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Rate The Monk Above You Version 9001

12/03/2012 08:44 PMPosted by Treleth

Is your damage buffed in your profile?

Pretty sure it is...

It looks like impactBlue's unbuffed DPS is at 126k according to d3up.com. I figured it was buffed too, but 126k is still pretty respectable IMHO.

oh it is, he definitely doesn't have the gear for unbuffed 300k+

@Kavakos, crazy low health, probably doing low MP runs?
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Ill just try to get more vit if i were you, overall its good :D. 8/10
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@HardX, nice witching hour with pickup! impressive. also, great find with the INna's helm. Shoulders are probably the biggest callout I see in your gear. but you'll drop vit and a ton of gold to get better Vile Wards.
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SeanK, awesome monk man, but 37k life isnt that a little too low?
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I'm afraid to ask, but do me (and please be gentle).

I'm attempting to get 20k more life and eventually a better shenlong's.
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Reb - nice gear overall. I would rate 7/10. Personally, I would drop the amethysts, and put a ruby in helm for xp and emerald in boots. Also, I would try to swap out your cold witching hour for an arcane one, as that roll is going to waste.
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@war, not too bad. I would do 2 things 1st get a shelongs with a socket, secondly lose the inna's belt and get a witching hour when u can afford it.
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great spirit regen build..farm mp0-1 for fast paragon levels...for now upgrade your gems

6/10 dps, 9/10 for build
Edited by Wolfenheart#1389 on 12/4/2012 8:20 AM PST
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Really really really strong setup, I don't even know how you can improve except for average damage on the amulet and maybe switching to a super expensive high end nats setup over the iceclimbers and a ring? 9.5/10
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Very nice build. This would be my build if I had more gold to spend. Only thing I would change is maybe add a little more vitality and maybe a bit more sustain.
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Gear looks pretty good, your upgrades now look like just trifectas and ehp increases. I'm not particularly a fan of Wave of Light, I'd rather spend my spirit on recasting Mantra than using an extra ability to spend spirit. I'm also quite partial to Seven Sided Strike, as it can act as a second Serenity for purposes of dodging Molten Explosions, Arcane Sentries, ect.

My MH is usually swapped between the currently equipped one and a 990 dps 3% LS 22% demon damage Sever depending on what part of the run I'm on.
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Please rate me too!!
Complete set is worth 3m from ah.....I have tried to balance everything out so i can survive and kill.....But still some times it feels i lack a bit of damage.
Need suggestions for my next upgrade.
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Very nice. 8/10 from me. =)

Currently looking into reworking the gear for my monk when funds allow... MP4's are doable but 5's a struggle, up and beyond are but a dream... Help?
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first, relatively cheap step would be grabbing chest and pants with significantly higher dex, and then start raising your crit chance!

I could use a rating as well - any tips appreciated!
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@hdxi upgrade gema and boots just for starters.
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Just a reminder guys give a number rating out of 10! So people know where they are at!

Don't skip anyone!!!
Edited by Wolfenheart#1389 on 12/4/2012 7:59 AM PST
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8/10 think you probably know where you can upgrade and how much they cost, which isn't cheap nice monk!

for myself i just got a new shield with 275 dex 10 crit so my paper dps should be a bit higher.

also not against going dw just don't know where to start without loosing survivability
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Solild gear and nice EF.

Put you at 9/10 since you can still make improvements on your Crit Chance.



Still working your way up but making due with what you got. Upgrade your belt and boots when you can. You had more cc at your DPS when I was at that stage so you know what you are doing. You will get there.

Edited by CaptainCarl#1923 on 12/4/2012 8:10 AM PST
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@ captaincarl
nice monk im not a fan of shenlongs but you seems to make it work.
i would look into some more cd and innas pants for boost in dps. I know you like those blackthornes for the loh and stats i do too. 8.5/10
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really hard to see ppl have more than 15kDPS with shenlongs. 9/10!
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