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Could Use Some CM/WW Gear Advice

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I have 2.94 Attack Speed, 49CC, 650 AR, 39k HP, and 620 LoH. I would like to be able to do more dps seeing as I am only at 90k dps right now, but I would also like to be able to do MP9 or 10. I haven't actually tried MP9 yet but I have tried 10 and I just barely couldn't survive, this was without a barb though so I didn't have their buff, so maybe with their buff I could. I have done MP8 though and can do it pretty easily. What would you guys suggest upgrading next? Can i sacrifice attack speed or should I keep it at 2.94?
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Is this for loot farming? Pushing so high into the MP isn't nearly as important as you think.

Being 90k dps and steamrolling MP5 is perfectly acceptable. Doing MP9 at 90k dps and low defenses will be unsatisfying and slow with all the deaths.

As CM/WW you should be doing the highest MP you can with <1 deaths per run and somewhere reasonable for you DPS.

Running pure SNS I have it...

75-100k = MP5
100k-125k = MP6
125k-160k = MP7
160K-200K = MP8
200K+ = MP9

If you have 24% movespeed and the defenses and can stand not having wormhole, I personally like to run electrify magic weapon to let you skip up one level. If you dont have the movespeed or the defenses though....

Monster power doesn't magically get you better drops. It only does two things. More of your item drops will be rare, legendary, or set through increased magic find, and you will obtain more item drops per mob kill through bonus items.

Its extremely possible to kill so much slower that you end up with far fewer items per hour than at a lower MP.

I can't see your profile so specifics with gear are impossible. I would focus on another source of LoH and either going up to 3.01 or down to 2.73aps to free up affixes/gold for more dps. Generally I say get defenses first though. 100k dps is nothing to be ashamed of if your running pure SNS. I did it for weeks. I'm just now building some dps while retaining my defenses.
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Posts: 34

Here is my profile, and no this is for UBER runs.
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