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@HDXI 6/10. Not horrible but got some work to do. Drap the mantra of healing and go with conviction. If that AR is really needed just replace a piece like say the bracers with AR and theres the dif. Conviction makes a huge dif....
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nice monk.
can't tell how much resist you have so...
LPSS is nice, but try to get some LS/LoH too?
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Well I guess you are just starting out. Lose the wep and try skorn or dual wield.

Things that will help you are LoH/LS and CC+CD. You can get some innas chest and pants for pretty cheap these days and that will give you a +130 dex boost.

4/10... keep on grinding!
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i would say upgrade belt if u can afford it the witching hour will help out ur damage
also upgrade ur ammy with something with primary stats
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I'd change your gloves to a higher dex one, preferably a rare. You could increase your damage by changing your gems to emeralds. Vit-wise, you are fine. I think you are in the process of dropping one with everything, but witching hour is the only item with elemental resist, so you're fine to drop it now. I'd suggest Beacon of Ytar, so serenity will be available more often for you.

And ofcourse, upgrade your weapon gems for another (albeit small) DPS boost

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@Vvt76 i must say that your monk really needs an improvement. Like salvage everything and start all over again lol. JK

great monk all i can say is improve those gems and maybe the bracers and the nat ring, but other than that your good to go
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im playin for 2 weeks only :o im open for advices.also from sisters of ivgorod i love you all.
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not bad but your gear could definitely use some upgrades, especially those pants, I'm using depth diggers but only because i was on a budget and don't have anywhere near the ridiculous amounts of gold that quite a few others have.

Your shoulders could also be replaced by a vile ward, if you are patient you can grab a bargain as they aren't all too expensive.

The main thing i saw was that you don't have a weapon with crit damage and a socket. Getting one would be a huge boost to your dps.

Unless you really want that xp boost for paragon leveling switch out your hellfire ring for a ring with average damage and crit chance. (only because rings with attack speed and crit chance/damage are quite expensive)

This only comes from what I have done with my monk. I can't say much else since im still wondering how i can hit the 100k dps mark and make money as I only got back to diablo a few weeks back since a month after release day.

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All you need is another piece of nat's set to get that extra 7 crit chance. You def need some more crit damage. You can also get some gloves that have like 7 attack speed which will give you a big boost in damage although it will be hard to find that much dex again.

Try to get either attack speed or crit damage on those rings as well, shouldn't be too much money for that.

Someone rate me please. I need some good advice on what to get as my next upgrade. I want more damage but I think I may need to spend some good money on something that will get me more life and armor and not just more cc, cd, and inc. as.
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You could use more sustain, you don't appear to have any LoH/LL. I'd say new weapons for you. Rares are pretty dirt cheap now. Also your chest only has two sockets. Try for one w/ 3.

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it can get expensive, but a nat set (boots and ring) can help a lot with the added 7 crit. another benefit of that set is that nat boots roll with plus armor. for more d, potentially vile ward. that will almost double your shoulder armor. vile ward will also give you life regen which is a plus.

for those very sticky situations, you can even roll with a shield as a secondary gear set. you might be a true dw at heart, but in certain situations, a shield can be a useful tool. try for one with 250+ dex and 9+ crit (even more vit and res if you so desire).
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CSG, good to see a fellow shield user. If I were you, now that you've hit 100K I'd look at a LS weapon. Your resistances are decent, but personally I'd see if I could raise them a little. Your hit points, however, need some work. Unless you are really overpowering, I don't think 32K is enough. Armor is good.

Hope this helps.

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wow, sick set up. Awesome rares too! Just curious about the mantra, it works out better than conviction-overawe because the mp10 mobs beat on you real hard?
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Nice weapons, I was going to go with a set like that but got lazy and just went skorn LOL
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I'll have to look at some blackthorne pants myself, I feel like I need more LoH. For you though, I'd say look for higher dex shoulders (cheap) or witching hour (shudders).
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Yeah sucks I actually had a godly witching hour belt i mistakenly sold for 35mil.

Still looking for some cheap vile wards, but trying to find a cheap natalya's reflection coz i've got the boots and get another 10%cc.

And i can't access your profile to rate.
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Since your'e using skorn, I would drop the innas chest for tal rashas, because of the added attack speed. Also inna pants are basically bis for all classes. I would also go for the nats sets ,boots and ring, andtry to get a good witching hour and if you can't innas belt is good substitute. That will increase your dps alot.
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Nice DPS, man. Impressive monk with a few glaring exceptions. You could get some 6% crit bracers for not expensive, you may even be interested in a pair of lacuni. Also, your shoulders are good, but vile wards would be better for DPS with little to no loss in durability, possibly a gain for a really good pair.
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@ sidewinder decent monk obv your next step would be weps with sockets in them
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