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ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]

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Id like to add a few things if u dont mind op
i see a lot of ppl making help my cm wiz/selling wiz probably cause they geared badly

i think u should stipulate that ppl should not buy lacunis, tr chest or jousting mails without one of armor or all resist (cause u need to have some sort of mitigation, a single resist+armor also works on each as phys, fire, arcane/lightning are impt ones to look for)
in the case of lacuni its (not worth the cost without some cc on it)
great guide. made a 60 wiz today and followed most of the advice with a budget set < 3m. a lot of fun to play! i see a lot of the top DPS'ers on dprogress using an EF/triumvirate. is a high-end chantodo set comparable? what are the +/-? Sorry if this has been discussed before.
Funny Steel. I'm actually working on going to rare bracers myself. Its too easy to get 6CC, 60+ All resist, 400+ armor, 50 int bracers for cheap (<1M). And budget (5M) lacunis you get what, IAS and 3.5 CC. That pretty much blows.

You can get to 2.73 in other ways.

I'll think of a way to update that in the guide.
@hood, Chants set is awesome for the attack speed. The wand has +attacks per second...and you can roll IAS on top of that. The wand also has attack speed. Its a great foundation for trying to get to 2.73 attacks per second. It also has a +130 Int set bonus to boot.
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Deep freeze> bone chill unless you are doing an uber
hi there,

just got back to playing recently after stopping during 1.0.4 i think?

I bought a witching hour, tal rasha's relentless pursuit, chantodo's will & the oculus (all of which i'm currently wearing, total spend about 75mil) and have about 35mil left over.

Am at 2.29 att spd.

Would really appreciate any build/gearing advice anyone could give.


Thanks for taking the time to put this guide together. Ive been playing archon wiz for a long time and this was very helpful as I put together a CM wiz set over the weekend. I am having a blast so far and my wiz is no longer stuck on low MP levels.

Just bought my chants set, tals chest! Gloves, helm,and rings for 50m. Will prob spend some more on my gloves (the pair im using cost 300k) to push me past 100k dps.

Thank you again for this great resource!
Thanks for this comprehensive guide, PieHole. It has made playing Diablo 3 interesting again. Anyway, can you offer some advice on how to further improve my current SNS wiz? It's so expensive to build up on my All Resist (but I'm really trying) to raise it up. If you check my profile, you'll see that my current CC is .5 short of 40%, with my attack speed now at 2.82 (without the enchantress). When buffed with the Slow Time Stretch Time rune, it goes above 3.0. Is this enough for an MP7 up run? Thanks in advance.

Also, is it just me or is the Act 2 keywarden really just the bane of the SNS build? I'm having no problems with the two others. Good day, everyone.
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Also, is it just me or is the Act 2 keywarden really just the bane of the SNS build? I'm having no problems with the two others. Good day, everyone.

I am relatively new to the build also, but I finally figured this one out... his point blank mortars are the problem. What works for me is to freeze him up and blast away for like 3 seconds, then run in a circle at the edge of his bubble avoiding mortars, then back in. If you can keep him stationary when you run around him then your WWs keep hitting.

Interesting choices for gear....and not a bad job. But there are a couple of big things missing. One thing missing is APOC. I've never played with less than 18-20....but with only one source I imagine that you struggle to keep your AP full. I'd try out a Storm Crow just to see what having near 20 APOC feels like. Also, you only have one source of LoH...and less than 200 at that! You should be at more like 800+ to be comfortable.

It you find yourself dying alot at the beginning of an encounter (while "winding up") its probably due to this....If you survive that and get things frozen down it can be reasonable to keep them frozen....and make you think 9 APOC is Ok...but its not.

Also, if you're tanking, and standing in the middle of desicrator pools, or molten, or electrify there is no way that <200 LoH is bearable. You'd have to be ridiculously cautious to survive...and even then I don't think it'd be reasonable.

As much as I hate Lacunis, you'd be better off selling your current ones and getting a paor with 4 CC and maybe armor. You can manage to lose the INT and VIT (esp if you get more LoH.)

I don't think your issue right now is All Resist or armor....its more LoH and more APOC....and like you said, more CC.

I'd also try to stay as close to 2.73 as you can. There's not alot of need to get above 3. You can swap out an item and add Stretch Time bubble to get above 3 if you want to do an uber run.....but I wouldn't do it for anything except that. Your armor, all resist, and DPS is good for MP6....anything above that is tough, since you don't have enough DPS (I don't either). I'll still do MP7-8 Key Warden runs (5 elites then KW)....but not general farming.

