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Zunimassas set question

How many WD's use the full Zuni set? An how much would you guys think i should spend on each piece if its worth it? Looking to start a WD, and was interested to get your guys take on it.
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I use the full set for the mana regen. For me it is a necessity if I want to farm lower MP levels with Zombie Bears. For an acid cloud build I can get away with using other gear because I don't need the regen.

As far as how much to spend, that depends. You can get an ok set for 20 million or less that will function in MP0, but if you want a godly set you will be paying top dollar.
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I spent roughly 15 mil for my set. Shop around and don't rush it and you can generally find some good deals and end up with a nice set without going too broke.

Edit: since you are thinking of starting one up, you can use the period of time it takes to get to level 60 to purchase the set pieces, that is what I did.
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Yeah that makes sense. Is the acid cloud the go-to build for end game witch doctors?

if everybody does that, like you said it might be worth it to get a cheap set to farm low mps quickly. And concentrate my efforts on getting better end game gear.

I have this socked away in my stash, is this something that is above average for the set? If so, I wonder if I could sell it and make some headway towards a full set with the extra gold.

Zunis marrow
180 int
86 vit
80 all resist
3 open sockets

EDIT: armor is 683
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i farm bears at mp5-9 without the 4 piece set and a manajumas.. if you run the right passives and don't stack pickup radius you can "choose" when your gruesome feast kicks in during longer fights. its a bit more micro the way i play for higher mps, but i find it to be more fun overall. my profile isn't updated i don't think, as i have finally finished my gear set for higher mps.

edit- i do however use the 3 piece and im looking to trade my crit zuni's for a 10+ mana regen zuni helm, as i think 10-14 mana regen will be better than 3 crit for my build and play style. that will put me over 80 mana regen base and i think that's a good number for how i play. i should say that im not currently having prblems with 70ish mana regen, i just want to test it out with a bit more regen.
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I only use full set when I bear spam for ubers because I need the added manaregen.

Otherwise, its more of a hodgepodge of gear, mp mostly filled by GI/GF/COL combo.
Zuni boots stay on though.
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Most WD's either use the 4 piece set or are in the process of getting those pieces. In fact, I just decided to complete the set (though my profile isn't update yet as I'm writing this). You can definitely be very viable without the 4 piece set (I was for a long time), but if you are planning to deal most of your damage with Bears (as the majority of WD do), it is hard to ignore the mana bonuses you get with 4 Zuni pieces.
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So should I hold onto that chest piece I already have? Or sell it now, and wait to buy the full set once I get my dude leveled up?
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