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@BatyBoi: Nice gears and nice build. It's interesting that you are using Pacifism as a passive, I wonder how well it works as compared to Resolve. Can't say anything to improve, maybe a bit more armour and resistance will be nice though. 9/10

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Solid Dual Dagger Monk. Try shooting for a Blackthorne Belt to get the extra Vit Benefit. I think the belt can roll up to 300 Dex so that would be a DPS boost as well and have the added Life Regen to boot.

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@captain carl
some expensive gear you got their. not ten but close, some ls may benefit more than loh with such high dps but again with youre atk speed youre loh maybe fine.

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@ Sanosuke

Very nice off-hand. How do you like LTK (SS)? I'm guessing that is what the spirit regen in your build is used for. A couple minor upgrades on piece you already have will net you some extra dps (Inna's helm, vile ward, belt)

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@ThatIdoSir - Solid build all around imho. And holy life regen batman....that's impressive. I thought I had gone big when I was in the low 2000s...I was barely rounding first base when it comes to scoring a life regen HR it appears. Even though it doesn't scale at your numbers I bet it's pretty damn good. Appears the next upgrades would be just better weapons and some more LS as you can afford it. I didn't see any LoH so I imagine you're not looking that route at all. Edit : 9/10

Ps - I also use LTK - SS and have pretty high regen...think like 4.6ish SpS. I definitely love the stun. It works on pretty much every mob...elite...boss with few exceptions and you can really control the fight with that, blind and CW. In fact I very rarely use Serenity unless I do something really dumb like run through multiple arcane turrets or stand in desecrator/molten pools for too long. I personally think LTK - SS is a highly under-appreciated skill.
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LTK with the scorpion rune not the knockbak its pretty good. its the difference in killing those bastard goblins. also synced with overowe those alot of fast dmg. i also use another offhand with less ls but faster regen for lower mps. also as BigE mentioned it does stun all type of mobs and bosses.

hey, i did upgrade my bracers for lacunis with 4% crit chance.
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@Sanosuke - I would def be dropping exalted soul and replacing it with either combo strike or beacon of ytar. A free 16% DPS upgrade on top of foresight's buff if you do that.

Def need to considering upgrade MH wep for something with LS soon, your DPS is getting high enough to make LS more than viable.
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I would just say find a pair of trifecta gloves with dex and res.

(in the process of upgrading gems)
(hellfire is not my main ring either, i use a dex/vit/loh/cd33/cc3)
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@TheBrandon 8/10 =)

Found a Witching hour last night, pretty awesome. Considering upgrading the rest of my emeralds to the next level to match my weapons but not too sure yet, just stockpiling cash to probably rework my armor pieces.

FYI my damage is buffed, had to log out in a hurry earlier, 75K unbuffed.
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@ HDXI...can you say cookie cutter? Desent gear though.
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@Troubleshoot 7/10
I like the blackthornes, give a good amount of EHP and RA. You can ditch the sages gestures for a yellow trifecta, bettar amulet with vit/ra/cc/cd and your dps will go up a ton. Also look towards getting some loh or lifesteal once your dps goes about 100k. You will be able to survive on MP5-10 much easier.
Keep it up, everyone needs to think outside the cookie cutter!
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Everything looks in order just some better rolls on what you have on. The Radiance stands out 122 Dex can certainly be approved upon.

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@Troubleshoot, how is @HDXI cookie cutter? I hope people don't think that changing a couple passives makes their build "unique" and "diverse" from the regular builds.

Anyways, not a bad monk. 66k DPS is a bit low since your only sustain is 800 LoH from your amulet and about 300 ish from your pants, but I would suggest getting some more critical hit damage. Also add some LoH or life steal on either of your weaopns to help.

Also Won Khim's are supposed to be off hand weapons just an FYI. Not a bad monk, but also might help if you switched out your nats to match the res you are stacking :). (I know my hellfire is fire res, but I use for the +xp).

I'd rate a 6/10 just because you can use a few upgrades to help you exponentially. I know I'm not perfect either, everyone has room to improve :).

Crap I took a long time writing that and missed someone haha.

@CaptainCarl, you have great DPS however I suggest you should ditch the shenlongs and get a rare wep/WKL combo, and get some life steal. LoH at your DPS just isn't helping you sustain like LS would, also your vit is quite low and could use a bit more. Nice witching, btw :).
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question for monks with over 150k dps and less that 35k life, do you melt after mp3?
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^ You have to be more specific. EHP goes a long way..i.e; someone with 25k life but 1000 all resists would be much better off than someone with 50k life and 400 all resists.

Also, don't get off topic, this is a rate thread you know :).
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^ Your pretty solid. Not much I can say other than the obvious. Get LS on won khim lau's, Unless you are pushing for paragon levels get rid of your ring, but your a fine specimin sir. Now somebody can rip monk poor mans monk appart.

EDIT: Oh and i'm supposed to give you a rating.

9/10 (10/10 would be best on server i guess!)

Keep at it boy, by God your'll make it one day!
p.s. If you close your account and your character is an "organ donar" then I need all sorts of organs replaced so I will take any of your gear XD analagy over.
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I'll edit my post in a bit when I'm done with this uber run, but thank you sir.

I chose my WKL though for more DPS hehe. Some day I'll get a LS one if I don't end up selling my acc. It's actually really hard to find a ring to replace my hfire though...
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I- I'm not sure how to criticize the above. I am but a poor Monk who recently got back into playing. Enjoying the changes since I left. Any advice for where I am right now? I think my next step is to complete the Inna's armor pieces with some cold resist.
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@Mookitty 6/10, Also a returning player that's trying to go from rags to riches, but that ain't workin to well, but your builds good, but get an offhand weapon with some LS or LoH if you can but that's just me, if it works for you then right on.
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