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#1 Paragon in Americas and my thoughts on D3

One of the greatest post to date. my saliva is gooing all over my palate. All those suggestion sound exactly like D2 but wait Jay and his new developement team wants D3 to be exact opposite of D2. They are in a bind his upper bosses want his team to come up with opposite gameplay of D2 but found out after release that they are slowy bringing some hyperversion of D2 gamestyle, but still want to keep the new style of D3. I love the posting of legendary and rare drop drops are so numerous it has no excitement when finding it. Hell during D2 LOd after playing for 9 years never came close to getting a Grandfather(almost trade one for a massive inventory but the fellow change his mind last minutes) i was sad of course. but that post speaks it all never was able to get the Grandfather but that search was the thrilling part even if i didnt get it. now with D3 AH uuuhhhhhhhhh with enough money you can get it? bahhhhhhh. why not do what the post says give player an option for the the highest legendary where the players go on a massive party adventure against bosses or elite that would make even 4 top barbarians run behind a big rock and think of their upcoming Death if they dont come up with a new strategy of defeating the aggressor. Nephlom Valor is just a idea of being lazy on the Development team. come with idea what is posted here perfect players combination of adventure and being able to share with other players in a public chat room showing all the goodies of a player acquirment of weapons and armor. Visual scene of weapons and armor are eye jawing but yet cant show it off to the internet world in a public display in battlenet, you guys Blizzard make this game as online only but dont give the players an online community to show off the visual side of each players in a public room is short of not understanding the concept of a human needs to interact with other online players. So Community manager or other blizzard power to be, all other idea that has been mention that will never happen that is fine if you guys are unable to, we the true Hardcore players for Diablo series dating back to when it all started 12+ years ago we are not asking much at least give us the Public forum of allowing us to show off our character's!!
Congratulations but you're playing a barb so I can't say i'm that impressed. You also made some good points there.
Congrats and great post!

For the 2handers part, top tier Flying Dragon, IKBB, Maximus and Grandfather are as good IMO, especially GF and FD. The rest however is Fiery Brimstones.
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very good thoughtful suggestions. I hope the devs are shown this thread and incorporate some/all the ideas.
Ok, all the jelly lerpinmcderpentods aside, amazing post and I whole-heartedly agree with literally everything you've said (other than that the leg droprate is ok, I think it needs to go back to 1.04 rate but that may be because I like grinding). So many changes that need to be made to this game seem so simple, though I have no idea how to code or develop a videogame so I can't really say whether that's true or not.

Don't have a lot of time but I wanted to point out specifically how you mentioned there needs to be more of a variety of high end gear to wear. I hate looking like every other player and the fact that I can't dye any of my gear (other than my gloves, which when dyed about 2% of the skin changes color -_-) only makes this much, much worse. Why would players care about how hard blizzard worked on leg/set models or be forced to appreciate their "beauty?" wtf? I want to make my toon look how I, MYSELF, think is cool! Again, if this is a coding issue idk but figure it out that's what you devs are getting paid for.

edit: also 50 stacks of nv? Heck yeah dude screw 5 stack limit bs make each stack only give 1% mf/gf/exp or maybe not even any but rather something different, but be able to stack to 150. Resets on death maybe? In addition to skill changes I mean. Not sure how that'd really work with hc though it'd be the same basically.

ended up takin way longer to make this post but I also wanted to add that I feel that the areas the way they are now (not random at all in any way shape or form) should be made at least somewhat random. literally any amount improvement would be infinitely more random and i realize how much i am exaggerating but it's pretty lame the way it is now.

ALSO, player control. I feel like the player has soooooo much less control in general in d3. Vortex? Seriously? Knockback wasn't enough? Though Blizzard has become more and more a fan of reducing player control as the years have passed so I kind of doubt this will see much change.

Finally just wanted to say congrats on p100. Just hit 80 so I'm a little bit maybe 5% past halfway there :P

finaledit: rofl I'm pretty sure they deactivated the sticky button for this topic or something, I didn't even know that button was there but when I went to hit it just now after seeing the post a couple below me it told me I already requested it. I just hope people way above the forum "employees" (not sure if they are blizzard or not) or mods or whatever see this
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100% agree (this is not very common).

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gz, now we need mp10 full act 4 run with 4 players.
Sticky this so some of them may actually get implemented!
I think this is the Diablo 3 everyone wanted and expected (No longer the Blizzard we know), but never got. Diablo 3 feels like a rushed game and I find it hard to believe it took them so long to make this half-assed game.
This is the best post I've ever read on this forum. Well done m8
I like every idea you have pointed out.

Congrats on Hardcore first!
Bump for approval.
wow really did u just say that
How the hell are some of his characters already lvl60 but in the beginning of Hell and with like 500 elite kills?O_O
Grats on HC 100 and very nice points. I really liked not just what you said, but the positive way in which you articulated it.

Bump so blues will see this!
Blizzard Give this man a Job, this post here has everything, i would want to see in this game, this is what people expected on MAY 15th, the most Hyped up game, its never too late, i hope a blue post reads this OP's post, its one of the best i have seen
I like the way OP thinks. I think your write-up needs extra stress on the point of mob density. More mobs in general, and equally good farming paths in all acts.
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