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Ideas on how to progress my wizard

Hi all, I'm a casual player and need some advice on what equipment I should buy next to upgrade my inferno wizard. I currently run a Disintegrate/Archon build with a ~1500dps skorn, and would like to switch to a 1H weapon+offhand. Unfortunately, it's too expensive to experiment. Does anybody know what I should replace the skorn with?

Also, can anybody suggest ways to hit 200k dps with minimal item changes?
My character profile can be found at: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/parnassus-6316/hero/2081438
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Probably start off with a 1H with CHD+ Socket and a Triumvirate.
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As DPS goes, your weapon isn't your weak link - in my opinion.

Nats Boots//Ring give +7% critical chance which would make a huge difference given your already high +crit damage.

Your gloves are also a weak link. IAS/CC/Int is a better bet.
Tal's armour for + IAS will make a big difference, or if you ditch one ring for Nats, maybe ditch the other and go for Zunimassas Marrow & Pox for the +130 int that provides.

If you are hellbent on 1h+source then Triumvirate works best with a "black" weapon - one which just has +max/min damage; as the Triumvirate +x% damage only add to the base physical damage of the weapon. In any case, pick a 1h with a socket and ideally +crit%.

It's easy enough to reach 200dps - I am on 197k with current build - but this is an Mp2 farming build.

A good build for higher MP is about survivability as much as DPS. Your current build has low LoH, no LS and poor armour. Your +resistance isn't great either.

My recommendation for a DPS bang for budget would be:

Keep the skorn.
Get Nats Boots + Ring (with +crit if you can afford it, and int)
Zuni's Marrow + Pox or... Just Tals armour if you want to keep both your rings.

And.. get an Andariels with much lower +fire damage taken.
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If you stay with Skorn or go for a black one hander grab some Zuni boots for the + elm dmg will add 7-8k, also lose the wailing host and go for something with CC and CDorIAS.
If you get a black one hander def go for the Triv source, other wise get the chnatodos set for attack speed and run the CM build
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Tal Rasha's Allegiance should give you a hefty DPS boost. I wouldn't use a LoH ammy on a disintegrate and/or archon build due to low proc coefficients of those spells.

If you dying, you need lifesteal, not LoH. :)
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Interesting. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try it all out this weekend and see how I go.
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