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need help on defensive stats- where to upgrad

(ran out of room in the title... where to "upgrade" :-P )

I've ran into a decent size sum of gold... 75 mil - and want to spread it evenly across my gear. My focus will be to "exchange" some of my current items with roughly the same DPS stats, but swap those useless stats into more "defensive" stats.

My defensive set-up looks like:

    HP: 53k
    Armor: 3900
    Lowest Resist: 722
    Dodge: 12.7%

Not sure if dodge matters... but added it there anyway. Things to note, I usually run with Soul Harvest/GF (to add even more all resist) and the horrify armor rune (but not always... perhaps it should become a staple skill in my set-up).

At first glance, it seems I need to focus more on armor. And have already begun looking up zuni pieces with armor (or other items). I think I am fine at my resist and could lose some HP if it comes to it (which will probably occur if I exchange my zuni helm for either a CC or mana regen one).

Like most WD's (or its just me) I get whomped mostly by reflect mobs... and the 2.9% LS doesn't seem to do much against MP6-7+. I like using a bear build btw.

Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Your defensive stats are already pretty darn good IMO, but if you are dead-set on boosting your survivability, take a look at the Blackthorne Pants/Belt combo on my character. 75 mil probably won't be enough to get both pieces though (with similar stats to mine), but these two pieces give me a ton of defensive stats.

You could also look at a Vile Ward with 10+ Life%, but that would be very expensive if you want a high int roll on it as well.

You are leaving a lot of vitality on the table with your Zuni Marrow. You could get one with similar stats to yours and 250+ vitality, but 75 mil would be a good deal for that (not too far off though).

All that said, there are rumblings that Blizzard might do something to make reflect easier... I would wait until the next patch notes before I went over the top on defensive stats. Although my belt is great for defense, I will likely replace it with a Witching Hour for more offense at some point.
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right on - I will def. look into the pants/belt - as they are currently "defensive" pieces for me as is. I remember the mention of a possible change in reflect mobs, but figure more survivability won't hurt (I was getting pounded by other affixes too... like arcane/waller/vortex/molten mobs or something).

I was planning on looking into getting either a vit or life % vile ward in exchange for my current one, but am unaware of the prices at the moment... and if I should be focusing more so on life % or vit at this point.
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Mine was 30 mil several days ago. Def recommend using an EHP (and DPS) calculator
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people underestimate the power of Life regen (life per second). i got about 1600... 2000/2100 with BR. not only is this the only defence i need to keep my pets alive it keeps me alive more often than you would think.

yeah you need resist all, armor, and vit of course... but i think the life regen helps WD's more than any other class. because of running around and pets.

just a thought.
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