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Arcane Beams :(

Arcane beams are fun, lol:
(1:00 onwards.)

My wd says: "Pffft Barb man thinks he is sooooo friggin awesomesauce...could totally do that as a wd, not a problem at all" *walks away kicking stones.*
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I think they could use a nerf and when you have illusionist mobs that can all throw one out it gets a bit ridiculous.

You could always get some arcane resist gear...who wants to do that though right?

Also, sometimes they seem to get thrown out faster than normal and spin faster which I guess is the fast affix mobs get sometimes.

Two questions though...

If I am not able to occupy the same physical space of another mob or a waller affix, or some other created ability of this nature, then why can an arcane totem spawn inside of me? Or two of them be spawned in the same space for that matter? It doesn't relate to the rest of the physics in the game?

And if time bubble is supposed to slow enemies and their attacks, why doesn't it slow arcane totems and mortars or any number of other things that it should?

I think there are a few broken game physics and ability bugs that need to be brought to blizz's attention.

I can answer your questions.. arcane beams aren't solid, they are energy, so they can pass through things or overlap over each other. Time bubbles slow enemies, because they are physical beings and not energy like mortars or arcane totems. You can occupy the same space as an arcane beam, because it's not solid like a stone wall is. Game physics are fine.

I agree game physics are good some times you just getstuck with no wheres to go 8(
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11/29/2012 05:35 PMPosted by Otis
buff the damage of everything, game is farmable by a 4 year old
Not everyone is an AH hero, dude

That said, no more nerfs.

This dude paid for all his gear so take nothing he says seriously. @ellisD
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I mean the OP has some points. Not that the arcane should be nerfed. Just maybe its design. Im a really geared barb. Now for those saying just run around them etc. etc. of course you want to do that who doesn't? If you never died to a arcane beam then you are lucky to not have a bad affix combo is all.

This reminds me of the time I opened a door walked in running down a small hallway. There they were. Horde fast arcane jailer. 6 beams hit the floor surrounding me all at once in a hallway. I got that ohh !@#$ im gonna die feeling instantly and of course there was nothing I could do or really any char could do with that. Granted a rare situation just happy it wasn't on my HC barb. If you say get resist yea it helps just not enough against a no win situation like that one I walked into then jus stairing at the you died screen like well that sucks.
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My monk doesn't have huge problems with Arcane - its molten that eats it... especially on mobs that run around a lot. Arcane beams I can handle about 3-4 hits before having to move/use a skill.

I think they are fine as is. They add a bit of challenge, easy to move out of the way of and don't one hit.
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The worst is when there is so much going on that you don't notice a couple being placed at your feet.

On my barb, that isn't too bad, as soon as I notice the beams, I can quickly move away (or stand there, depending on the MP level and mob density [Rend ftw]), but by the time the beams pop, if I'm on my Wiz and standing on the generation point... bye bye.
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The worst is when there is so much going on that you don't notice a couple being placed at your feet.

On my barb, that isn't too bad, as soon as I notice the beams, I can quickly move away (or stand there, depending on the MP level and mob density [Rend ftw]), but by the time the beams pop, if I'm on my Wiz and standing on the generation point... bye bye.

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I have no problem with arcane beams on my monk ... I actually enjoy the little dance. Of course, I only play around mp4. I find resist plays a big part in surviving.
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My only complaint with them is that I think they should always be visible. It sucks killing a back on the other side of a wall, then you go to collect your loots and then line of sight kicks in and BAM, face full or arcane beam right in the doorway.

It would also be nice if you could get some kind of warning as to where they are going to start, and which direction they going to spin. Right now, its completley random, so its impossible to have a strategy other than run away or pop a well timed cooldown (gloom, smoke screen, crystal armor, serenity.)
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I like how unique an affix arcane is. I don't think it needs to be nerfed especially because the lead time before the beam actually shoots out is usually long enough for me to position myself safely.

I agree that barbs cut through them (my barb can survive one, multiple can get hairy) & my poor DH suffers the bad death if forced into a corner with these things everywhere, but that's part of the fun of the game. The classes play differently. I mean, my barb basically has to run through them to kill the elite dropping 'em, but my DH usually sits in the background w/ a smoke screen & lets the templar get the stuffing knocked out of him while I kill the elites from a distance moving only to get out of the way of a beam that's setting to go off or re-position away from monsters.
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Arcane beams are very easily avoidable, and with the right amount of resistances they are pretty much nullified...I don't see anything OP about them at all.
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I am a reflect build (Overpower/Crushing Advance) so Lasers, Molten and Desecrate are pretty much a joke for me up to MP7. Players who decide to build glass cannon toons deserve to get melted by these affixes.

If anything I beleive Blizzard should crank up the damage on these affixes so people go back to building more balanced characters.
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When I play my DH I run around the beams. Easy enough.

When I play my Wiz I run around the beams. Easy enough.

When I play my Barb I stand there and let the beams pass right thru me.

Wizards and DH's are supposed to not be as physically strong as a barb and yet more agile. They are not supposed to take tons of damage like a barb would. They are not a warrior and as such I would not expect to stand in beams of Arcane and expect it to feel good. Further they are ranged and should not have to stand toe to toe with monsters and take as much damage from molten or plague or even arcane though arcane obviously reaches farther away.

To me it is perfectly balanced as it creates different ways to play the game depending on what class you play and basically it creates a little variety in the way I have to play.

That being said. Stacking AR is not the only thing needed to survive Arcane. Life Regen is majorly undervalued IMO. I'll be stacking more of that on my Wiz and my DH.
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arcane beams is imo one of the most interesting affix to encounter, but of course people are crying that the damage is to high. well dodge them. if you can't because of waller or jailer affixes you simply need higher res/armor or escapeskills. nothing wrong about arcane.
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11/29/2012 05:42 PMPosted by gooddaytodie
Here is where i think D3 development has gotten EXTREMELY LAZY...Why? because you can be inside a wall up and the arcane beams go THREW the wall. as a matter of fact they go THREW everything and have no physics at all.

I agree with you that waller's walls should block arcane beams... but, it's through, not threw.
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It's a balanced affix, the only thing I wish they would add is just a slight indicator where the beam will start. Right now the initial beam ticks are a huge gamble on where to stand.
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arcane beams is a joke. desecrator and molten are a lot more anoying
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The beams would be a lot better if they couldn't go through walls but, because the game is always online and the physics are fake so they will require as little server overhead as possible.... they go through everything.
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The only time that I ever have trouble with arcane beams is when they're mixed with Horde, generally.

Waller's a pain, too, but I play a monk so I can generally just lolserenity through the beams.

Trouble with arcane enchanted comes with when there's too many particle effects going on in one area and I can't see it pop out a short range from the enemy I'm near to underneath my feet. That half second that it disappears after the ribbon effect from the enemy is quite annoying.

If anything's changed, I suggest a pillar of light similar to the legendary effect coming out from the center of an arcane beam's spinny-axis that is where entirely.

Making the beams longer or adjusting the speed but increasing the damage could also make for interesting but unnecessary changes.

The graphic just needs to be a little bit more noticeable before the orb activates and the beam starts spinning, in my opinion. I have a few friends who essentially quit playing Diablo 3 because at minimum resolution, minimum settings, with all of the particle effects from a full party game constantly going, they could never see the orbs before the beams started moving... and that usually meant that they were on the epicenter and they were going to die very fast.
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