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As far as selling gems goes for the Ah..does anyone know the math? Like is it better to craft gems up to a certain level and then sell or do u lose money no matter what level u craft them to?
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Basically im just trying to figure out if it is best to sell my gems now or to save them up and at what level should i sell the gems to make the biggest profit. I tried to do the math but lets face it...my math skills need some work haha. Any help would be great. Thanks all. oh and for example....right now...100 flawless square emeralds go for 603k, 100 amethysts go for 60k, 100 rubies go for 164k, and 100 topez go for 44k which doesnt make sense to me.
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I made a post about my gem crafting quick reference guide... But it might have been deleted when i changed my battletag. Anyways, here you go

Jewel Cost References
Mats: Prices based on 100% Scavenged Flawless Square gems, Tomes of Secrets, and Gold.

--- Perfect Square : 30k

--- Radiant Square : 50k Per Craft


= 140k Total craft cost from scratch

--- Star : 80k Per Craft


= 500k Total craft cost from scratch

--- Flawless Star : 100k Per Craft


= 1.6m Total craft cost from scratch

--- Perfect Star : 200k Per Craft


= 5m Total craft cost from scratch

--- Radiant Star : 400k Per Craft


= 15.4m Total craft cost from scratch

Selling for anything above the total cost is your profit.

Sell whichever gem will currently give you the most profit.
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So basically if you look up the radiant star gem and it is selling for more then 15.4 mill you should crafter every slawless square gem u have all the way through radiant start?
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Nope. You're not taking into account that
1) You probably have to buy some tomes of secret, unless you collected those as well. You need 1631 of them.
2) There is a 15% tax on AH sales. You don't keep all the money - you keep 85%.
3) You could have sold the flawless sq. gems straight up. That amount you would have got has to be added into the radiant star price or there's no reason to do it.


You have collected 729 flawless square emeralds. The going rate is (for example) 4K per. You could sell those and collect 729 * 4000 * .85 = 2,478,600 gold in your pocket.

Suppose instead you buy 1631 tome of secrets at 400 each, pay the 15.4 million crafting costs for radiant star, and still want to make at least the same 2,478,600 gold. To make this more profitable, you would need to sell the radiant star for:

(400*1631 + 15400000) / .85 + 729 * 4000

which is


If you craft a radiant star and sell it for less than that, you would have made more by just selling the original gems, as is.

As I'm writing this, the radiant star emerald is selling for 23M gold, so it is more profitable than just selling the flawless squares. But that's not always the case.
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The other thing to keep in mind is that the greatest profit may not be in the top gem, but one of the middle ones.

One way to look at this is to calculate the profit per flawless square (base gem). Then you can compare these options directly.

Example - at this moment, using average of last 10 trades, the emerald selling prices on AH are:

Flawless Sq: 5239 (you get 4453 after 15% tax)
Perf Sq: 56498

A Perf Sq after tax gets you 48023. Your cost is 31200 (crafting and tomes) giving a profit of 16823. On a per gem basis (you used 3 flawless sq.) that's 5608 profit per gem. So crafting a perf sq. makes sense because if you don't craft, you'll only get 4453 per gem.

How abut Radiant Square, currently at 240380? Your cost is 146000. The profit is 58323. You use 9 flawless square, so the per-gem profit is 6480. That's even better!

How does this profit play out for all the crafted gems at the moment I'm writing this?

Flawless Sq: 4453
Perfect Sq: 5608
Radiant Sq: 6480
Star: 7134
Flawless Star: 7674
Perfect Star: 6347
Radiant Star: 5173

Look at those last two!! The most profit comes from Flawless star (at this moment). Going past that is a waste!!!

It has been my experience that the most profit is usually flawless star, often radiant square, and occasionally perfect star. For a few hours in the last week, I saw just straight selling of the original flawless square as the most profit. I've never seen any of the others be the best profit.
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Very interesting info, thanks!
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Currently anything that isn't Emerald (for Flawless Square), sells for less than 1k.

However, the top end gems (or more specifically, star, and flawless star) cost the same as star and flawless star emeralds.

Would it best to just craft everything except Emeralds? Why are flawless square non-emeralds so cheap but yet at star+, the price of gems are relatively the same?

I know emeralds do sell faster than others but is that the only reason why flawless square are 5-10x more expensive than non-flawless square emeralds (despite all gems Star + costing relatively the same)?
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