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Zero Dog, anyone not using "For the Master"

I was wondering if, with lifesteal, and EHFG, you can tank while using the Provoke the Pack rune instead. Does everyone use FtM?
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It's not very effective. Stick with for the master. When I'm in dog mode I have 3% ls 100k unbuffed dps and when you go up against a reflect pack you pretty much suicide. I've tried it with 3% ls and 500 loh with 600-800 at 4k armor 27k ehfg and 11 pr and it still doesn't work very effectively
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Not sure about the returns on provoke the pack with ls so I can't comment on that. I am geared with LoH and chance to stun/freeze/blind and use acid rain to heal and cc lock and use provoke the pack rune. For reflect damage elites, Acid rain 2-3 times then sacrifice and summon, acid rain 2-3 times sacrifice and summon. Reg your mana with gruesome feast. To be honest I still need a bit of kiting when there are no globes around for heal and mana for acid rain. I have around 1000 LoH and 400 ehp, have no ehfg but it should be useful but I'm not sure where I could fit it in my gear.
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With enough dps and at mp7, a pure C4Dogs build can deal with Provoke The Pack instead of For The Master.

And, yes, there are other 0s build that are not using For The Master. I use Pride to refill my mana all the time and spam acid cloud to proc a lot like KuMarKia.
For more information check this thread (a little bump will be appreciated ;) ) :
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Cool. As far as I understand it, provoke can proc, while FTM doesn't. Probably should have thought of switching before ditching my CC gear. :(

I guess I'd have to ditch hex too, to make way for acid rain. I'm pretty sure I'd have to be way tougher too. With enough EHP, particularly physical resist, I think the irregular healing from pots would be better.
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Just did a test run after upgrading my weapon with a life steal. For the Master is a viable option when doing MP7 and below (with my 2.9%LS and Horrify FA for when I encounter Reflect mobs). Upper MPs I guess you just have to stick with For the Master rune (unless maybe you have a ton of EHP).
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