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ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]

03/08/2013 10:22 AMPosted by PieHole
I think I'm gonna hit the end of my thread here soon. What do I do then!?

We have similar threads in the barb forum. Create a new one...call it "part 2" and copy out all of this information into a new one. :)

We have gearing threads in the barb forums that are on their 4th iteration lol
Yeah, I might have to do that Pri. Thanks! I think you just started the last page!

Got it...700 Resist it is...Along with 9IAS. Understand the recommendations/roadmap. BTW, I like your wand but I'm a FEW gold short. Back to farming.

Take Care
@ Pie,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. As a new Wiz and Diablo 3 player this thread is a tremendous help.
I'm currently using the 4-piece Tal Rasha set (for the bonus) + a rare wand, and I'm able to do MP10 fairly easily. The freezing is a bit of a stutter, but very doable.

I really don't want to go the Mempo + Chantodo set, but to get above the 2.51 breakpoint, it looks like I'll have to. :\

You should already be at the 2.5 BR, no? (unless you changed some gear since yesterday when you wrote the message)


You should already be at the 2.5 BR, no? (unless you changed some gear since yesterday when you wrote the message)


Yes, I'm actually right on the 2.51 mark. I suppose I should have been more clear, I mean to get higher than the current 2.51 aps I'm at now.
Hi pie great guide. If you have time could you take a look at wiz for me, tried to build with what i have,but if you have any sugestions that would be great thanxs
This guide is awesome! I'd really like to get back into the game again (It's been about 6 months since I last played) and this looks like a great way to get going.
My gear is still setup for the older CM build and I really don't know what to replace first.
Would someone please have a look at my profile and make a few suggestions?
I have 3.5Mill to spend.

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Yeah, sorry. Misunderstood your post. But yeah, you are at a dead end with the current setup. If you want to get to 2.73 or more you'll be in for a total gear redesign. Unless you go cc Mempo, you'll also lose the cc from your helm. Which means you'll need to pick that up on your ammy, so out goes the Tal's ammy. You'd also need an APOC chant Will if you want to be close to 20 APOC...and that's expensive. It's kinda like a domino effect gearing for CM....changing one thing impacts the next which impacts the next.

You are in a very odd place. In general, you're pretty low on All Res but your armor is alright. Your CC is on the low end of what is recommended, but OK. However:

First: With that fast of a wand, you can get to 2.73 with six 9 IAS pieces (gloves, helm, chest, WH, Nat ring, wand). So, you can drop the lacunis and still meet breakpoint. You could craft some rare bracers and be much better off. Something with 200+ INT, 5CC, 65+ All ares, armor, VIT. Kinda like what i just rolled last night!

Second: you are only running with 9 APOC. While this is somewhat acceptable (since the patch they reworked how APOC was returned, and makes running with less than 18 APOC possible) you will have a hard time freezing single elites, chasing down sucubusses and those fire dudes on the battlements in A3, and any other elite which kites you. It just slows down efficiency overall. With 15 APOC or more (any APOC chant wand ought to do) this will be less of a problem. I think every top CM wiz has tried this (myself included....(well, not as a "top" CM wiz....lol)) and found the results interesting....but very few if any have adopted it. Two sources of APOC still reigns king for the build. So, I'd suggest an APOC wand, however expensive.
(EDIT: there is a blue sticky which just came out. They are returning APOC to the way that it was previously calculated...meaning 9 APOC will not be viable. A storm crow will become a must)

Thirs: you could do Storm Crow as your second source of APOC. This would mean having to get a 9 IAS Lacunis in order to meet breakpoint.

overall: you need to get more All res on your gear. you have non on your chest or pants. I'd also trade in about 10 CD on your witching hour for 65+ all res. Good job on the vile ward. You can easily add 90 INT to your boots for real cheap, few million on auction...or 5-10M on buyout. Your ammy is a little weak also - i like the CC/CD, but it could use INT or avg damage instead of dex.
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Wow...you have quite a bit of rebuilding to do! First thing you need is more attack speed, and that's accomplished with Chants Set. You can get an IAS Chants Will for 1M. Look for one with a good balance of AS and DPS, though, just starting out, one with more DPS will do. Also get a Chant force with the random roll being something like VIT. I'd spend another 1M on this. Your overall attack speed will be based off of your Chant Will...so that's where I always start.

