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What New Class do you want?

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I'm hoping for a super summoner sort of like the Skeleton Necromancer. Probably my favorite character in D2. There is nothing that puts a smile on my face more than having an Army of skeletons, returned and a fire golem.

The WD sort of fails to deliver on that. Even if the WD had tons of summons, I really like the Dungeons and Dragons style feel of a true Necromancer.

I imagine a few types of summons:
1. Dumb AI fodder type summons, walk around, attack things
2. Smarter summons, incorporates better skills and uses them smarter
3. Awesome summons, great skills and use them very well

Different flavors of each kind.

Obviously you have more of 1 than 2 than 3 and your character basically has spells to manage and support the horde.

Management spells
1. All summons attack this area
2. All summons form a blockade here
3. Do your thing
4. etc or more ideas.

Support spells
1. Heal all summons within 6 yards of casting location
2. Boost the dmge of fodder summons for 3 seconds
3. All summons within 6 yards of an awesome summon become immune to control impairing effects for 10 seconds
4. etc or more ideas
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I want a Samurai class, with a Tom Cruise look alike for the male model.
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I would like to see the assassin come back.

With the new D3 engine/rune/skill set. I think they could do alot with this class. Trap assassin would be alot of fun in this game.
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I want to say paladin, for d2 nostalgia, however i realized that he was a bastard child composed of many different chars, and not very specialized. He lives on through some of the monk, and some of the barb, etc. He would be too powerful / too popular, as he was such a strong all arounder capable of cc and devastating focus fire attacks. Too broad.

So in the new d3 style of heroes, I would like to see a Shape Shifter (druid i suppose). A strong emphasis on phasing in and out of different beast forms.
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Shape changer. Not neccessarily druid (though that would be cool)

Remember that, aside from the barbarian, we did not get the stereotypical class types.
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