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Noob Question - One With Everything

Never played a Monk but thinking of starting one. Monks seem to like OWE and I don't see why when reading the ability. I assume the wording is just terrible but I would appreciate if someone could confirm what it does.

In the game guide the ability says "Your resistance to all elements is equal to your highest elemental resistance."

Which reads as, if across all my gear I have 400 all res and 200 fir res, my overall resistance to all elements will be 200, since fire res is my highest elemental res.

I assume the ability does not actually work this way or no one would use it. Am I correct that what it actually does is add the two together (all res on all gear + highest elemental res on all gear)?

If so, fail description of the ability by Blizzard.
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... All Res isnt a type of resistance therefore it cannot be your "higher elemental resistance" it simply adds 1 point of resistance to all types of resistances. In your example you say "400 all res and 200 fire res gives 200 res across the board" but if you had those stats your fire res would be 600, not 200... The wording is just fine, its your question that is completely nonsensical.
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Actually fail mechanic observation by you/ or comprehension. If you have 400 all res, and 200 fire res, look at your fire res resist column, it will say 600. All res is (fire + lighting + physical + arcane + cold + poison...)

When you have OWE on, every resist will become "600", i.e. your highest elemental resist, which is fire.
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Yes, the two are added together, so for 400 all res and 200 fire, your total resists would be 600.

400 fire is included in the 400 all res, hence the wording, but I can see how that would be confusing if you're not familiar with it. :)
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Oops deleted my last post. Not typing it again, but the bottom line is the ability works how I assumed it must.
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Never played a Monk

"Your resistance to all elements is equal to your highest elemental resistance."

I assume ?


you don't know how to read... whatever your highest resistance is.. OWE will make ALL of your resistances equal to that.

so... there's no failure on Blizzards part.
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Monks who wish to farm high MPs are almost always going to be forced to use OWE unless they have freakish armor, tons of dex, or enormous sustain with high health.

So monks tend to stack cold + all resist on gear. This gives monks the highest resistance mitigation of any class, which they need because they do not use str as a primary stat to give them armor mitigation and they do not use int as a primary stat which would give them all resistance.

Currently, monks rely on dodge for avoidance and do not have any simple means to build mitigation besides using the skill OWE.

Dodge is not reliable - it does not work against many magic damage types and thus is inferior to mitigation.

Monks can stack dodge quite high and wear a shield to get a nice overall avoidance and mitigation build, but generally this does not translate well into higher difficulty levels.

Most monks go for very high DPS and life steal for sustain so that they can live at the higher difficulty settings. To do this they often have to sacrifice dual resists if they don't have 10 billion gold, so OWE allows them to ignore all resist gear that is expensive and stack "Cold" or "Lightning" gear on the cheap with high damage statistics.
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