You then need to start adding in IAS/CC on most items...as well as Armor and All res. It's a tough road to gear, for sure. good luck.
Hiya again Pie.

I'm a bit nervous about the APoC fix that is going to be coming soon. Do you think I will be okay with my current gear set? Also what do you think should be my next upgrade. I am already bidding on an Armor chest but might lose that...we'll see. Either way that will be my next upgrade. Just wondering what your thoughts were.

I tried the 10 APOC build for a few days (dropped my storm crow for Mempo) and was impressed, but not impressed at the same time. The windeup was a little slower, but manageable. Except for single elites and kiting elites. They took alot longer to take down compared to the 18+ APOC builds. I was considering going with a cheap 5 or 6 APOC Force, since that would more than likely be enough APOC (instead of overspending for a 8, 9, or 10 APOC one). It was always in the back of my mind to wait a few weeks...for a hotfix or another patch to make sure the APOC change stuck. Well, now we know it hasn't. I'm glad I drug my feet on that one!

Since they're redoing the math in the code, its always possible that the APOC return will be slightly different. A return to pre-patch APOC return just means that the 18-20 APOC recommendation is still the gold standard. You have 20 APOC and should be fine. So will I.
With the APoC fix incoming, I highly recommend 20.

Not 18, nor even 19. I remember that I felt a substantial difference going from 18 to 20 just prior to 1.07 dropping. I believe that the ideal is closer to 24-25 but I haven't done the testing to back that up. After the hotfix, I won't be able to afford the test so I guess I had better get on it.

I didn't use the APoC bug to add DPS like most people... instead I went to 850 res all (950 phys!), 5200 armor and had fun just facetanking everything. Sad to see it go, but I didn't sell off any of my old stuff so I'm no worse off at least.
03/11/2013 01:46 PMPosted by PieHole
Since they're redoing the math in the code, its always possible that the APOC return will be slightly different. A return to pre-patch APOC return just means that the 18-20 APOC recommendation is still the gold standard. You have 20 APOC and should be fine. So will I.

Actually I have 19. :( Will this be a problem? I'm not sure and just want to make sure...I know no one can guaranty anything...was wondering if I should go looking for a 10 apoc offhand or even start looking into a stormcrow?
I'm not sure the APOC but had anything to do with people adding DPS, its was more the nerf to RD. It allowed people at drop all the extra LoH that they needed and add DPS instead.

The APOC was for people who traded in their Storm Crow for a Mempo and dropped to 10 APOC (which I tried for awhile). The other possibility was people dropping APOC Force for non-APOC force for more DPS. I don't think that many top wizards actually advocated that in the end....though there were a few. People who did drink the kool-aid are about to get hammered...and will need to regear.

Alot of deciding between 18 and 20 APOC also depends on what your CC is. I think, mathematically, if you run 18 APOC and 50 CC you will be in the same place as someone running 20 APOC and 45 CC.....with 19 APOC and 47.5 CC also being identical. If you are over 50 CC, which I am now, anything over 18 should be fine (i guess that means that 17/53 and 16/56 would also be fine, for that matter). Thus, if you ran 55CC with 20 APOC it'd be the same as doing 24 APOC with only 45CC. You have to really take both into consideration.
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No one really knows for sure, since they are going to have to change the code, and the math that runs it. They can't just undo what they did, or else that'll unto the procs they just added to blizzard.

I'm sure after the hotfix drops wizards will be all over the change and report on the forums how things are acting. Hopefully it will be just as before....and not worse.
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End of guide?


Don't rage quit and QQ....

Look for ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide] PART 2

Coming soon.
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