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Rate The Monk Above You Version 9001

@Siddartha try using an offhand when you arnt going 2hander :P

lol im pretty sure you offhand is jsut as awesome as the rest of your gear not sure what I can say.
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nice dps..hp is kinda low.mite want to switch red gem for purple gem
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Well i am pretty low level monk compared to y'all. :p
So i cannot give any good recomm..
Agha luv the shenlong set...droools.
Plz recommend next upgrade for my monk..
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@ Renjosh
Not enough sustain, you need some lifesteal. That 500 LoH with the attack speed of Skorn will not save you.
OWE is not going to give you a lot of benefit with your setup. Try to get more all resist gears and take away OWE.
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@twinbuster going by your current setup. i will forgo innas and go for mempo with cc and witching hour. both will give you a huge dps boost
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Hi. Twin. Spot on. I was relying on my healing mantras.
What armour can give LOH or life steal?
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Ren, good hit points, decent armor. Don't understand OWE though since your resistances are somewhat variable to say the least. You also need more LS/LoH.

Hope this helps.

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Good looking shield monk, glad to see they're still around. I would say your biggest upgrades will probably come from a Vile Ward, and maybe some trifecta gloves. Rings could have better stats as well but I understand those are expensive.

Since you're a poison monk anyway ever thought of getting an Andariel's Visage? They aren't terribly expensive and usually have good CC as well as IAS, just a thought.

Very solid overall though, don't mean to sound picky if I do. Awesome job and happy hunting!
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@feathersword nice gear but I see you're in tempest rush stuff. So I can't really rate you for real. :(

Other than needing more crit on your bracers, more vit on your chest, (more vit overall tbh) and more dex with some vit on your vile ward.

:) good monk though.
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Feather appreciate the input. My Vile Ward doesn't have magic find so not wearing it at the moment (same with the gloves). Tried Andariel's Visage but don't like the extra fire damage it comes with. Actually tried the legacy one without the extra fire damage and that was OK, but I like the Inna's set with cyclone for farming because you can just basically whip through everything extremely quickly.

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@srslysam91 great dps and vita but ur armor seems a lil low...makes me thing that you may be a glass cannon other than that u look good
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vit is a little low and should look for a won with 6% damage and +25%. Even if the dps is a lot lower +25% lightning skill damage is a lot more than 200 or so dps. other than that not bad.
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