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Some ideas for WhimseyShire.

So from what I've seen, people have done WhimseyShire long ago and it was fun. I always loved "secret levels" like this and this one gave me a good laugh the first time I played it.

My problem with it, is that it's really short and not ideal for farming or going back to more than once. Compared to the Cow Level in Diablo 2, it really doesn't have the same feel, because people used to farm the Cow Level for XP and good drops. With the gold costs to go to WhimseyShire and farm it makes it impractical to go back to.

One idea I have is to make WhimseyShire it's own Mini-Act, with 3-5 parts/quests and multiple areas. This way, it gives a longer, more fulfilling experience with room for more elites and bosses to be packed in.

Another idea is to up the drop rate for Whimsey. This way the gold cost to enter Whimsey would make farming the area more worth the coin and not more of a gamble.

Or lastly, the most simple idea, is to remove the gold cost after making the staff once. This way, you pay the large fee and can go back when you want, since it seems to have no extra drop rate than any other area and it's just plain fun to be in. This seems to make the most sense and less work on Blizzards part.

Thoughts? Ideas? Discuss! My goal here was to present some ideas to create a new and fun farm spot for anyone that's sick of Key farming and ubers or the regular grind.
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Well, if you have the staff, there are no limitations on the number of entries to the pony level... So I'm not really sure what you meant by "gold cost."
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I liked the old Cow level where there were thousands of cows chasing you around the map. And in it was a mix of elites and a small % chance of having the oppertunity to kill the Cow king. Now we play this version and its dummed down, noobed down, nerfed, and it sucks. You're better off doing like 95% of the in game population and farm act 3 simply because its better.
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True, I've gone in to the pony level less then 5 times since I crafted the staff, and that is aggregated across all difficulties. There's simply no benefit to step in there, and the graphics suck. I still love the game though, and am having a lot of fun farming for the machine and ring organs.
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11/28/2012 08:37 PMPosted by KerSlim
Well, if you have the staff, there are no limitations on the number of entries to the pony level... So I'm not really sure what you meant by "gold cost."

Yes but millions of gold to spend on something silly like that is too much for no benefit. At least you spend 2 million to buy the Hellfire Ring plans and it's permanent.
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Its great for farming keys in act 1. Go there, get your 5 nv, go after key. Whimsy has 5 elites in a fairly small area.
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