damage in order to stay alive (cause if you're dead...you're not doing ANY DPS ;-)

And with respect to insane/massive damage, I challenge you do the MP8 Gohm test:
See how many seconds it takes you to kill Gohm on MP8. Divide 70.6M by that number of seconds and that will give you your eDPS. Divide by your paper DPS and that will give you your multiplier. You can then take that multiplier and compare it to anyone else's SNS variation. I pretty much guarantee that you will not beat the SNS multiplier of ~7-8. Just because you do a few big crits doesn't mean you are beating out the massive amount of smaller damage from WW and storm armor. And if you do beat the multiplier, great! But you're likely not keeping the enemies permafrozen, and that will lead to more deaths, especially at higher MP's.

Look, I'm not slamming your efforts at improving the SNS build....alot of people have. And I encourage you to keep trying....and in the end...go with what is most fun for you. The boards are full of people that have tried to make improvements...and largely failed. There are variations that are fun to play, like the meteor variants....and they are pretty similar in overall DPS (or multiplier number). Actually, some of the meteor variants ought to be retested since its easier to cast meteors in 1.07 than ever before.....but if you're casting meteors....then you're not casting WW...and if you don't kill the enemies fast enough then you're freeze will start to wear off...so just be careful.
The best variation to date, to maximize the multiplier, is to:
  • Use Magic Weapon/electrify instead of teleport
  • Use the Deep Freeze rune on Frost Nova, instead of Bone chill
  • This works amazingly well on large mobs...gaining the 15% CC when freezing 5 enemies jacks up your DPS alot.....and Electrify deals massive damage since you are critting more and each WW is doing exponential amounts of damage since its hitting multiple enemies at the same time. The multiplier drops off as eventually get down to the single elite...but, essentially, massive damage has already been done.

    Edited by PieHole#1628 on 3/4/2013 7:11 AM PST

    I'm sorry if anyone has mentioned it before but I think there might be a small error in calculation in the first post. Where it says:

    Example 1: Hitting the 2.73 breakpoint with a 1.63 AS Chantnodo's Will:
    2.73 = 1.63x ..... thus, 2.73/1.63 = 1.6748 or, 68% total IAS (round up).

    At first I didn't quite understand that % and what it's derived from but as soon as the formula I made in Excel started working for every other example I decided to post here. 1.6748 is not 68% of 2.73, it's ~62%. Now, this is no big issue but I just thought it's worth fixing this already awesome guide.

    Unless I made an error... :/
    Edited by Mangaroca#2271 on 3/6/2013 12:32 AM PST
    Yeah...I kinda simplified the actual formula to keep it simple, showing the math process more than the actual formula. I kind of waved my hands over going from 1.6748 to 68%....hoping that it made sense. If you have 68% IAS, then to get your total AS you multiply IAS by the AS of the weapon, 1.63. However, the number you multiply by is actually 168%....or 1.68.

    So, 1.68*1.63=2.738 (which is above the breakpoint)

    The entire formula would actually look something like this:
    (Total AS) = (weapon AS) / (1+(IAS / 100))

    I hope the math I have here makes sense. Thanks for double checking the math, but what I have is correct. I actually found a few errors in the examples a few weeks back, so I'm certainly not above making mistakes.

    Thanks for the comments!

    Edited by PieHole#1628 on 3/6/2013 6:45 AM PST
    90 Night Elf Druid
    Posts: 111
    So there is a large chance I am misreading or misunderstanding, but doesn't the breakpoint page you refrenced (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794871641) list 2.74 as the breakpoint??As opposed to 2.73?

    2.7258 33
    2.7378 36

    It seems one would not be sure they were at the breakpoint until they confirmed 2.74 on their character sheet
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