Hey, this is my first hc char, and wd to boot. Ive been playing around with build options at level 40 but just cant seem to beat the loh proc and area damage of acid cloud. Im not sure what spec i hAve on now, but i usually run

1 spinter darts
2 acid cloud with larger aoe rune
3 grasp of the dead (rune depending)
4 haunt
5 spirit walk jaunt
And zombie dogs
Vision quest, jungle fortitude and spirit vessel.

A few things ive been finding is that my dogs die pretty quick against elites, so i end up kiting anyways, and that my dps seems to be minda low. Acid rain dosnt have a hige damage potential.

Any suggestions? Ive been playing around with spirit barrage, and big bad vodoo.

Would a complete build overhaul be a good idea? What should i use for belial.