Diablo® III

How are you dealing w/ Reflect Damage?

horrify armor bonus, high physical resistance
hit certain breakpoint, you don't lose health against reflect damage, regardless of your ehp and dps (and mp you play on)
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1) Hit them as hard as you can while in SW and do a bit of kiting. WHile you are kiting, you can hit them with your primary (darts, spiders, etc). They usually don't do enough damage to drop your health.

2) Get a 2nd weapon that is a 2hander with 6% LS. You can probably find a 1200 dps with crit and 6% LS Doom Hammer for pretty cheap. Swap out your weapon when you see RD.

3) Spirit walk past them and don't fight them. NEXT!

4) Regear yourself to have 9k armour (impossible), 1200 AR (unlikely), and 100k health (difficult). If you can't tell by my sarcasm... I think this option is a joke.

5) Wait patiently for Bliz to nerf it like they stated they would since the mechanics are a bit off. The only real time I truely one shot myself is when I hit a boss that has minions with RD and do not see it in time. Minions are bugged with reflecting damage back twice which means you can one shot yourself easily if you don't see them in time. PATIENTLY would be the key word in that statement. Who knows when Bliz will do anything.
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I never like to use fear.

I used to play a Warlock in WoW and the dangers of using fear for cc in PvE has been deeply ingrained in me. Although it does not ffect anything a lot in D3, i still feel uncomfortable fearing mobs lol.

For me, LOH is the answer to RD. I have been trying to make gear choices that give me ~1000 LOH to help a bit. Rest of all is using spirit walk efficiently.
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Thanks to everyone for your input. Has given me quite a few ideas!

I really like the swap out weapons method. Maybe a Skorn w/ high LS. That way I can swap setup mid game and not lose NV.

On topic of RoT vs Dart: I find myself coming back to dart a lot. I find that dart gives me more mobility and better range. Thoughts?
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Currently, I have a ton of LoH. Unfortunately, LoH doesn't work well with Bears... so I spam Bears during SW and alternate between Bears/Acid Rain when not in SW. My longer term plan is to replace my LoH Skorn with a LS one (so I won't need to use a skill slot just to proc LoH).
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Vamp bats and the mana carver doesnt loose ever.
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I'm quite casual, thus nowhere near MP7... But RD is no problem to me (I'm able to go up to MP5). Most times I don't even need SW, unless I'm fighting a rare + horde.
High EHP and some sustain. With passive I'm at 900 regen, ad in 2.4 LL (quite low, I know) and thanks to my new Ammy 1000+ LoH.

Oh...mine thing I always do is NOT swapping to my SoJ on RD, but keeping my oculus ring ;-)
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Check my build, rain of toads and acid rain for the best life back skills, dogs to take 10% damage off me, jungle fortitude gives 15%, life steal skorn and a little loh from pants and ring allows me to face tank mobs while standing in desecrate hitting an elite with reflect. I hear people already, yeah but you have great gear... I have been able to do this for a very long time, even when i had nothing near the quality gear i have on right now. But don't listen to me, the so called experts in here look down upon me lol.
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RD is a joke:

Horrify - FA, Spirit Walk, +lifesteal weapon. if you cant surivive under those criteria its cause you dont have enough EHP for the content.
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Dots, life regen
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I swap ammy to 930 loh for reflect elite in high mp BBV and spam bear acid cloud.
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I rage quit then QQ on the forum. You can tell I'm QQing because the tears cause me tp make speling erros
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