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#1 Paragon in Americas and my thoughts on D3

LOL at all the jealous haters, wow!

We need a blue to read this and take the suggestions seriously. The game will become truly epic with these considerations I think.

Congratz OP, I'd love to see a video of your gameplay.
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This is one of the best suggestion topics I've seen. It's really annoying that everyone is focusing on the 100 paragon aspect =/

It actually mirrors my thoughts.

Low level legendaries need a huge buff for niche builds and so low level people progressing can get an OP gear most of the time if they get a legendary. They don't have access to huge MF and NV so legendaries are extremely rare. It's nothing game breaking since progression should be fun even if characters can get overpowered. It's not the endgame and players will outlevel that item quickly.

Your skill suggestion is great. At the moment many classes have skills that just far outclass other skills. Only witchdoctor has a huge variety but even then it can use improvement. Huge buffs are the way to go to actually make people have to make a difficult decision when making a build.

Not going to comment on the rest but all around great post. I hope the CMs see it.
Oh god the old Diablo 2 Tristram Ubers. I'd love seeing that in Diablo 3 somehow. Maybe phase 1 Belial + Amzodan + Diablo. I agree those Hellfire Torches were extremely worth the effort and difficulty of ubers and the ubers then were pretty threatening.

As for crafting. Wasn't it stated the next big patch was supposed to buff up crafting in a way?

Also Specific drops wouldn't be bad. It certainly does promote something other than the usual farming methods.

Also the sort of seemingly never ending horde diablo 2's monster groups looked like was pretty epic. Diablo 3 doesn't get really close to that feel anymore. I wanted the battlefields around the siege weapons to have insane number of monsters, but it feels bad for chuckling when Azmodan says; "You stand in the middle of the Army of Hell." But see 8 monsters and a bunch of dead stuff.
Congrats OP! I really like your suggestions. Blizzard should take note.

I actually read everything you posted and agree 100%. Unfortunately I don't believe this will have any effect whatsoever on the game, you may score a blue "Grats!" if you're lucky though. That's the kind of typical response given on here, irrelevant.

It's pretty incredible that SO many players have the same vision of what this game should be, yet the ones in charge are completely oblivious to it... I know I just sound like another bitter poster but it's really true.
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holy !@#$, if diablo was the way you see it... I'd love to play this game

PLEASE +1 OP's post

. I think in HC, there should be an option, where the loser just goes on their knees and begs for mercy (and perhaps drops a bit of gold to bargain for their life).

this feature ALONE would be enough to make me play HC LOL
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I know you're a barb, but the game needs to get rid of reflect damage. It has no place at all.
Good post, agree with most of the things. I lurk around on the forums, i dont play anymore, but i am awaiting a patch that will bring in the fun in D3, instead of the snooze-fest D3 currently is, even with Paragon and MP1-10 there isnt much choise in things to do and HOW to do them not to mention the horrible gear "choise" -AR-mainstat-crit dmg and /or Crit%- thats it....

Great post, hope others will find it to be a good read too.
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Grats man, and very awesome ideas!
It's like everyone is just waiting for something to grab us back in.. give a reason to play.

The paragon leveling and uber portals brought some interest but I know many, like myself, realize after a little while it's just a different sort of grind with not much at the end of the tunnel.
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I really don't get why legendary items are the way they are. It's like they don't understand the basic concept of why lots of them were fun in d2.

Build variety is also trash.

Good post; I hope they start thinking along these lines...
It's cute that you actually think that a blue will read this or even care. Everyone who makes these threads just waste their time. congrats on the HC paragon. now what?
Everyone puts "#1" in their thread title to get attention. We're up to 4,871 "#1" players now.
I like how people (specifically the OP) are like, "LULZ I AM BEST PLAYER EVER BECAUSE [I HAVE BEST GEAR/I AM SERVER FIRST/I PLAYED 10,000 HOURS/I'VE KILLED 150 MILLION ELITE GROUPS]" and then follow this up with, "and because I'm such an EXPERT at playing this game, here's my INVALUABLE opinions. Please implement them ASAP Blizzard, I know what I'm talking about!!!1"

Here's what separates your opinions from the guy who has played 10 hours:

Congrats, OP! That is one helluva an achievement! Well written post too! Bump

You are #9

Although congrats on 100 in HC

I like that Link, but wrong, MotherMedusa really IS the No.1 on the Americas server, Hardcore.
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