Diablo® III

farming bosses?


Just had a random thought: From what I have read, bosses have a set random chance to drop legendary or set items. I wonder if for pure drop chance farming, you farmed act 3 Azmodan and maybe the key warden in Stonefort? (as he is so quick generally to find?)

Start the final quest of Act 3, drops you right to Azmodan, port back for the key warden and then kill Azz. Rinse and repeat. *ponders*
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what about the nv stack?
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Starting heart of sin at the quest restart, you probably will be NV 2-3 by the time you get to Azz's gate, port back to the keywarden and likely be NV5 by the time you come back.

Rinse and repeat. NOT great for XP but maybe drops? Just an idea..
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never really bothered with boss farming. has this yield positively for you?
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Where did you read about chance for set/legendary?
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Haven't tried it yet Pich.. bored at work. 8) Actually just read a blue post in the GENERAL forum regarding drops that bosses have a set % legendary/set drop rate. So they have an increased chance of that tasty drop.

Az is the boss that comes to mind as the quickest to get to perhaps?
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i didnt read the post but i would assume the blue mistyped and actually meant the boss has an equal chance of dropping set/legendary like other elites
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Here is the post.. seems to IMPLY they have a greater chance or specific chance, but you are right, open to interpretation.

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nothing seems to have a higher legendary drop chance. If you are farming legendary, kill whites, purples, quests, along the way. Boss, Elite, Goblin, Chest have higher rare chance thou.
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blizz, ever elusive with their wordings.

regardless, only leg i found from a boss was from cydaea, 1.04, a star of azkaranth. nothing from bosses ever since.
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tbh ive never found that many leg/set items from bosses, i have gotten brimstones from uber bosses tho
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