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The thread reached its limit after I finished typing this... thought why not give it a try here.

Been really struggling to get myself to the 100k dps range. I want to get there not because I'm greedy, but because I have friends who look up to me and always ask me to help them do uber with them (they started the game a few weeks ago). I gave each of them 2 mils to start their D3 life as I'm not that rich myself.

Anyway, I think your Hypnosis Impunity (the ammy) would help me reach that 100k dps range easily. If that is not possible, I would like to be considered for the IK armour. That way I can look for the IK gears later in my journey to further improve myself and continue to help my friends as they get stronger.

Thanks for considering!
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Lol think I'll try jumping on this train too

I would really benefit from having your skorn. I am still rather new to this game and trying to hunt down decent drops to get further along into the game. I won't wine about bad drops but rather I'll say I enjoy the challenge the game brings even if its taking longer then I thought to make decent progress. I recently change from DH to Bard and loving the whole not dieing part but I do miss the high damage I was doing with my DH. So I feel this particular weapon will really make a difference and give me those high DPS number that I enjoyed so much.
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I think that I'm still pretty low tier despite the amount of time spent on this game.
I would really like any of the IK pieces (mainly chest or belt), mostly in the hope that they bring back that lovely glow from D2, but also to increase my EHP.
Many thanks.
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Is he giving away gold too? If so, here's why I think I deserve all his gold.

I don't have money to buy potions :(

And here's the reason I deserve all his items:

World peace.
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I should receive your IK gloves because they are very good gloves that would be a wonderful addition to my bargain barb. I am at the point where any upgrades are in the hundreds of millions and I really don't have the time to farm gold/drops like I would like to do. With school, work, and a fixer-upper house I can only get on a few times a week. Thank you for considering me in your give-away :)
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Wow, that first thread reached its limit pretty quickly. I think I'm probably a little too late getting noticed but here it goes anyway. Can't win if you don't play, right?

Planet, first of all, this is an incredibly generous offer. Without a doubt you could sell your barb and get some nice coin for whatever you want to do in real life, so giving that up to help out the barbarian community is pretty great.

I would like to ask to be considered for your Vile Ward. SolidAlvi recently helped me gear up my barb and set a clear direction for future gearing, and the shoulders would really go a long way. I play with a monk friend who is getting a little despondent with D3, and so by gearing a little better I hope that we can farm together a little faster, or at a higher MP level, so hopefully he too can get some upgrades and make the game a bit more enjoyable for him again. Also it's really not a lot of fun doing key warden runs on MP1 with him with its 10% drop rate, lol. I think we've made about measly five machines between us since the patch.

Should you decide the Vile Ward should go to someone else, I'd also like to be considered for your Litany ring, for the same reasons above.

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In response to Planet, posting here to try to keep the forum threads efficient.

I would love to have the inna's helmet your monk is wearing. One of my best friends is a phys monk, and loves to play but has very little time for it due to real life circumstances, so I'm always looking for ways to help him out and your inna's hat would be a great piece for him. Otherwise, your barbarian's trifecta neck piece would be a spectacular upgrade for him as well, but I do know it holds a lot of value so I'd stress it is my second choice.
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