Diablo® III

Ceilings, why they are awesome

pff I did 5 runs on mp 10 and didn't get any keys....

On a serious note I like the op's idea Im sure it could/should be tweaked but so often i run 3-4 full act runs on mp3 and get no legendary/sets its disheartening... you want to attract players not frustrate them with garbage drops
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12/03/2012 08:07 AMPosted by Loler
This would be great news for botters.


@OP: how would you prevent botters from taking advantage of your "solution"?
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12/03/2012 10:09 AMPosted by lemalin
@OP: how would you prevent botters from taking advantage of your "solution"?

I actually just explained it in my last post. A ceiling (done correctly) doesn't affect average, just maximum screwage. Botters work on averages. They do high volumes to reduce the RNG. Their numbers would be relatively unaffected.

Currently, say something is 50% drop rate, but could be what happened to me. With the change say it goes to 35% drop rate but is ensured after say 3 runs. The botters rate was 50% before. Now, it's still roughly 50%.

My math is definitely off, but the point is there. This wouldn't affect botters. This wouldn't improve overall drop rates (in fact non ensured drop rates actually go down), just prevent large gaps in no drops.
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I see. I am very sorry to hear about this. Have you tried rebooting the machine, sir?
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12/03/2012 10:44 AMPosted by papadanko
I see. I am very sorry to hear about this. Have you tried rebooting the machine, sir?

I keep getting "PC LD LTR". What does that even mean?!?! </baseball bat>
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For the most part the key drop rates seem like they are about what they are supposed to be, but for some reason i get these long streaks of no keydrops that seem to go against the odds, yet i never get those same streaks the other way around. Ever get 14 keys in a row on mp5? I never have, yet ive gotten 0 for 10 or more quite a few times times. I think my best positive streak was only 4. Seems fishy.
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Such a simple, yet powerful idea. This would greatly incentivize my return to the game. +1
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Was mulling this over and since the devs have mentioned how they like people to play through Acts more then do speed runs, for Legendaries, they could just make the counter of elites a per session thing so that if you kill x elites in that Act, you'll get a drop. Considering the number of elites in an Act, this could be fairly high.
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