Well the saying goes, if it ain't broken don't fix it, perhaps it should include "if you didn't fix it don't say you did." When I read the 1.06 "patch" notes and noticed that they specifically mentioned a bug with the trade window was fixed, I believed I could get back to trading amongst the community. Today, a paragon lvl 69 barb, admittedly used autoit to exploit the trade window, and i lost out on 10m gold...It frustrating to know that blizzard will do nothing about the scammer (a report was filed with the hacks dept), its also frustrating to believe they will not take responsibility for this(release a statement about trade window scripts). In pairing diablo gold with other currencies and by providing paying customers with faulty information Blizzard is leaving itself open for possible litigation with real damages from individuals they owe a fiduciary duty. Thats it for my QQ. Also my favorite part of this particular scam was he tried to get me to dl autoit so he could teach me likely having me drop everything I own.