Diablo® III

My HC monk died of your stupid skill bug

I was very very sad and angry about what happend in my D3 game just now!!!!! Because of skill bug!!!! My hardcore hero died!!! I can't accept my hero died of game bug!!!!! And my hero had 54 paragon level!!!!!!!!
I was farming in the MP0 Act 3 game,using my 54 paragon level monk. At Rakkis crossing ,after using the skill "Dashing strike" ,my hero have a bug!!! My hero disappeared in my screen!!!!!!!! I can't move any more,and I can't kill the monster!!!After my "near death experience" appeared,my HP was empty again. My team mates killed the monsters and got some blood balls , so my HP was full again.And I didn't die.BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used "seven-side strike", I died immediately!!!!!!!!
I can't accept my hero died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what's wrong with me!!!!!I don't do anything wrong and my hero died of your stupid skill bug like that!!!!!!!!! I need a solution!!!!!!!! I need my hero back!!!!!!!!!! It spent me 364 hours playing with it. Can you imagine that??????????
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Who can help me?????????????? DEAR BLIZZARD!!! PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!

I can't lose my best hero when bugs happened
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LOOK! This picture can prove that i had been killed by nobody , but the monster who only was able to kill me in the screen is the big Troll.
skill "seven-side strike" was CD because i used it just now and died immediately with that moment. At the same time....... From full HP to ZERO in even 0.00000001 second!!!!
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If you want a thread combining every other threads about this issue please follow the link and post : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006892777
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they wont do a thing sorry mate

same happened to my wirlwind barbs many times from ww d/c

bliz simply does not care about fixing bugs that kill hc players
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That's why I won't play HC. I've died too many times in non-HC games due to bugs. I'd flip out if a HC character (especially one with that much time into it) died because of a bug.
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