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Also, is it just me or is the Act 2 keywarden really just the bane of the SNS build? I'm having no problems with the two others. Good day, everyone.

Yes, I hate it too. My best advice is Teleport....when he starts spinning,....get out!! Lay down some twister....run in, and do it again.
thanks for the advice pie. i went with chanto OS, but unwittingly gimpged myself on the OH by only getting +5 apoc. at this point im only rocking +14 apoc, and given that my aps is only roughly 2.39, i am not farming very fluidly. do you think it's worth it to spring for the storm crow until i can get my aps over 2.73 and CC over 50+? didn't know apoc was so critical. i dont want to re-buy the chant OH. :)

I think you really need to think a little bit more about what you want to be doing. You have alot of nice items, but are stuck at a low attack speed. You need to definitely get to at least 2.5 to be effective...and should really be at 2.73. You are still a little stuck in the archon DPS mindset....as opposed to the attack speed/crit chance mindset for SNS. If they're frozen and cant reasonable hurt you, then even a lower DPS can be effective (and with the damage multiplier is not even really that bad.) With a CD Will and Oculus source you're giving up on 16-18 attack speed right there.

Using the Oculus does give you 19 APOC, which is great in that it gives you more flexibility in your helm. I guess you'll have to decide what you want to do...and how to get to higher breakpoints with these decisions (Chant's will and occulus). I do like your right ring (with AS/CC/LoH/etc....it gives you flexibility moving forward). But not your left ring. Its hard enough to stack CC....and you only have 2.5 there. Pick up a few more CC there and get a Mepho for AS...and that might be a good first trade off.
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yeah it' obviously a work in progress. i maybe have 8 hours logged on my wiz and i dont expect it to be playable until i can upgrade the rest of the gear. will check back in after the gears are finalized (witching, jousting, getting my EHP up). and will take it from there. thanks for your input!

Thanks for the advice. You probably missed the amulet and The Wailing Host with LoH. Combined, the two give me a total of 522 LoH. But you're right; I do only have one source for APOC at the moment. Interestingly, I've never had problems with its regeneration for some reason. It regenerates like crazy. It's more of the AR that I'm having a tough time with. I do have a Storm Crow with an 80 AR and APOC. Should I use it instead of the Mempo? The biggest problem with equipping my wizard with an SC is not meeting the 2.73 requirement for IAS (by .01) although it does give me 18 APOC (oddly, it does not appear on my stats--must be a glitch or something). Also, when I have my SC on, my LoH shoots up to 899 compared to my normal 522 LoH. I need an additional 0.01% just to meet the breaking point for the WW to tick. But the trade-offs are infernal.

Thank you and @Worloega fopr the advice. Yeah, the Act II KW is an SNS pain.

I'm not sure I get your math. By my calcs you're at 2.82 attack speed now. If you ditch Mepho for SC then you'd drop down to 2.67. I'm not sure where 2.72 comes from.

made some of the changes you mentioned, dropped about 20k DPS to about 70+K (Sheet DPS)
and got to 2.74AS, 54.5CC the difference is quite shocking ahah Thanks for the advice and the well-written guide
Made some adjustments to the wiz:


hitting the 3.001 breakpoint with enchantress, so very happy with the way things turned out. next goal is to tweak certain pieces to get EHP up. Sitting at 800 AR, but would like to replace some pieces (cunis, upgrading nat ring, potentially gloves -- which were gotten for a steal of 30 mil,witching) for +armor rolls. Overall very happy with what this thing can do on mp7+. May wait till PVP patch to upgrade items depending on the state of the meta game. but overall without this guide i would have wasted so much cash. thanks again.
Great guide!!! I've dabbled in a few classes/builds and this is by far the easiest and funniest I've come across in the game (literally laughed at how easily stuff was dying). Only spent a couple mil and I can stand in mp8 desecrator without flinching. Granted it takes a couple minutes to down elites but I'll take the insane survivability and general ease of play any day

Just wanted to note that Energy Armor - Pinpoint Barrier is a great alternative if you haven't quite hit that mitigation bar yet. I'm still looking for more bargain bin gear (cheap tasker, better jewelry, etc) but until I find the right deals Energy armor will keep me alive
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