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#1 Paragon in Americas and my thoughts on D3

First time i write in the forums, because for the first time I found something that would actually make me play D3 as hard as I played D2 for years.
I still like this game, but its not so addictive as the older one, and mostly because of lacking some of the things stated in this post, and eventually I will stop playing it, sadly...
I hope Blizzard take some time to read this post and see that this is the way most players would like diablo3 to go, to keep playing for hours and hours, and keep spending gold on AH, in new builds, new items, PK chars as well as MF ones and PVP's ones.
Congrats on a really good post with very interesting ideas.
Peace daOne
nice post . sticky / bump!
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Bump I agree with this post
What Is REALLY frustrating is the LACK of BLUE response.
Blizzard has become NON RESPONSIVE to ANY suggestions.
OP had MANY interesting ideas. Blizzard hasn't commented in not even one.

I can see the DEVS at Blizzard looking at the post (if they even look) and completely dismissing
all of it. Is my faith on Blizzard's ability to recognize good ideas and their complete lack of adaptation to a demanding and changing gamer's market that has been destroyed.

There is where companies go to die.

The name of the 21 st century is survival of the fastest adapter.(evolution)
If Blizzard won't do it, someone else will.
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They should at least post to say we hear you and will take the suggestions to the team. But, I guess they aren't allowed to do that. If they do take it to the team they do so in secret for some reason I cannot fathom and let all of us wallow in frustration.
Question to OP.

Did anyone at Blizzard ever sent you an Email or an ingame msg thanking you for giving them
ideas or a nice compliment ?
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Let's just face it.

This game (for some reason .. internal politics ... making the game more "accessible") was practically totally redesigned (from the core system standpoint) in the last 6-8 months before release.

Because of that .. we got the mess we did ... as a lot of it (especially Inferno difficulty) was basically untested.

They changed core stats .. they made it so all skills go off of weapon DPS .. they got rid of some nice enhancements

And we have the "simplified" game we have today and they are now spending the year AFTER release to get it back to where it should have been.
You have some great ideas in here, I can only hope Blizzard listens. D2 and D2x were my favorite games of all time, this game just doesn't seem to have the options that kept me coming back to D2 for 8+ years.

Congrats on Para 100 HC btw, quite a feat.
Great post. Would love to see these things implemented.

For me D3 has always been missing that draw that made me play D2 for years. The items in this post concisely summarizer whats missing; open world (access to all acts and bosses regardless of quest chosen), public games with names, chat channels with 2D avatars, PKing, more options in terms of viable XP/MF grinding (EVERYONE is doing the same !@#$ over and over), buffs to rares/magic items.

bump, bump, BUMP!
great post, agree with pretty much everything. I hope that the dev team consider this
Anyone else put their money on a barb being first to p100?
Very well said MotherMedusa hopefully someone from blizzard read your post.
Give me a game list! CoD style console matchmaking is terrible!
11/30/2012 05:48 AMPosted by Carzeri
Blues rather respond to unimportant battletag threads. As usual.

Dude, 100 PG in HC? You @#$%in rock! Congrats!
can agree with most of them espacially .


If u run act 1,2 and run trough endless empty dungeons u just wish urself back to act 3.
Very nicely done and I agree with just about everything the OP stated in his post.
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Anyone else notice he has a character named "IFlingPoop"?
Had fun reading your post. :)
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