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Paragon leveling with MP0 or Mp???

For those who are at low damage but running higher than mp0 for a chance at keys: Don't try to compromise on exp and keys.

When you're going for exp, go for mp0 unless your damage is high enough that mp1 is just as fast and you're one-shotting that trash. If you really want to check the beginning of stonefort for the keywarden for that 5% chance at a key, that's okay. But it's not your focus when you're exp farming and you shouldn't go far looking for him. If he's not the first enemy you encounter, leave. Ideally you shouldn't even make this check, but it's not a huge slowdown if you do. As Xopht mentions, efficiency is key, so get into the habit of skipping things like regular chests that just slow you down.

When you go for keys, bump to a higher mp (3+) and make those runs specifically for keys, get 5 stacks, kill the keywarden, repeat. If you try to compromise on exp and keys by running something like mp1 when you're not really ready to farm mp1 for exp, you'll just make yourself less efficient at both.
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you might want to try taking out steady aim for vengeance, make good use of your pick up radius. put a ruby in your helm, exp gain beats mf, given by the topaz, since ur mf is already pretty high.

U can afford to drop abit of vit from your glove, try looking for dex/cc/cd. 120+dex/7cc/30cd glove should be a reasonable pricing.

If u can get the machines, I dun mind helping you ubber. or if u want, I can tag along for a key run with you sometime. (just not act 2. i hate that part =p)
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get 100k DPS with MF gears.. 30k HP, 400 AR, 3k Armor.

Rest DPs and MF. Be sure to get at least 14 pickup radius. HIGHER THE BETTER. Get Vengeance + Tactical and 1 more that you want, I took Archery.

Just breeze through the map. MP0.
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for paragon leveling + decent legendary drop rate, best is to go for mp2. of coz it also depends on whether u are using legacy or new nat set or even without nat set. for me, i am using new nat set. passive skills are veng, nighter stalker and tactical adv so that i can still spam vault and gloom (80% of the time i will say). of coz u can do it better with leg nat set but the dps might slow u down as well. also, for low mp farming, i will suggest u to go for hungering + elemental arrow - ball lightning. u can shortkey 4 for spike trap - echoing blast. u can explore this style and see if it suits u. GL
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