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Turn of the Sentry Build

I have always enjoyed crowd control builds, and with 1.05 changes to sentry, I have been working on an enjoyable build, that with a bit of strategy, allows DH to effectively farm content beyond their gear level.

-High Knockback (>45%) WF, I also equip one on follower when solo.
-High IAS
-Nat's Legacy for Caltrops spam, vault spam, and SP:gloom spam (reflect mobs). Also removes need for preparation

The build:


Entangling Shot-Shock Collar: IMO, best synergy with High IAS and knockback on windforce, allows you to herd/position mobs where you want them.

Spike trap-Sticky Trap: Set it and forget it type skill. It's as if you added a periodic 404% aoe damage effect to your sentries. Great range.

Vault-Tumble: Mobility for positioning. Essential for effective herding.

Caltrops-Jagged Spikes: Cheap, discipline-based damage/slow. Litter the battlefield with them. Makes herding easier, keeps mobs in sentry range longer.

Sentry-Spitfire Turret: Set it and forget it type skill. Main damage dealer, (175% arrows + 80% rockets) x 3 with high IAS is significant.

Shadow Power-Gloom: A must for reflect mobs.


Custom Engineering: Allows for 3 turrets, 6 sticky traps. Increases turret and trap time to 1 minute, increases caltrops time to 12 seconds.

Archery: Self explanatory

Balistics: +50% dmg to sentry rockets. More/less open skill slot based on preference. Tactical advantage, cull of the weak, perfectionist, and numbing traps work fine depending on what you need.


Brief description of tactics:
Place sentry, vault up to mobs, pop a bunch of sticky traps on low hp mobs, run back towards sentry while placing as many caltrops as possible, set 2nd sentry near first, keep mobs in in front of sentries and in caltrops locations with entangling shot/knockback spam, place third sentry with other two. Reset caltrops, sticky traps, spam entangling shot as needed.

Just watch the sentries tear through groups of mobs with multiple sticky bombs. If only I had a larger pickup radius. This build does very well in higher mp levels and group play when you dont have godly stats.
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I like the idea of using sticky bomb a lot I think i'll give this build (or something similar) a try very soon. Thanks for the share!

Now I haven't tried it yet, but a skill like impale might actually be pretty good with this kind of build to set off a chain reaction of sticky bombs which sounds very satisifying

Edit: or rapid fire with rocket rune to make more use out of that passive
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thanks. I value the input. Still a work in progress.
I agree, Impale-overpenetration would work very nicely as this build usually results in numerous mobs grouped together in a linear fashion, however it is tough for me to swap any of the skills for it. I find it rare to be waiting for chain reactions to go off, as you can always pop a sticky in the front for sentry fodder, or pick off mobs in the rear with entangling. What would really be nice would be to get another DH using a variation of this build and Impale-overpenetration. IMO this build would do exceptionally well with some other class/build combos.
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I actually found WF a little detrimental to Sentry use, back when I was using one. Reason being unless you're directly pinning them against a wall, which isn't always the case, you'll be knocking them out of range of your Sentries and have to continually advance and replant them.
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Correct. You cannot stand at your sentries if your spamming WF, If I cant pin em down I typically stay +/-1/4 screen length behind turrents when spamming WF. Another option is to work them backwards, and lay the three sentries in a linear array as you go. When you get mobs to the last sentry, caltrops back behind first sentry. If you get your distances right mobs will be under fire from two sentries at all times.
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